57 People Indicted By ATC In Mashal Khan Lynching Case

On Tuesday, 19th September, about 57 people involved in the Mashal Khan lynching incident were indicted by the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Haripur.

Their trial will be carried out under a tight security detail within the domain of the Haripur Jail where the arrested men were bought before the ATC. They are being held in the Haripur Central Prison.

Today, another round of hearings will be conducted conducted for presentation of arguments by both the prosecution and defense. On Wednesday the late Mashal Khan’s Father, Iqbal Khan, will stand before court as well.

The men indicted in this incident have pleaded not guilty.

Mashal Khan was attacked by a vigilante mob earlier this year in April which was apparently instigated by rumors of Mashal spreading blasphemous material on the internet. This led to him being shot by his attackers after they beat him with no respite. He later passed away.

Mashal Did Not Commit Blasphemy: JIT

However, it is to be noted that a 13-member joint investigation team, overseeing the situation, gave a report which suggested a lack of evidence regarding Mashal ever committing the act of blasphemy.

The case was later transferred to an Anti-Terrorism Court in Haripur jail from Mardan in July on the wish of Iqbal khan who was intimidated by his “influential adversaries”.

Iqbal Khan’s petition included a request to the Peshawar High Court (PHC) for the payment of his legal fee. He also wished the Supreme Court to keep his daughters secure who have not been attending school since their brother’s lynching by the mob.

  • Its the State that made people extremists by emphasizing too much on blasphemy issue. Bhutto declared the Ahmadi’s to prolong his rule. Zia started Jihad and Islamism to keep him in power and now NS started blasphemy drive to divert people from panama case.

    Just to clarify that I am not saying they all did something wrong… but their intentions surely were. But in the end it only harmed common people and took the country to radicalism.

      • Jinnah was not rightist… nation was not extremist. Nation lived in peace.
        Ayub Khan, Bhutto were not rightist…….. same.
        Zia was rightist ………….. nation became extremist…. boys became mujahideen or whatever you call it.
        Musharaf was leftist …….. country became moderate… Basant etc.
        Benazir & Sharif were not rightist……….. forces did not let them change the policies.

        Its the STATE policies which influence the people mindset through policies and media campaigns. Please note that STATE doesn’t work on religions (there is no example to quote in world) but these do work on what is better for the country (as per them).
        Hope you’ve got my point.

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