64% of Pakistanis Are Drinking Contaminated Water

About 64 percent people in Pakistan are consuming contaminated water, acknowledged the Ministry of Science and Technology.

According the Ministry documents submitted to the National Assembly, results of the water quality monitoring efforts of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) indicate that 69 to 85% collected samples of water were contaminated.

The Ministry further revealed that according to World Health Organization (WHO)/UNICEF report, only 36% of Pakistan’s population is using safe drinking water including 41% urban and 32% rural.

The Ministry further stated that the provision of safe drinking water falls within the purview of provincial governments after the 18th amendment to the Constitution. However, PCRWR, an R&D organization working under the Ministry of Science and Technology, will share its research findings regarding the water quality status in the country to provincial and local governments, Public Health Engineering Departments (PHEDs) and Water and Sanitation Agencies (WASA).

Federal Government has established 24 Water Quality Monitoring Laboratories all over the country. 

In response to a specific question, the Ministry stated that PCRWR has conducted water quality assessment of give areas (Akora Khattak, Khairabad, Nizampur, Labor Colony Amangar, and Nowshera Kalan) of Nowshera in collaboration with Public Health Engineering Department of the district.

Out of 22 samples collected, 20 were found contaminated with bacteria and only two were found safe.

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