DRAP Responds to Bribe Accusations By Pointing Fingers

Allegations in response to allegations. Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has responded to the allegations made by representatives of Pakistan Drug Lawyers Forum (PDLF) and Pakistan Young Pharmacist Association (PYPA). PDLF and PYPA accused the regulatory authority of making false promotions and illegal hiring.

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DRAP has rejected all claims of PDLF and PYPA and termed them baseless. DRAP further accused the representatives of both bodies that their allegations are nothing but attempts to halt the reforms process that is taking place at the authority.

Accusations Denied

DRAP explicitly dismissed all claims made by the mentioned associations. DRAP said that all rules and regulations were followed when new staff was hired. Furthermore, defending their position, DRAP said that recruitment process for assistant director’s post and all other posts is merit based.

“The process of recruitments last year was regarded as transparent, fair and totally on merit. It was appreciated by all including stake holders. The matter is more than a year old, and the grudge now seems to be due to the reason that these new appointees are working hard.”

DRAP told the media that facts are being twisted and the promotions that were authorized were approved by the relevant authorities are in line with the provisions issued by Establishment Division.

DRAP refused to comment on the case of the person who was impersonating a dead employee of DRAP and getting salary in his name. DRAP said that NAB sent the letter in that regard and not health ministry so they cannot make any comment about it.

DRAP’s Accusations

DRAP told the media that PDLF and PYPA reps are rustling up these allegations because they are partners with companies manufacturing illegal drugs and DRAP is taking action against them. DRAP further accused Dr Noor of PDLF that he has close ties with Chaudhry Usman, who owns such a company.

“DRAP has taken stern action against many such violators, and they are now misleading the media with their wrong and baseless accusations by twisting of facts,” DRAP representatives told the media.

Furthermore, these drugs and the formulae used to prepare them haven’t been authorized by any regulatory authority so their use could prove harmful.

Manufacture and sale of these unregistered drugs has also been reported by various professional bodies including Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association.

DRAP has accused Usman of manufacturing banned and unapproved drugs. DRAP claims that Usman’s company is manufacturing aphrodisiacs along with 13 other unregistered medicines.

More Accusations

More accusations are coming in the way of PDLF chief from the regulatory. DRAP claims that Dr Usman has abused his powers and used his status in the company for his own benefit.

The DRAP body said that PDLF chief’s strong connections with health ministry and some elements of DRAP are interfering with the proceedings going against him.

“Whenever action was taken by DRAP, ministry or agencies, against these elements, they attempt to pressurize officials for their vested interests so the cases against them can be withdrawn,” DRAP regulator told.

Via: Tribune

  • This whole lot of recently appointed Assistant Directors of DRAP is very competent, highly qualified with sound technical knowledge and most importantly not involved in any corrupt practices. Most of them are under 30. They have been appointed on merit and their recruitment test results are still available online and their merit can be verified. The issue is that they have replaced the already existing officers who were involved in malpractices and were working in the favour of corrupt mafia of the Pharmaceutical Industry. In the period of one year since their appointment they have transformed the whole working environment of the organization. It is a public service organization and anyone can visit and verify the actual situation by himself. I don’t know why we try to manipulate the facts. Shareefs, Zardaris or Niazis are temporary things but the country and its institutions are there to remain forever Insha Allah. If Shareef family is ruling the country then it does not mean that they own its institutions, in fact we all own them. They are our assets and our pride, we should trust them. Pakistan Zindabad

    • Agreed, I have had official dealing with a guy at Chief Executive’s office in connection with a problem , his attitude was so professional and polite that I was stunned that this is a government organisation! Wow!

      Pharmaceutical Industry is arising as a New Mafia as DRAP is hardening the rules and regulations, so these pressure tactics are being applied

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