PEMRA Sends Notice to BOL Over Hamza Ali Abbasi’s ‘Anti-Pakistan’ Remarks

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), on Wednesday, issued a show cause notice to the private TV channel Bol News for its programme “HQ Debate”.

The authority claims that the host, Hamza Ali Abbasi, allegedly passed derogatory remarks about the Pakistani passport.

PEMRA’s Point of View

PEMRA states that airing of such derogatory remarks can spread hatred and provoke anti-Pakistani sentiments among the public. Besides that, the media watchdog ruled that Bol’s programme has also been found in violation of several clauses of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007 and Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015.

The authority has directed the management of the TV channel to furnish a reply within seven days for this violation i.e. on or before September 13.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the channel has also been called by PEMRA to appear for a personal hearing before the authority’s committee on the aforementioned date.

In case the Bol News management does not reply within the time frame or if the CEO does not appear before PEMRA for a personal hearing, the authority will commence proceedings against the channel.

This is not the first time that PEMRA has issued a notice to Bol News. Both have been on bad terms since the channel first started its transmissions and often pushed the limits when it came to criticizing the PML-N government.

HQ Debate with Hamza

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s latest HQ Debate can be viewed below. During one of its most recent shows, PML-N’s Jan Achakzai made controversial remarks regarding the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar which provoked a response out of Hamza Ali Abbasi during the latter part of his program.

You can see the intense arguments after the 36 minute mark and the controversial remarks at the 38:30 mark below:

Do you think that Hamza Ali Abbasi went too far with his remarks? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Honestly no body knows what BOL upto, after one of the largest virtual university and fake degrees scam, i salute the beghairity of this Channel, corrupt and unethical person like Amer Liaqat was their president, so what do you expect from them? Hamza Ali Abbassi a well known Actor just put him self in GUTTER for money and fame. shame on him and shame on this channel.

  • Hamza Ali Abbasssi has just spoken the reality, We love our country but our politicians have destroyed the name of our beloved Pakistan. Persons visiting abroad may have observed it.

  • BOL is the most stupid and shameless channel. PEMRA should Shut down there activities including banned on Hamza Ali Abbasi’s, Aamir Liaquat and other stupid like them.

  • حمزہ علی عباسی، ضرورت سے زیادہ جذباتی ہو گئے۔ اس طرح سے پروگرام ہوسٹ نہیں ہوتے۔ ان کا موقف جو بھی رہا ہو لیکن پاکستانی پاسپورٹ کے حوالے سے جو بھی انہوں نے کہا انہیں اس پر ہر صورت میں معافی مانگنی چاہیے۔

  • Typical Pakistani quom mentality
    Instead of listening to whole sentence, pick few words and start shoor hayee hayee…

    Though i actually don’t agree to giving nationality to anyone living here since ages, yes there should be some identification and some benefits but you can’t make them Pakistani, we already have too many issues.

  • Hamza is 100% true regardless of his emotional expression!
    Shame on you Achakzayi for your poor mentality that depicts your illiteracy level when you said that “Pakistan ne thaika nehi lia hua”.
    I’m ashamed that such type of ‘Jaahil Log’ are into the governmental bodies of Pakistan.

  • Hamza Ali Abbasi care about humanity and patriotism that’s why he has emotional.. kch karne wala banda hai sirf bhonkne wala nahin like Pol……

  • Fully agree with what Hamza Ali Abbassi said.

    Pakistan should have given these Muslim refugees from Rohingya, citizenship rights a long time ago. They have no-where else to go. At the very least, these people could be a credible voice for their people being oppressed in Arakan.

    • Janab will you give space to just one migrating family in your home? No sir. Hardly anyone will. And I bet, that joker Abbasi shall never even think of doing that. Emotionally charged people like him want govt. to do something – and that something is limited to welcoming those people but restricting them to camps no better than Hitler’s concentration camps.
      What we did to IDPs will be fate of Rohingya, a cruelly bitter truth.

      • “Emotionally charged people like him want govt. to do something – and that something is limited to welcoming those people but restricting them to camps no better than Hitler’s concentration camps.”

        Actually he’s asking the government to give them Pakistani citizenship, so they aren’t confined to camps, and can do things that require ID cards, like get kids enrolled in schools, have jobs and things. I think that makes sense.

        Pakistan is one of the most generous places on the planet, we’re frequently on top of charity balanced for GDP per capita. We host millions of Afghans, and half a million Rohingya. We’re a population of 200 million, a few million more is not even a drop in the bucket.

  • bakwas ghattiya tareen insan!
    thookta tou tmhari shakal py b koi nhi hai tou is ka mtlb tm b 2 takky k ho. Jahil insaan itna jazbaati ho rha hai jaisy is k yeh sub kuch kehny sy passport ki value barh jaye gi. lanat.

  • He got very emotional but he is right.
    Shame on Achakzai and the mentality of his party and him.

  • Every speaker should control his tongue when expressing his feelings specially about Pakistan. Jazbaat main Ghar ki izzat utar ko tu nahi phenk sakte aap.

  • Totally agreed to Hamza ali abbasi every body is talking about hamza but no one talks about jan achakzai shame on you people

  • Pakistani passport pa pakistani member national assembly tak nhi thokta hai…. on k pass bhi bama ahl o aayal foregin passport hotay hai…

  • so bad remarks by hamza Abbasi Plz Offair the Boll Channel We dont Want to see it Again.
    its pure like a Imran Khan Attitude

  • Truth is always bitter! Hamza is right, he carried it far away but that happens when some illiterate politician gives a LOGIC!

  • this is enough hamza he should be banned on media..i am not from n league rather a soft heart towards PTI but achakzai is right in this case,we are not tekadar

  • Can someone name one country in the world where pakistani passport solves your problem rather then making you prone to full body scans and searches

    • I am proud to be pakistani but ashamed that politicians like nawaz and zardaris and bhuttos and fazlus have made pakistan into a banana republic.

  • Cant we provide Aqama Like thing to these people? Hamza is right! but selection of words is not gracefull, but we need to listen all the conversation. Jan Achakzai Talked like shit then Hamza lost his mind

  • I don’t get whats wrong with what Hamza said. Yes I love Pakistan but I cannot be blind to the fact that internationally Pakistani Passport is considered to be one of the worst. And apart from that if you don’t want to give these people the Pakistani Passport atleast give them some other form of ID card through which they can atleast work and earn here.

  • The one who speaks as a representative should use the words very wisely… In words it looks easy to say but in actual it is very difficult to handle… We all should support Rohingya’s Muslims and should help them individually by providing them food,shelter, and cloths as well as a TEAM. But the ultimate responsibility is over the management of the country they know better to cater this issue.. we should support both people and Pakistan… Aur Hamza Ali Abasi k lye yei k “Agar koi thokta nai Pakistani passport pe to ap idar kia kr rahe hen???” Aur ye Pakistan hai hamara mulk,… is ka parcham ho ya passport ye Ahtram k kabil hai … Jis ka khaty hen un ko gunn gaty hen thukty nai hen ….. We Love Pakistan We support Pakistan….

  • Honestly speaking, he said right our passport has no value in the World and everyone knows that. It’s a bitter truth

  • Just to raise TRPs of the channel, such emotional dramas are seen nowadays, once it was a rarety, now a common thing on almost all channels, but Hamza did cross the line, one must choose the words wisely…

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