Ishaq Dar Got Rs. 1 Billion As Salary from Abroad While he Was Senator in Pakistan

It has come to light that Ishaq Dar, like PM Nawaz Sharif, not only did he receive a work visa for Dubai but also received salaries while acting Senator in Pakistan.

From 2002 to 2008, Ishaq Dar reportedly acted as an adviser to Sheikh Mubarak al Nahyan of UAE.

During the time he was paid 82 million pounds for the services he rendered to UAE’s Minister of Culture, Youth, and Social Development, Sheikh Mubarak.

Not to mention, during exactly the same time — from 2003 to 2008 — Mr. Dar was also working for Pakistan as a lawmaker in Senate.

The objection report — that Mr. Dar submitted in Supreme Court yesterday, in response to JIT report — states that Mr. Dar was given three payments on different dates. The value of these payments were £2.5 million, £2.7 million and £2.9 million.

The report, along with their dates, are attached below:

Furthermore, it was revealed that Ishaq Dar transferred the funds back to Pakistan through Bank Alfalah branch in Lahore. The funds transferred were valued around Rs. 1 billion.

Questions arise whether a Senator can retain an advisory role during his tenure or not, given the conflict of interests in such a scenario.

Supreme Court of Pakistan received Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s reply to to the accusations made against him in the JIT’s final report on Monday.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments from the respondents on Tuesday.

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In a related story, UAE government never paid $800 million for PTCL’s remaining dues and we have heard that Pakistan is writing off the payment after 10 years of non-payment.

Interestingly, Mr. Dar was employed as an adviser to a government Minister in UAE; where the government held millions of dollars of Pakistani government, but a minister of same government paid 8.2 million pounds to Ishaq Dar for advisory services.

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    • ZAB

      In choron thagon luteron ko poori qoum janti hai k kis tarah yeh din ki roshni main loot maar karnay aur mulk ki aisi taisi karnay mai masroof hain. Magar koi pochnay wala nahi in say aur yeh raaj kar rahay hain mulk pe. Aur tab tak kartay rahien ge jab tak is mulk ka diwaliya na nikaal lain.

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  • idm af

    He is finance minister who makes decisions regarding 1000’s of billions. If he takes 1 Bn its nothing. He deserves it.

    • Ali Saeed

      It is not the question if it is 1 Million or 1 Billion or 1 Trillion, The question is related to conflict of interest. Working in Pakistan as a law maker and simultaneously rendering his services to other countries which have pending dues to Pakistan. Being a law maker here, he is privy to secret information/decisions which could have been passed and for financial gain.

    • 326

      lakh di …..

      • idm af

        Hey..dont say bad word

        • 326

          i didn’t but happy that you understood what is best suited for such mentality “1Bn its nothing. He deserves it.”

          • Tauseef Ahmed

            well said.

  • Asif Manzoor

    Dear ProPakistani Team,

    Correct the figures in pounds. It is 2.5 Million not 25 Million and onwards.

  • Atif

    kutti choraan nal milli hui ae

  • DawnTech

    This is actually very true that PML-N rules like Mafia, the one judged named them GODFATHER is the perfect explanation how they rule and manages corruption.They manage, law enforcement agencies, they manage Judiciary, they manage powerful people, this is how they rule and win.
    Rauf Klasara hit the right button and proved the malign character of only one of the Mafia key member. UAE can give millions of dollars to this corrupt man and not pay off 800 million dollars of PTCL privatization. WHY should UAE payoff 800m$? if the inside man is managed and work for them. IF you recall the previous news regarding this 800m$, Mr. Ishaq Dar was the focal person and dealing with UAE for 800m$, all bluffing and making fools to the nation. He knows that this amount would never receive from Etisalat. Same goes with PPP, they have all the blank money and businesses in UAE.
    Now you can see the bizarre situation and performance of PTCL, they ruined employees along with customers.
    So unfortunate that we have to live with this misery, PML-N or PPP. And don’t worry next election will have the same result as of now. Sindh PPP, Punjab, Baluchistan and GB PML-N and KPK PTI.

    • The IT Guy

      As a matter of fact and without any political biasness, if we compare current government of PMLN under Nawaz shareef, they are the most fair leaders in comparison to whole lot of previous govermenet including PPP, Musharraf and rented mix of PTI. don’t see PTI only in the shape of Imran khan. And if you compare the whole society, every single person is corrupt to his scope of jurisdiction and ten if you see Nawaz goverment, i think they are not less than angels as there is no big scam or corrupution case in their present government. All are very old family related matters.

      • DawnTech

        True, totally agreed.but the question is why don’t we deserve some honest group of people to rule? why we choose the best in worst? lack of education and awareness? or as a nation, we are spoiled, twisted and corrupted with time? I think we have seen only corrupt rulers in past 70 years, excluding Quad e Azam. So corruption is transferring generation to generation.And we are okay with less corrupt people, we are comparing the level of corruptions, mean corruption vs corruption.

  • Jalad

    how much tax had he paid on this 1 billion?

    • DawnTech

      TAX? he even didn’t show the mode of payment, no bank transaction, no wire nothing.Its a Qatary Letter part II.