This Bureaucrat Made Rs 80 Lakh in Just 3 Days

A senior bureaucrat and former secretary of the Interior Ministry, Shahid Khan, is in hot water over a deal he made for a plot in Islamabad from the National Police Foundation (NPF).

He has been accused of making millions within three days after paying the value of the plot to the NPF, states the audit report submitted to the Parliament by the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP). The reports also recommends a probe for this case.

The deal took place on December 5, 2014, when he was the chairman of the Foundation’s Committee of Administration and three days later –  on December 8th – he sold the plot for an astonishing Rs. 10 million, after having bought it for just Rs. 2 million.

The 200-square-yard plot was offered to Shahid Khan at a rate which was well below the market rates considering the fact that it was a commercial plot in Sector E-11 of Islamabad.

Audit Report

The audit report submitted by the AGP questioned NPF over the unusual allotment of the plot at low rates. The report read,

“The price of the plot was not determined as per prevailing market rates at the time of offering allotment. The sale of the plot at five times the purchase price within three days clearly shows the disparity in the pricing mechanism of NPF … Audit is of the view that the plot was allotted only to benefit the individual.”

“Audit recommends that market cost of the plot may be recovered besides fixing the responsibility [for underselling],” the report said.

Khan refused to talk about the deal, saying that he hasn’t done anything wrong and that the matter will be resolved in court.

The matter was presented before the Public Accounting Officer two years later on December 5, 2016, however, the departmental accounts committee was formed after the audit report was finalized.

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