Here Are the New Cars You Can Expect on Pakistani Roads in 2018

2018 is going to be exciting for Pakistan’s auto industry as many foreign investors and car makers have vowed to bring their top of the line vehicles to the local market. Pakistan revised its auto-policy back in 2016, which has attracted attention from some of the biggest names in the automobile world.


Many companies have already confirmed their plans for investing in Pakistan in the coming year, while others are in the process of acquiring the necessary approvals and local support.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the bag.


The first name that comes to mind is Renault. The French auto-manufacturing company, partnering with Al-Futtaim, formally announced to establish its assembly line in Pakistan in 2018. The vehicle we are expecting Renault to launch in Pakistan is the SUV “Duster”.

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Renault SUV Duster

Red Renault SUV Duster

Duster Interior

Duster has a 6-speed manual transmission. The vehicle, despite its 1460 cc engine, gives an amazing mileage of around 20 kms per litre.

Expected Price: Rs. 1.5 million to Rs 2.3 million


Kia Picanto was recently spotted on the motorway which has us thinking that the company will announce it officially soon. Apart from Kia Picanto, the following models are rumored to be launched in 2018.

Kia Rio 2018

Kia Rio 2018 is available as both a Sedan and a Hatchback. You can expect the car to cost around Rs. 2 million. The starting price on Kia is $13,900, the price may vary depending on the taxes.


Blue Sedan Kia Rio 2018


Red  Hatchback Kia Rio 2018


Kia Carnival 2018 (MPV)

Plenty of room in this one for everyone. The family vehicle is luxurious and has premium looks.

Expected price: Rs 4.5 Million

Black Kia Carnival 2018

Kia Carnival 2018 Interior

Kia Sportage 2018 (SUV)

Expect this one to cost around Rs 3.5 million.

Red Kia Sportage 2018

The interior looks amazing too.

Kia Sportage 2018 Interior


The South Korean automobile giant is expected to launch four new models in 2018 in Pakistan.

Hyundai Elantra

This sedan has a base engine of 147 hp and goes 0-60mph in 7.8 seconds. The car comes in both, 6-gear automatic and 6-gear manual transmission. Expect it to cost above Rs 2 million.

Blue Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra Interior

Hyundai Verna

The upgraded Verna model gives a mileage of 17.70kmpl to 15.92kmpl depending on the variant. It is expected to cost around Rs 1.5 million.

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Interior

Hyundai Tucson (Crossover)

The four-door automatic transmission Tucson runs 10-13 kmpl. The 1999 cc Hyndai Tuscon costs above Rs 3 million.

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson Interior

Hyundai Creta (Crossover)

Expect this one to cost around Rs 2 million. Creta comes in 9 different colors with automatic and manual transmission variants.


White Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta Interior

Local companies are also expected to launch some exciting models. Here are a few to mention:

Toyota Pakistan

Indus Motors is planning for a big summer. The company is expected to discontinue XLI and GLI models and replace them with shiny new models. Toyota will launch following models:

Toyota Fortuner-Diesel Variant

Fortuner has already hit the roads, Toyota will launch its diesel variant in 2018. You can get this for Rs 5.5 million.

Toyota Fortuner Diesel Variant

Toyota Fortuner Diesel Variant Interior Look

Toyota Vios or Toyota Yaris will replace XLI and GLI as per predicitons.

Toyota Vios

The 1300 cc car costs Rs 1.75 million, it is expected to be the replacement of XLI and GLI models.

Red Toyota Vios front and back

Toyota Vios Interior Look

Toyota Yaris

2018 Yaris is an upgrade to the Vitz model. This 1000 cc car will cost Rs 1.6 to 1.8 million approximately.


Orange Toyota 2018 Yaris

Toyota 2018 Yaris Interior


Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo

Honda will relaunch the 1.5L Turbo variant of Honda Civic. The launch was delayed as Honda accused local fuel of being substandard quality and causing engine knocking and sensor failure. This variant of Civic will cost around Rs 2.8 million.

White Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo

Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo Interior

Pak Suzuki

Pak Suzuki recently unveiled the 2018 mega carry for the local market, directly competing against Hyundai Shehzore. The vehicle costs Rs 1.5 million.

2018 Suzuki Mega Carry2018 Suzuki Mega Carry

Suzuki is also expected to launch 150 cc bikes in an attempt to gain a bigger share of bike market, details are yet to unveiled. The bike will cost somewhere around Rs. 150,000.

Road Prince

Apart from these companies, Road Prince will partner with Chinese company DFSK to launch 3 Completely Built Unit Vehicles.


Expected price: Rs. 600,000-800,000


DFSK Van Pasajeros V

Expected Price: Rs 1.5 Million

White DFSK Van Pasajeros V


White DFSK K05

Volkswagen and Sazgar

Sazgar Engineering will team up with with a Chinese auto manufacturer to assemble cars in Pakistan. Representatives of Volkswagen, one of the biggest car companies in the world, also met with PM Pakistan and showed great interest in investing in Pakistan. Volkswagen previously announced that they will launch T6 & Amarok cars in Pakistan soon.


This four-wheel-drive six-gear automatic transmission pickup truck is surely something to look at. The truck will cost Rs 4-5 million.


Blue Amarok

Amarok Interior

Volkswagen T6

Volkswagen T6 passenger van is best for you if you are planning a trip north with family. International price of the van ranges from Rs 3.8 million to Rs  4.8 million.

Volkswagen T6

Volkswagen T6 Interior

Sound off in the comments section and let us know which one do you like the best.


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  • No polo, eon, kwid, etc. these cars are the basic expectation of a common Pakistani like me. What’s the point of these companies entering Pakistan and catering only to the rich.

  • Not sure if i missed anything but …

    all i see is DELUXE cars, these are EXPENSIVE cars … ANYTHING after 1.5 million is considered EXPENSIVE ! these are dangling on the periphery of the luxury category, at least by price if not by quality.

    where’s the cheaply priced hatchback or the optimally economical sedan ?

    where are the options which “offer more for less” ?

    more importantly,

    where are the AFFORDABLE automotives ?

    it’s ironic, the Auto Policy 2016 ( or whatever it’s called ) was designed, structured and bought into being for answering the above mentioned questions and NONE of the cars you mention take into account any of them !

    this is not worth it, if all these companies are going to do is to MILK Pakistan for money WITHOUT offering any feasible and most importantly, reachable and affordable alternatives to the public, then i’d rather not see them make an entry at all !

    since they will be doing what the infamous trio of toyota-honda-suzuki have been doing !

    i wrote an equally detailed debate/discussion on a pertinent article on this website a month or two ago, where i outlined that if these newcomers want to achieve ANYTHING in Pakistan, they WILL have to offer something affordable and within the reach of more people.

    something which challenges abominations like the archaic Mehran or the outrageous influx of ‘tin box’ vehicles costing an upwards of 1 million PKR !

    simply put, for the new entrants to gain traction in the local market, they’ll have to offer something that ATLEAST matches the price of Mehran but offers better features, better mileage, better road safety, better economy and so on !

    if it’s cheaper than mehran, than all the more ASTRONOMICAL advantage to them !

    we need an influx of new cars in the BUDGET CATEGORY(which is absent in the country as of this moment) of Passenger Vehicles !

    P.S : for the imbeciles, i’ll clear up the confusion as follows;

    750,000 PKR is NOT a budget price, it’s LOWER MID RANGE. correct your jumpy stance on that !

  • No one is taking about Market mafia as known as dealers. honestly i didn’t expect too much. If these giants came to Pakistan and build their industry and manufacture cars here in Pakistan then there is hope for Pakistani people to Buy these car, suvs even carriers

  • All Cars prices are above one million .Normal middle class needs a reasonable car with latest features in reason able price less then one million .In this scenario these brands break monopoly of OLD Japanese companies.Otherwise they are all flop in the market.
    Because they already sell all theses brands in INDIA on cheapest prices. But when they will enter in Pakistani Market they will raise their prices.WHY .????

  • Renault SUV Duster ….. is ugly …… its 2018 for god sake

    Kia Rio 2018 around Rs. 2 million. did not you see whats happening with suzuki ciaz.
    Kia Carnival 2018 (MPV) Rs 4.5 Million this is insane
    Kia Sportage 2018 (SUV) Rs 3.5 million. kia go home

    Hyundai Elantra 0-60mph in 7.8 seconds. 2.0 million. …. best shot
    Hyundai Verna 17.70kmpl to 15.92kmpl Rs 1.5 million. 1.5 million……. best shot
    Hyundai Tucson The 1999 cc Rs 3 million. make sense
    Hyundai Creta around Rs 2 million. is ok
    overall hyundai is good to go if prices are so , it very good to go.

    toyota vios 1.75 million is ok
    toyota yaris 1.6 to 1.8 million is ok

    no comments on road prince , let him grow

    volkswagen T6 3.8 to 4.8 million is a flop
    volkswagen amarok 4 to 5 million is a flop
    volkswagen go home

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  • propakistani is full of spam. 2018 going to end and none of above cars yet in Pakistan. Now you re-post same post by just changing data and guide your users new upcoming cars in 2019. LOL

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