WhatsApp Crosses 1 Billion Daily Active Users

The popular instant messaging service, WhatsApp, has now reached 1 billion daily active users. Sounds familiar?

That’s because WhatsApp got to 1 billion monthly active users last year. Today’s achievement is an bigger one.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum announced the stats in his blog post saying,

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re committed more than ever to bringing you more useful features to enjoy, while delivering the reliability, simplicity, and security you expect with WhatsApp.

Every day, about 1 billion people use WhatsApp across the world. That’s one in every 7 or 8 people.

No other standalone messaging app comes close to this number. Snapchat has a mere 166 million daily active users by comparison.

Facebook buying WhatsApp for $19 billion has worked out in their favor in the end.

Humble Beginnings

WhatsApp has come a long way from its humble “messaging only”. It was a simple instant messaging app, bigger than most of its competitors at the start. It was then scooped up by Facebook and went on to get a whole lot of new features over time: end-to-end encryption, audio/video calling and native GIF support to name a few.

Mark Zuckerberg says that WhatsApp and Facebook are now building teams to monetize both WhatsApp and Messenger. This could mean annoying ads on an ad-free service like WhatsApp. This could turn out to be disastrous as WhatsApp has stayed ad-free from the start, which is why the service is so popular among its users.

Other Services

Comparing it to the rest of the services owned by Facebook:

  • Instagram now has 700 million monthly active users,
  • Messenger boasts 1.2 billion monthly active users,
  • Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users.

Facebook itself still has plenty of room to grow. The social media giant is banned in China (home to 1.4 billion people) including almost all of its services.

Via WhatsApp blog, TechCrunch

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      • Leave the internet right now and don’t ever use it again because it’s also invented by a Jew. Don’t drag religion into everything.

        • I am not introducing religion anywhere. I am just amused that Abdul Wahab is happy about WhatsApp. Is he normally happy about Jews? No…

          Also, I don’t believe you about Internet and Jews. Name the Jew who invented internet? It was a lot of researchers who did it, not one person. Sure, some of them were Jews, but so what?

          Man, what kind of n00b do you think I am?

          • Google kisne banaya?
            Aur facebook?
            Aur Hollywood movies ke jyadatar producers kaun hai?

            • Abdul Wahab went to Urdu university, I doubt he cares about the Hollywood item.

        • ??? Don’t you know anything about Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp?

          He is a Jew from Ukraine, moved to US in 1992 with his family.

          • CEO hogya to kya ab sara paisa Israel ko jata hai>?
            Khuda ka wasta hai Activity dekha kro apni zaat ko dekho
            Doosron me ghusny ki bajay khud py kaam kro

  • This 1 Billion daily user does not include me. I stopped using WhatsApp the moment it was bought by Facebook. Many People do not realize that they are putting too much information including the their personal contacts and photos into hands of one company Facebook. What we are doing is giving them control over our lives. Many people choose not to create new IDs and instead prefer to use Facebook ID to login to different services giving more control to them. This is not something wise to do. At any time, they can change, manipulate and people will be left with twisted lifes.

    • Whether facebook bought WhatsApp or not, the story would still be the same.

      All these social networking sites, what do you think they are for? For connecting the likes of us? I’m pretty sure these sites share data without our knowledge and this data is used for targeting different age groups.

      • What do you think all the ads on this website are doing? On other websites with ads, too?

        Do you boycott all sites that use ad trackers? I am 100% sure they have more knowledge about your internet habits than WhatsApp.

        • I didn’t say that I boycott websites that do this/

          And you are right, there’s no doubt about that. I was just pointing this to the user above that whether Facebook bought WhatsApp or not, the data sharing would still occur.

          Hmaray Pakistanion ko kch wse hi zyada adat hai baray baray status dalkr ek ek cheez btani kia. Goldmine for intelligence agencies lol.

          • I just recommend the user of Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin to everyone I knows. Lethal combination against trackers. Unfortunately, on mobile it is harder to get around that. Maybe with Firefox browser or Brave, I don’t know.

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