Punjab Saaf Pani Company Executive Arrested Over Corruption Worth Millions

Punjab Saaf Pani Company (PSPC), a safe drinking water provider initiated by the Chief Minister of Punjab, was raided by the Anti-Corruption Establishment Punjab (ACEP) officials.

The officials arrested the acting project manager of the PSPC because as he was accused of corruption worth millions of rupees in the company’s several schemes to provide clean drinking water.

The Acting Project Manager of PSPC, Malik Waris, has been arrested on Tuesday. Other officials of the company also faced scrutiny and were interrogated by the ACEP officials. Official records of the company related to the company’s contracts, procurement data, and their appointments have also been confiscated for detailed examination.

An ACEP official responded that during the raid, they investigated the records of the Punjab Saaf Pani Company, and after detailed examination, the ACEP found that the records provided solid evidence against several other officials of the company.

Malik Waris was in his office, situated at MM Alam Road, when he was arrested. Reportedly, he pocketed millions of rupees which were allocated to the company as its general capital. Punjab Saaf Pani Company is one of the accused companies in the “Punjab company scandal” involving collective corruption worth around Rs 80 billion.

The PSPC company is expected to close after Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah’s confession. Sanaullah highlighted,

Delay in audit is due to auditor general and not because of Punjab government. Complaints were received regarding higher than original amounts by Punjab Saaf Pani Company and 22 people have been arrested in this regard.

Via Dunya

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