Hum Network is Launching its Own News Channel

At the meeting of Board of Directors of Hum Network, held on 11th of August, it was decided that a new news channel by the name of Hum News will be launched. The Board of Directors gave its approval to exploit available opportunities in the news genre.

The board of directors has authorized the management of the company to do any acts necessary to complete any corporate, legal and ancillary formalities related to the execution of the project which is to completed in the near future.

Originally, the company was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company in February 2004 in the name of Eye TV Limited and later on 18 November 2004 the name was changed to Eye Television Network Limited, and finally on 21 January 2011 the Company name was changed to Hum Network Limited (HNL).

Initial Public Offering for HNL shares was made in June 2005 and the Company was formally listed at the Karachi Stock Exchange in August 2005.

The script HUMNL is currently being traded at Rs 10.70 in KSE 100 which is currently at the level of 45362.8 with 276 points loss.

For the first time in Pakistan a company entered into a share split, the board proposed a subdivision of a company’s capital from Rs 10 to Re 1 per share which was approved in the AGM held on October 27, 2014.

The Authorized and the Paid up Capital of the Company is Rs.1,500M and Rs.945M respectively.

It has the following  brands within the television medium

  • HUM TV
  • HUM Masala
  • HUM Sitaray

  • PEMRA Ko He Banned Kar Dena Chahyeh :
    We NEED Education Channel, Info Channel, Tech & Science Channel, Sports Channel, Cartoon Channel Etc
    PEMRA Ko Bus NEWS Channel Ki Pari Howi Hai

  • @@AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus You now what you are the most annoying person i have ever came through…Are you been paid by Mr. Amir to comment on each every post.Stop wasting you time kid on posting and do something constructive you noob.

    • Let him do his thing, mate. Why are you getting bothered ? Relax and carry on yar. Everybody has the right to express himself and be original. And if Abdul Wahab is doing that then good for him.

    • Comments by @AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus can be annoying sometimes but what he said above is 100% correct and you actually dragged the discussion to another direction.

      I was watching an interview of Ali Azmat on a TV channel during March, he was talking on conspiracy theories and was questioning that why we have 34 news channels….all running in losses (and how are they running it) but only a few entertainment channels ?

      Some forces are creating a situation in which people are fed negative news every minute from all corners so that they can mentally collapse….without any serious discussion on genuine issues.. Ali Azmat also referred to 50 million $ investment by US in Pakistani news channels ..

      A question for BOL TV network lovers…how this channel is running without a significant revenue ?

  • Khuda ka lia Reham kar dy is qoum par. Itne News channels, koi sports channels ki tarf b dehaan dy …

  • Why Can’t Local Investors Team Up With Foreign Investors To Form Quality Entertainment Channels Also Get International Media Outlets To Establish Franchises In Pakistan Like They Have In India.
    PEMRA Should Be Encouraging More Competition With More Quality Content Especially Education Scientific Economic and Documentary Channels(Of Nat Geo Type)

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