Careem Driver Murdered in Karachi

Incidents related to Careem drivers continue to make headlines. A Careem driver, Obaid got murdered in Karachi while on his way to pick up a ride.

His body was recovered from inside his car in Korangi. Obaid, a father of three children, had been working tirelessly to support his family. He had been working for Careem for the past one year.

It is still uncertain what exactly lead to Obaid’s death but people around the area claim that Obaid, on his way to pick up his customer, had a collision with a motorcycle rider. This accident turned into an intense clash and quarrel between the two led to Obaid’s murder.

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The motorcyclist is believed to have shot and killed Obaid.

Previously, similar cases have come into the limelight after misconduct from Careem Captains, customers or due to road accidents but this has to be the first time a tragedy like this has occurred due to the threats in Karachi’s streets.

The Police are currently investigating the case. They have been trying to pinpoint the location of the murder using the his phone’s GPS. His phone’s GPS was active and registered with Careem. The investigation team is also scouring the CCTV cameras and hoping to find one that might have recorded the mishap.

Careem has published an official statement to express its condolences and pay respect to the deceased Careem Captain and his family.

We wholeheartedly offer our condolences to our Captain’s family. This is a personal tragedy for us. We are offering our assistance to the authorities in any way we can. Our team is in direct contact with the family.

Our captains work tirelessly to serve our customers and support their families. This loss is extremely devastating. We appreciate all the concerns. At this time, our priority is to offer privacy and support to our late Captain’s family.

    • Does Careem ensures life insurance or any support or they just issue condolence statements ?

      What happens after such terrible incidents take place? Does police ensures murderers are brought to justice?

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  • Umm.. I have a question. Why do we post this and say CAREEM driver murdered? When someone dies during robbery or mugging do we say abc bank’s sales officer murdered? or xyz company’s brand manager killed. It’s not like he was murdered for being a CAREEM driver.

  • May Allah have mercy on him and his family, Aameen.
    The culprit should be killed in front of the deceased family.

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