Hania Amir’s Harassment of Male Passenger on Flight Ignites Social Media

Hania Amir is a name known by all who watch movies and TV dramas. She has been making headlines due to her recent performances in Janaan and Na Maloom Afraad 2. But this time the showbiz celebrity is in the news cycle for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, she was on her way to a promotional event in Lahore. During her flight, Hania went online on Snapchat and made a video. To the horror of her fans and followers alike, her behavior during that video left all of them shocked.

In the video, Hania is seen harassing a male passenger who was sitting behind her. Every observer could see that the passenger was uncomfortable with the way Hania was harassing him as he tried to get out of her snap frame.

The snap had the caption ““This dude is struggling to get out of my photo,” which may have seemed as a harmless joke to her, but rather it has sparked a debate on harassment and all its forms yet again over social media.

A lot of people called her out on her behavior.


Hania’s Snapchat Video Proves to Be Uncomfortable

“Every time I try and take my photo, he’s, like, struggling to get out of it. Wait, let’s see!”, she says in her video.

She then tries to catch the passenger into the frame again, even though you can see he is rather uncomfortable during the whole episode.

The passenger tries to avert his eyes. Observing this reaction, Hania goes on to say, “Okay, I’m gonna wait. Come on, do it.” And right on cue, the man uneasily turns his gaze again.

Harassment is harassment regardless of the gender and social status of the person who is harassing.

The passenger who was trying to get out of the snap Hania was taking was doing so because he didn’t feel comfortable, invading his personal space in the process.

This snap has sparked a debate on harassment and most of the people are saying that if the gender roles would have been reversed this surely would a case of harassment.

Here is how people are reacting about Hania’s video over social media:


The debate between harassment rages on. Do you think Hania’s Snapchat video went too far?

  • Tum karo to sahi, ham karen toh.. kyu ghalat baat hy… :P

    • Matlab Tum Karo to HAQ
      Hum Kare to SHAK :p Wah

      • ZAB

        Haq ya Shak nahi.. Just a cheap publicity stunt so more people get to know her.

        • Fozia

          Well she could have danced or sang on plane, if she need publicly fame!

          • Already She Said : Life Main Freshness Ane Do :p

  • Kashif Iqbal

    where are you wahab???

    • Namaz Pharh Raha tha

      • Bilal

        Namaz parhte hue propakistani p comment krna jaiz nhi

  • Ehsan

    One must respect others privacy – she is clearly not respecting others privacy.
    No one should be photographed or recorded on video without their permission.

    • anonymous

      Because she is filthy ignorant bitch.

      • Fozia

        Peers! Cheers! A baffling awarded stunt. Fool girl

  • AbdulB1

    Kim of Pakistan….

  • usama mahmood

    Ab sharmeen obaid kahan hai?? door door tak nazar to nhi aye gi

    • Liberal

      Someone should make a documentary on desi feminist harassing good law abiding macho males.

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                • wajid s

                  I have saved this entire conversation. very nice interview

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                  • Ha NEXT Time Main Yahi Karoga

                    • Salman ahmed

                      Sarae larkae aur Larkia aajkal tharki ha.

  • Waqas

    show this to obaid chooony :D

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Such a hoe!

  • Hania who

  • Shariq Ansari

    Huqooq e mardaan bhi hony chahiyen

  • Ghessan

    the sad thing is that a man has to face consequences even in this male oriented society, if a women is being harassed and i think we should all raise the voice against harassment in general not in particular.

    • Critic

      If you are male and innocent and right and some bitccch harass you, then your own male society will work against you and you won’t get justice, yea m talking from personal experiences..

      • waleed khokhar


  • Ahsan Zafar

    Quircky sense of humour by Haania i’d say but the term harassment is being used so much these days as if it’s a fashion statement or something . Need to be careful not to push every minor act into that HARASSMENT cage.

  • If you look at her snaps and i have seen her snapchat videos i think she is thinking that she is the biggest star in pakistan so much of attitude no respect for others DUMP

    • Critic

      Don’t worry jo pagal isse shaadi karega eik din woh be kick out kardega is wench ko.

  • Bilal

    Reverse the gender it wont just be called harassment but sexual harassment and 5 other things dumb feminists come up with all the time

  • Critic

    Well she is liberal and got her so called education from liberal school, college & university, so wat do u expect. These jahil liberal fascist universities are producing jahils and militant liberal terrorist.

  • Wali Khan

    @MUsamaSiddiqui I agree with you “That passenger should file a complain under Cyber Laws.”

  • Irfan Ahmad Sial