These Are the Most Popular Emojis on Facebook

You probably would not believe it but yes, today marks the fourth annual World Emoji Day.

Facebook observed this big day by releasing some very amusing emoji usage facts.

Did you know that 60 million emojis are shared on Facebook everyday? But there’s no comparison with its Messenger, where over 5 billion emojis are sent on a daily basis!

If we were to hazard a guess at which emojis are used the most, we’d probably hit the nail on the head with ‘love heart eyes’ character, ‘crying laughter face’ and the ‘whistling heart’ emoji.

Here are the top 10 most used emojis on Facebook:

To celebrate the World Emoji Day, Facebook and Apple both have released new emojis. However, Apple emojis will be released with the launch of iOS 11, which is due next autumn.

Apple’s New Emojis:

Facebook’s New Emojis:

Emojis initially appeared on Japanese cellphones in the late 1990s, and later became popular when Apple introduced them as well.

Even the word emoji is Japanese, e (picture) and moji (character) – the resemblance with the English word emotion and emoticon is purely coincidental.

No matter what you feel about emojis in general, there’s no denying the significance they hold in today’s world of instant messaging.

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