Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: Where Are the Bezels on This Phone? [Leak]

Its that time of the year again. Xiaomi is closing in on releasing its next flagship Mi Note and Mi Mix smartphones. The latest leak shows what Xiaomi is planning for its upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which completely blows away all “bezel-less” flagship phones released this year.

Xiaomi is known for its budget flagship offerings in the smartphone world. Last year saw the release of the nearly bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix concept phone.

The phone was well received and Xiaomi promised a follow-up with even smaller bezels and more screen real-estate. Here’s what the phone will look like if the new leaks are to be believed.

Xiaomi has cut the bottom bezel by half to make the phone almost all screen. Side and top bezels are almost non-existent. Another interesting design choice is the lack of a front facing camera. There is almost no space on the front which explains why Xiaomi has removed it.

One other change worth noticing is that the leaked image from China shows the use of metal this year. The original Mi Mix came with a ceramic body.

No Earpiece?

There is no earpiece on top of the phone, just like the original Mi Mix. It used bone conduction hardware but received mixed reviews from those who used the device. Xiaomi is going to go for the same piezo-electric earpiece embedded near the top of the phone. The Chinese smartphone maker is collaborating with AAC technologies for developing the earpiece, the latter has plenty of experience with haptics and tiny speakers.

Overall, the Mi Mix 2 seems to have a thinner profile than Mi Mix, in addition to having curved and rounded corners.

Leaked Features

There are a couple of third party renders as well which were developed to show the phone from more angles and seem to be based on the above mention prototype’s leaked image.

Leaked specifications include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB RAM, an AMOLED screen with a 19 MP camera. The battery is rumored to be at least 4,500 mAh.

The phone is expected to be released mid-September for CNY 4,999 (Rs. 79,000) for the top end model considering last year’s pricing.

Take all of this with a grain of salt as alleged “leaks” often glorify the smartphone, Sharp Aquos S2 being a recent example. However, there’s a lot of similarity between all the Mi Mix 2 leaks, which means that its possible the leaks are the real deal. We shouldn’t have to wait too long now as the company is bound to make an announcement at IFA next month.

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  • Zehra Tanvir


  • Mushif Ali Nawaz

    I think front face camera could be incorporated if they somehow managed to sport a rotatable rear facing camera like Oppo N1 had. Which can be rotated to the front to take a selfie and then can rotated back to take a rear facing photographs.

    • Ahsan Shah

      that bottom chin may have it. rotating design is unlikely b/c not only its ugly but also takes away the solid, sturdy feel of the phone.

  • Amazing But Middle CLASS K Liye Expensive Hai :

    • Raja Maja

      bhai tu apni baat kia kar kion tension laita hai dosron ki.

      kaha kar THIRD class walay ke liye luxurious or even out of this world baat hai.

      • Saqi

        Buri baat

      • Raja Babu yeh Third Class kia hoti hai ? Aur aap ke kia class hai ?

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        Beta tu moo me iPhone ly l aaya tha Dunia me

        Stupid Man Stupid thinking
        Jahil Aaadmi

    • tahir aziz

      tum sub say apnay aap ko zaleel hi karwana

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  • Waqas

    Thank you nawaz sharif.

  • emie khan

    where is front facing camera???

    • Danish

      yes…. Same question came to my mind

    • G.G.G

      i think there’s no front face cam in order to make full screen bezel less

    • what about earpiece ?

      • Ahsan Shah

        incorporated in screen. the technology is called piezoelectric tech. not as good sounding as speakers but invisible :) your welcome

        • emie khan

          yea mi mix 1 has this but what about front facing camera???

    • Aadil

      Slides from the back of the phone. Check the linked article above

      • emie khan

        i dont think this gona happen

        • Aadil

          Well its confirmed now that thevselfie cam is at the bottom bezel.

  • Sajid

    I am already cursing myself why I bought mi mix, it’s panel got broken and there is no replacement part here in Pakistan. Waste of money.

    • Aadil

      Order it from AliExpress. You’ll save a lot of money that way too.
      Such large phones need good cases for protection btw