These are the Top 10 Programming Languages in 2017

Python has topped the list of most popular programming languages according to the rankings published by IEEE Spectrum recently.

The fourth interactive ranking has been prepared by a data journalist, Nick Diakopoulos, by combining 12 different metrics from 10 authentic online sources.

The Rankings

The following languages were placed among the top 10:

  1. Python
  2. C
  3. Java
  4. C++
  5. C#
  6. R
  7. JavaScript
  8. PHP
  9. Go
  10. Swift

Python, which was placed at number 3 last year, has managed to jump two places this year to become the most popular language used worldwide. However, when it comes to the language which is in most demand by recruiters, it’s C, and that too by a fair margin.

Google’s Go and Apple’s Swift, both managed to enter the top 10 most popular languages. C# has taken back its number 5 spot from R, while Ruby has drifted down to the 12th place.

The decades-old languages like Fortran (ranked 28th), Lisp (ranked 35th) and Cobol (ranked 40th), are still being used by the people. However, no new programming language managed to break into the top 10 for the second successive year.

You can look at the complete list, or play with the ranking criteria, on IEEE Spectrum.

The Ranking Criteria

The best thing about these rankings is that you can play around with how good a language is, based on a set criteria.

For instance, you can personalize the rankings based on worldwide trends, job opportunities, open source and custom – where you can set the weighting criteria as per your needs.

You can choose the ‘popularity’ criteria and see what programming language suits you the most.

Here’s how it looks in action:

You can also choose to use the data from the last four years and make a comparison with the previous years. The 12 weighted data sources are as follows:

  • Google (search)
  • Google (trends)
  • GitHub (active)
  • GitHub (created)
  • Stack Overflow (mentions)
  • Stack Overflow (views)
  • Reddit
  • Hacker News
  • Career Builder
  • Dice
  • Twitter
  • IEEE Explore

    • If you really want to learn a language then start with C. It’s really basic and it will teach you about problem solving. However, it’s not the most demanded language. You can then switch to other languages once you have mastered the problem solving and critical thinking part.

      • The actual thing is about programing basics instead if language. If u learn 1 u can go with othera comparatively easy..but actual thing is logic which requires hardworking..

        • That’s true, and being a programmer myself, I think the easiest way to get a good sense of how to use syntax and logics is C++.

        • kind of, but since binary language is the base of everything in computing it doesn’t mean that you should start development in binary code. Choose the language according to your project needs.

    • None…. simply said, if you’re looking for easy, you probably shouldn’t come into programming, you’ll probably waste time and regret later, better to do something else (my apologies if i sound harsh, but it is simply without sugar coating, also this is not to dis-heart you, but to tell you to be well prepared before you leap)… best of luck….

      • Hmmm..good to see all above comments.
        Guys, Please suggest if I decided to learn a language which can bring me to good programmer.

        • Only one language need to learn in your life time. rest is the language syntax which u can learn maximum 2,3 days. so focus on programming concept in ur learning

        • see what you really want to develop, then choose the appropriate language for that job and go for it. No need for worrying about other languages.

    • For the beginners the most important aspect is the HELP. And normally the open source technology has many discussion forums. Secondly, the language that is used in academics introduce new concepts earlier than the patent ones. But a person needs to play around with a couple of programming languages before selecting his/her favorite.

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