Xbox One X to Offer Native 1440p Support

Great news for all the console gamers out there, Xbox One X will officially support 1440p resolution.

On Wednesday, Kevin Gammil, the program manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Platform Partner Group, said that the console would now output at 1440p if a suitable monitor was detected.

This is great news for those hoping to use a 1440p monitor with their consoles, as they don’t have to worry about the picture quality being up-scaled from 1080p, unlike PS4 Pro.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7,2017 and is the most powerful console ever made.

4K Gaming Experience

1440p Support, a Big Deal for Gamers

Microsoft has been marketing the Xbox One X as a true 4K console. Sony’s PS4 Pro, on the other hand, renders some of the games at 1440p and upscales it to 4K on a 4K TV.

What makes this news important is that 1440p resolution displays are not supported by the PlayStation 4 Pro. If you do connect one to a 1440p monitor, it will output the games on 1080p and then upscale them to 1440p which would make them look pixelated and generally bad.

Xbox One X will be able to output in native 1440p which will enable those of you with a high end 1440p gaming monitor play on Xbox One X without losing out on quality.

Xbox One X will also support all the games released for the original Xbox One. Exclusives for the new console include Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3, all of which look splendid in 4K.

Preorder Xbox One X

For all the gamers out there who can’t wait to get their hands on Xbox One X, they are in luck. Microsoft said on Sunday that the first Xbox One X units were up for preorder in the form of an early “Project Scorpio Edition” version of the console.

Xbox One X is available for preorders at $499.

Xbox One X Specifications

  • CPU: Eight-core 2.3GHz processor
  • GPU: 40 compute units at 1172MHz
  • RAM: 12 GB GDDR5 (shared between system and GPU)
  • Bandwidth: 326 GB/s
  • Storage: 1 TB hard disk
  • Disc: UHD Blu-ray player
  • Video: 4K output, HDR 10 support
  • Audio: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Atmos, PCM 2.0, 5.1, 7.1
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, IR blaster
  • Connectors: 2x HDMI (2.0b out, 1.4b in), 3x USB 3.0 ports, IR out, S/PDIF, Ethernet

Via The Verge

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