Javaid Jehangir Appointed as the Auditor General of Pakistan

The government has appointed a retired bureaucrat Javaid Jehangir as the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) in a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday.

The former Pakistan Audit and Accounts Services (PAAS) officer of grade 22 was chosen for the post which stayed vacant from April 08, 2017.

The Notice

The statement released by the Ministry said,

“In exercise of the powers conferred on him under Article 168(1) of the Consti­tution of the Islamic Repub­lic of Pakistan, the President has been pleased to appoint Mr. Javaid Jehangir to be the AGP with effect from the date he enters upon that office”.

The new AGP will enjoy a full four-year tenure unless challenged legally. He reached the age of superannuation last year in November.


Earlier in April, the AGP office had proposed four names for the position of AGP including Javaid Jehangir and three serving grade 22 officers Parveen Agha, Haq Nawaz and Imran Iqbal. It is to be noted that normally the Ministry of Finance proposes this summary instead of AGP.

Discrepancies were found in the summary proposed by the AGP office, which was later pointed out in the media. The name of another deserving grade 22 officer Shagufta Khanum was not included in the list without any reason.

The media also pointed out that Mr. Jehangir also had a charge-sheet against his name regarding irregularities in the Capital Development Authority. The AGP office promoted him to grade 22 before retirement without carrying out the investigations opposing the Establishment Division’s advice.

The controversy resulted in the appointment of two interim AGPs – Haq Nawaz (15 days) and Imran Iqbal (60 days). Javaid Jehangir has also served as deputy AGP in addition to 35 years of service in PAAS.

Article 168

Article 168 states that there must “be an Auditor General of Pakistan, who shall be appointed by the President. Before entering upon the office, the AGP shall make before the Chief Justice of Pakistan oath in the form set out in the Third Schedule”.

The AGP is appointed for four years, unless removed by the Supreme Judicial Council or resigns or reaches the age of 65, as per the Article 168.

The AGP looks after the accounts of provinces and the federation and all the organizations managed by the Federation or provinces. He also ensures that the audits are performed in accordance with the principles.

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