A Major Reason Behind Lahore Smog Revealed by Belgian Researchers

Total dissent of climate change or gross negligence, what do we call it? Smog, rainfall shortage and perplexing changes in climate, when will we realize that it would be too late before we accept that climate change is real.

A mere acceptance of climate change won’t do any good, stern measures to restore the balance need to be taken.

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From what we are seeing it, doesn’t seem that we are going the right way. A study under the Land Cover Project led by Geomatics of Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) Belgium showed how quickly we are moving towards a treeless world.

In the last ten years in Lahore, the total tree cover went down by 75%. The study under the project did the change analysis at irregular intervals from 2007 to 2015.

The results were no less than a shock.

  • In 2007 tree cover in Lahore was 12,359 hectares
  • In 2012 it was 7,965 hectares
  • And in 2015 it hit the lowest value of 3,520 hectares

Instead of planting more trees we are cutting them down. The trend towards increase of urban area and deforestation has grown in Lahore, which is one the reasons why smog has spread so rapidly and is out of control.

By 2017, the tree cover is expected to have been reduced even further. Throughout Pakistan, all federal and provincial governments need to plant trees and ensure reduction in pollution. Only planting trees in one province would not be enough to improve the situation in the whole country.

Lifeless parched soil, chronic droughts and environmental pollution are some of the consequences of deforestation.

Drastic measures need to be taken to plant more trees. Moreover, we should take initiatives that promote a sustainable urban development so that we leave a better world for coming generations.

  • Miaan Saaab zindabaad..!!

  • Muhammad Kamran

    Koi dhamaky dar reason dhethy. Ye to bachy bachy ko pata hai.

    • Xahid

      lakin phir bhi fikar nahi hai!

      • Muhammad Usman Sarwar

        Same bayfikari is for Dams …

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        Hor Choopo

        Rather than making more trees and plants we r putting and okhaarring them daily basis which will ultimately giving these Ulimate Change

        All will be ok if plant more trees and must be Fast


      • right

  • Amir Shahid

    need to planting more tress otherwise day by situation out of control.

  • bablu

    Great job, DHAs, Bahria Towns and all that. Please cut the rest of the trees as well. We demand big barren lands and smog struck spacious mansions to live in.

  • Bahria Town, ASF, Green Bus, Metro Bus, Ground, Etc
    Ye Sub Tarraqi Nahi Zawal Hai Pakistan K Liye

  • Muhammad Umer

    From Childhood want these two Laws to implement.
    1. Every School must take Kids on a trip to plant a tree where it can be taken care by Government and Gov. should hire locals to take care the saplings.
    2. Every person who construct a Home/shop etc. must plant 10 trees/Marla.
    Researcher decides where trees are needed with Historical data according to Country overall and Big cities.

    • Desi Spyder

      LOL at 10 trees per Marla on new houses. Dude, grow up to reality.

      • Muhammad Umer

        Did i ever said that plant them on your concrete house read the last line DUDE!
        and can you tell me what is the reality you are growing up on?

  • Basit Mursaleen

    God bless all muslims.

  • zubairw

    Can you please share the source link. I have read the report last update in April 2017. Not only is Lahore i not mentioned specifically, no country is. It deals with large geographic regions. I think this is fake. Not saying urban cover has not gone done, but 75% seem too high to me and can’t find any evidence to support this article.

    • Bilal Majeed

      Yes it seem to be fake
      the maps show Lahore Walled City in tree covered area in 2007 :P
      Being a Lahori this is quite funny
      when did walled city had so much tree coverage??????

    • M. Hanif Chughtai

      Yes, at least somebody looks sane here.

  • qamar talat

    so reduction in trees caused smog in delhi
    very good analysis
    where is common sense
    with army?

    • lazers

      army ? but is this article related to army. I guess you are anti army sort of person :)

      • zubairw

        Well pro or anti army, this article is making a mockery of a real problem. The image above shows trees in Lahore airport over the runway almost. Its crazy. N the report mentioned has no refrence to lahore or Pakistan anywhere. Tree cover in Lahore has gone down and is a problem. But this is giving ammo to both side jiyalas and simply confusing a serious issue by turning it to political theater.

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  • Maha Khan

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    • Nasir

      koi bechara larka ho ga jisay ye data entry ki job mili hai, Star a.k.a fraud marketing ki taraf say.

  • TVI

    Can you kindly share the report link?

  • Daniyal Ahmed

    Apart from government led cutting of trees for transport projects, a lot have changed in the attitudes of people as well. In my own street, people have cemented the outside gardens alloted for plantation to park their second cars. And now more than 50 percent of our street homes have turned into concrete monsters with no space for trees or even grass.

  • akbar khan

    where is the source Aamer? looks like a hoax!

    This rumor started from PTI twitter trolls and was picked up by some papers. I have googled and other wise searched Université catholique de Louvain’s study on this and nothing is there on web beyond some noted youthias!!

  • M. Hanif Chughtai

    Non sense.
    The writer tried to give impression of being a technical hand and failed to give the reference of so called study. Showing few images can’t be called a study when Photoshop is order of the day.
    Was this smog only covering Lahore?
    Does the wind remains standstill in Lahore?
    Where this smog now, today on 17th November?
    Do all pollution spreading factors destroyed now?
    Where was this pollution a month ago? Were the Lahore trees destroyed during last one month?
    Why the whole east Punjab (Indian side) was covered with smog?
    Which Mian sahib is responsible for Indian side?
    لعنۃاللہ علی الکذبین

  • Brother very good article i appreciate you i have been working on environmental issue in Pakistan so please i request to all Pakistani please give me a positive hand in this campaign
    Mahmood Saleem
    Advocate High Court