Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note8 [Unboxing + First Impressions]

Samsung’s latest flagship in the Note series is finally here. After the Note 7 mishap last year, there were rumors that Samsung might end the Note line altogether and just focus on the S-series.

However, they seem to have recovered from the issues they were facing and now they are back with the best that they have to offer, the Galaxy Note8.

We got our hands on the latest and greatest from Samsung and today we’ll unbox it and take a first look at it.

Unboxing Video

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have started and if you pre-order, you can avail following:

  • Price: Rs. 108,999/-
  • 20% discount on Etihad Airways Tickets
  • Free wifi on Etihad Airways
  • 1 year free iFlix subscription.

You can pre-order Samsung Note8 from here.

  • DJ

    WTH pre-orders only on telemart seriously :D Samsung ki mat tu nai mari gye and 20% discount is on Eithad airway ticket i believe that should be mentioned clearly and 109k insane Price .. Tauba Lanye walo ko 21 topo ki salami :)

    • Bilal Iqbal

      20 topon ki slami + 1 top py bandh k …thaaaah.

    • FuriousNinja

      Wait for iPhone 8 in the same price range and then see people preordering :P

  • Shahid Amin

    Video k lye Larka to Chikna sa hire kar le, atleast professional to lagta !

    • FuriousNinja

      Really? If he’s doing everything fine then you shouldn’t have any issue with his ‘face’. *Sighs*

      The only issue I have with the video is the initial setting, those dirty walls and that door.

      • Ali_Amjad

        I agree, the only problem with the video is the dirty room in the start. very unprofessional. rest is just okay

        • Shahid Amin

          Just OK se matlab ? PROPK paisa kama raha ha. inhe chye kuch laga b len nahi mout ati inhe !

      • Shahid Amin

        when he is doing everything fine then why you’re targeting dirty walls ? “mamy khan lagty ho kya ????”

        • FuriousNinja

          Akalmand insan, the guy is fine. The area he’s shooting the video in is meh and needs improvement, it needs to be more lively. Do you even read?

          And as for your concern of a ‘chikna’ lrka, atleast think before you utter something ridiculous.

    • Pogba

      Ye p*rnhub nahi hai

      • Shahid Amin

        Astagferullah !
        Allah Mauf kare.

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    i wish i would have 1 lac rupee i would never waste my money to buy just a phone instead i can have a 4 wheeler car in its price

  • Muhammad Hassan Iqbal

    Will buy in 2020 note 8.
    Which fone is best in 20k range new one or in use one.

  • Arsalan Shah

    Is se zyada achi unboxing to JerryRigEverything ne YouTube pe ki hai, even though he destroyed the phone completely after doing it, still the phone seemed new and was properly unboxed. It seems this phone was USED and a protector was refitted to make it look new, and the annoying fingerprints and marks on the “apparently” new box and interal accessories/cover/manual etc shows that it had been opened earlier.