Apple Launches the Bezelless and Pricey iPhone X

While the exaggerated news of Apple’s impending demise is always in circulation, the last year or two have been especially hard for folks at Cupertino.

Apple’s half-priced competitors have inched forward with time to close the performance gap (offering better performance in some cases). Innovation has also been moot since the last couple of years, with its products looking monotonous and iterative. The fact that the last three iPhones are difficult to tell apart hasn’t helped the scenario either.

The answer to all of that is the new iPhone X, the company’s third smartphone unveiled with the conventional iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Its fitting that Apple saved the “one more thing” tagline for it on a momentous evening (it doesn’t seem to get old). For those of you confused, it is pronounced “ten” rather than “ex”.

All Front Display and Face ID

The past one year has seen the acceptable flagship design change remarkably, and Apple has anticipated its big move to perfection, taking on one of the iPhone’s biggest criticisms by removing the bezel altogether.

The 5.8″ Super Retina OLED display comes with 2436 x 1125 resolution (458 ppi) which is a fancy way of saying that its a Full HD+ display. It supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, as well as True Tone for custom display contrast. It comes with an Essential-esque bar at the top of the phone with the camera and Face ID.

The design of the iPhone X consists of reinforced glass on the front and back with stainless steel sides. Dust and water resistance is also included.

iOS 11 has been customized to support swipes for controls now that the home button is gone. For example, a bottom-up swipe brings up the home page, while swiping down from top-right brings the control center. How well it works in real life remains to be seen. Siri comes up with voice command or the side-button.

There’s also the small matter of Touch ID, which has been substituted with Face ID, Apple’s solution to facial recognition.

It supports Apple Pay and other apps which have used Touch ID till now.

Internals and Storage

The processor here is the same A11 Bionic as similar to the iPhone 8. It features six cores, including two performance cores bringing a 25% boost over the A10, as well as four low power cores that are 70% faster than last year’s processor. It has 3 GB RAM while the storage options range from  64 GB and 256 GB with no 128 GB model.

A11 Bionic is powered by a neural engine which enhances machine learning and real-time processing.


The front Face ID supporting camera features 7 MP resolution with a depth-of-field effect. The rear-setup closely resembles that of the iPhone 8 Plus, with its dual 12 MP cameras with wide-angle f/1.8 and telephoto f/2.4 apertures.

It is accompanied with a quad LED True Tone flash as well as a new image signal processor for faster autofocus and HDR. The flash supports Slow Sync with a more uniformly-lit background. Both of the lenses on the back feature optical image stabilization, which is a first for the iPhone. Portrait Lighting brings studio lighting effects to both front and rear-camera photos.


The TrueDepth sensor recognizes almost 50 muscle movements, piecing together data to form a new kind of emojis called “Animoji”.

The sensor can also be used to create AR content easily, while the viewing has also been made easier with the new accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Battery life should last around 2 hours more than its predecessor the iPhone 7.

Obviously, the iPhone X supports wireless charging and all the new accessories announced today. If you want to know about all the Apple mobiles, here’s a list of the latest Apple mobiles price in Pakistan and their specs.

Stratospheric pricing

The iPhone X is the first iPhone which starts at $999, which we had long expected. This is for the 64 GB model while the 256 GB model goes for $1,149. This is the highest starting price ever for an iPhone or any other mainstream smartphone released to date.

It will be available in late October, which could make upgrade plans tough for folks moving up to the iPhone 8/8 Plus.

  • Now whats comes next dna verification for unlocking phone :p. Face ID still has long way to become success in everyday usage.

    • گذشتہ رات ایپل کے نئے آئی فون 10 کی رونمائی کے موقعے پر ایپل کے سافٹ ویئر چیف کریگ فیڈریگی کو اس وقت سخت خجالت کا سامنا کرنا پڑا جب آئی فون نے ان کا چہرہ دیکھ کر کھلنے سے انکار کر دیا۔ فیڈریگی کو مجبوراً دوسرا فون اٹھا کر استعمال کرنا پڑا۔
      Courtesy: BBC Urdu

    • and don’t forget to add 18% tax applicable in US (FU phones) and 15% for sport to Pakistan. so 1099 will essentially be 1275 USD fro base model. Grey market will be different though. Legal imports won’t have FaceTime…

    • Apple ne 10 saal se apne kisi keynote mein RAM ka zikr nhn kiya, Apple janta hai k iOS kitni RAM memory pe chal sakta hai smoothly, isi liye iPhone ki 2GB RAM android k 6GB RAM pe bhari hai in terms of Multitasking

      • Salute to your logic. What about the games and apps ? Does IOS have a revolutionary feature of handling that as well ?

        • He is actually right. They test each app for memory leaks and stuff and make available only on store if that will work perfectly and only will use the minimum memory. On the contrast Android management is not that strict. They relatively easily accept apps, so the android users (me included) feel the need to have more memory (RAM) in their device.

        • bro apple’s software and hardware is build for each other, us ka software 2gig pr bhi smooth chal sakta hai, not like android jo qmobile k 5000 k cell may bhi android hai or samsung s8 may bhi wo e android hai, i am not against s8 or android but all em saying k apple hardware and software is built for each other so that iphone runs smoothly even with 2 gigs of ram…
          or jahan tk bat hai games ki to just like kisi bhi PC game ki intel or AMD ki specs alag hoti hain isi thran apple ki or android ki specs alag hoti hain… game which required 4gb of ram in android may run smoothly in 2 gig in apple…

      • adeel is banday ko mat samjhao yeh sub samjha hua hy iska wohi hissab hay batain croro ki dukan pakoro ki is say pocho k qmobile k elewa kabhi koi dosra brand use kya hy is ki aadat hy khud ko zaleel kranay ki

        • 100% true I use Oneplus 3t it’s awesome phone yeh baray brand walay sirf apni naam ka faida uthatay hain bohat bohat sy evaluation chotay naam k mobiles ny launch kye baad main Samsung or apple ny apnaya jaisay fast charging zyada ram phir in bari bari companies ko kyal aaya or yaad rhy battery bhi Samsung ki blast hui thi lol

          • Samsung manufacturing is of top notch quality… One plus lacks that 3 n 3T have camera issue of focus due to the poor implementation of ois…

          • Bade brand ka ek faida bhi hota hai tahir bhai k sab he us brand ko jante hain, Note 7 ki battery blast hui to company ne refund bhi kiya. Kya ap one plus se ye expect karte ho k wo aisa kch karen ge aur wo to officially announce bhi nhn hua Pakistan mein, Company kisi cheez ki guarantee bhi nhn le gi agr kch ho bhi gaya to

  • I love this iPhone X and wanna buy it as soon as it will become available in Pakistan, but I can’t take risk to live on only one kidney rest of my life.

  • First i thought i am watching Samsung galaxy s8 launching event everything was same :D
    edge to edge Display
    wireless charging
    Face ID =iris scanning
    Water and Dust Resistance
    And its will cost 40k plus bec S8 box pack without warranty are coming at 65k

  • I am using Samsung Galaxy S8 and frankly its nothing more than a waste of 80,000 Rupees, Stupid performance drains all that is good about the phone, despite being a flagship it still can’t outperform my iPhone 7Plus. iPhone 7 Plus still beats my S8 hands down. no wonder Apple makes durable, smoothly operating and valuable phones. it’s getting pretty expensive to buy new iOS devices though.
    Apart from Samsung i have used HTC, Sony… All stupid android phones. Could never like any of them, they’d let you down when you need them.

      • Dear Arslan, the sentence was “stupid performance drains all that is good about phone” meaning all the good looks and good feel of phone is diminished when the phone itself performs below par.

        It was not “performance drain”.
        Hope it’s clear this time around buddy.


  • iphone perform better than samsung, there is no comparison. Dont give me stupid ram and other comparisons, i know all these stuff but when it comes to real usage , apple beats it. This will only be understand by the ones who used both.

    • I used both and iphone in terms of stability surely beats android that’s why people prefer it and android nougat is very stable. Frankly if i say in simple words. Iphone is for non techy people and android is for tech enthusiasts. I like the open dev of android i can do with my phone whatever i want but in iphone it is not possible. I don’t compare iphone with android both are good in their own way.

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