5 Companies From Pakistan Make it to Forbes ‘Best Under a Billion’ List

Forbes has released their latest annual “Asia’s Best Under a Billion” list. As the name implies, the list includes companies from Asia that are valued under a billion dollars. According to Forbes, the list highlights companies “with less than $1 billion in revenue and consistent top- and bottom-line growth.”

For 2017, the companies belong to 13 countries in Asia with an average growth of 55% in sales, 24% profit margin, and 113% growth in earnings per share. The list does not include companies that earn less than $5 million.

5 Pakistani companies made it in the list, down from last year’s 7. Around half the list is dominated by Chinese companies while India only has 3 companies included.

We take a look at which Pakistani companies made it into the list:

Ferozsons Laboratories

Ferozsons is a pharmaceutical company and has been included in the list a second time. The company has grown by a staggering 93% last year, with its sales and net income standing at $109 million and $21 million respectively.

Their market value is currently $102 million.

Searle Company

One of the biggest pharma companies in Pakistan, Searle surpasses every other Pakistani company on the list in terms of market value. The pharmaceutical giant’s market value is $696 million however it lost to Ferozsons Laboratories in terms of sales and net income.

Searle Company made $108 million in sales and $19 million in net income.

Agriauto Industries

Agriauto specializes in motorcycle parts and agriculture equipment, tractors, etc.  Its products includes shock absorbers and struts; motorcycle shock absorber and parts; sheet metal press parts; and other parts such as manual type window regulator and door/door hinges.

Its market value is $105 million while its sales and net income stand at $68 million and $7 million respectively.

Cherat Packaging

As the name implies, Cherat manufactures paper sacks and polypropylene bags. The company’s biggest customer is the cement industry in Pakistan. The cement bags manufactured at Cherat are made from kraft paper and polypropylene granules.

Its market value is $64 million while its sales and net income is $66 million and $9 million respectively.

Ghandhara Industries

Another automaker in the list, Ghandhara manufactures pickups, trucks and buses. This company had the lowest sales compared to the rest of the Pakistani companies in the list. Ghandhara made $56 million in sales and had a net income of $7 million.

Its market value stood at $113 million.

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