Awami Taxi is a Local, Simple and Feature Rich Ride-Hailing Service

It’s safe to say that ride-sharing has gone mainstream in Pakistan. Careem and Uber have become part of our daily lingo and there are many other players which are trying to compete with them. With so many options, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track and choose.

Many of these options offer more or less the same services. Some of these have a unique selling point. And then there are new ride-hailing services that wish to make a mark with the average Pakistani who just wishes to avail a ride anywhere, anytime, without worrying about anything.

If you happen to belong to this category, you’re in luck. There’s a new player in town. And its Awami Taxi, a wholly Pakistani-owned and operated ridesharing service.

Awami Taxi is finalizing its plans for launch in Islamabad and Rawalpindi currently. The service is expected to become operational in coming weeks. The new startup hopes to break into the highly saturated ride-sharing services sector by focusing more on offering Pakistanis the products that highlight our local culture and heritage.

And it wants to do it by offering rides when you want – instantly, anywhere, everywhere. The emphasis is on making the process as simple as possible.

About Awami Taxi

Does your commute contain a lot of public transport services? Or does the service that you were using put peak factor anytime they want? Awami Taxi claims that these issues will become history for their customers. Furthermore, they mention that they will be offering the best cars at competitive rates.

Initially, Awami Taxi plans to offer two packages for commuters, each suited for a particular type of customer:

  • ECO :  the ‘basic’ plan for the price-conscious customer.
  • ECO+ : the ‘premium’ plan with better and bigger cars. Convenience and comfort rolled in one.
  • Book Later Service : get your ride at a predefined time. You can book a car at ECO or ECO+ rates, with a base fare charge of Rs 150 only.


Lets take a look at their charges:

ECO Service:

  • Per KM: Rs. 9.
  • Base Fare: Rs. 80.
  • Cancelation Charges: Rs. 30.
  • Per Minute: Rs. 0.50.
  • Peak Hours/Factor: Nil
  • Free waiting up to 5min

Awami Taxi will be using the following car models and make for the Eco Service Plan:

  • 660cc Japanese Cars.
  • Suzuki Wagon R (1000cc).
  • 1000cc Japanese Cars Till 2011 model.
  • Suzuki old Model (Cultus, Alto, Baleno, Liana ETC).
  • Honda City, Civic & Toyota Corolla (2003 till 2008)

ECO+ Service:

  • Per KM: Rs. 14
  • Base Fare: Rs. 100
  • Cancellation Charges: Rs. 50
  • Per Minute: Rs. 0.50
  • Peak Hours/Factor: Nil

For the ECO+ service plan, the company will offer the following cars for their customers:

  • 1000cc Japanese Cars. (starting from 2012 onwards)
  • Suzuki Cultus New Shape.
  • 1500cc & 1800cc cars of Suzuki, Honda, Toyota. (from 2009 and newer models)

Why Go with Awami Taxi

There are plenty of reasons that may make Awami Taxi the preferred ride hailing option for Pakistanis.

Here are some of them:

Hop In

If you are in a hurry and need a car instantly, Awami Taxi claims that it can help you catch your ride. No waiting, no booking, nothing. You will be charged according to the ECO plan. Spot the Awami Taxi car, tell the driver where you want to go and let the ride begin.

No Peak Time

Awami Taxi claims that there are absolutely no hidden or extra charges that you usually encounter with other ride hailing apps. No peak time charges. Just simple and uniform fare rates.

Perfect for Car Owners and Drivers

Awami Taxi does not charge a percentage of earnings from drivers who use their platform. Instead, the company charges a fixed monthly rate of just Rs. 3,000 per driver from what they earn. Rest of the profits go to the car owner.

Furthermore, Awami Taxi will also make use of a bonus system to reward its most popular drivers.

Own Payment Solution

Awami Taxi will be introducing its own online payment system. All customers need to pay their fares is a mobile phone with an internet connection.

Services for Corporate Sector

If you are a business who is hoping to look after the commuting needs of its employees, and that too in a very competitive package, Awami Taxi will be offering special services for them as well. Avail their services at better-than-usual rates. Students who regular use this service will be able to benefit from this feature through a student package account.

To sum it up, Awami Taxi plans to provide more value in the already-saturated and highly competitive ride hailing sector. It aims to bring something different to the table for people who don’t wish to worry about surge pricing or various different payment plans. Just effortless, instant and hassle-free rides whenever they want.

To try out Awami Taxi today, you can check out:

  • Using Grab in the Far East region has been an extra-ordinary experience. They show you not estimated but EXACT fare in advance. So no worries if you think the driver is taking a longer route or getting into traffic, actually he would do his best to avoid all this because the fare is already fixed!

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