We Have Lost it!

I usually don’t comment on political and law and order situations — mainly because I don’t feel qualified for it — but today I am compelled to pen down my thoughts on today’s operation against Dharna at Faizabad Interchange.

First thing first, I am against blocking the Faizabad interchange — that literally put the lives of million plus individuals in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi on a standstill.

I can imagine the hassle Pindiwaals go through while commuting because I am one of such sufferers. Not that I am complaining for myself, but I know a lot of people who are frustrated about the traffic jams and the effort they have to make to make it to their offices and work places.

Now getting back to government’s decision of launching an operation against the protesters — with out figuring out the severity of the situation.

They should have understood that protesters are not part of a PTI rally or the disgruntled young doctors or teachers that could be stormed out and sent back homes.

Those who are sitting in Faizabad are lovers of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and few thousand police men and Rangers or even the Pakistan Army can’t move their beliefs by an inch.

Government should have understood that attacking Dharna will mean that they will be taking on the individuals who are ready to die. It should have understood that they are not dealing with every-day mob that could be disbursed through few thousand police men or several thousands of tear gas shells.

What government should really have done was to investigate the root cause of the Dharna and that is to come up with the name of responsibles who were behind the amendments in the finality of Prophethood.

Government should understand that this is not the Panama case or the PTI dharna where they can blatantly lie infront of the nation and no one will bother.

Government should understand that they just can not deviate from the core issue as this is a Muslim country and the nation is demanding a name who tried to amend the sections relating to the finality of Prophethood.

I understand that the amendments have been reversed, but who changed them in the first place?

Why government can’t just name the man? or the woman who did it?

This is what Dharna people are asking for and this is the only demand they have.

What the government has done today is actually going to spark nation-wide protests. And now every road of the country will be on the edge of getting of blocked.

Government just can’t win this war with the protesters. There are people who have tried this before and failed. Government should re-gather its senses and think again about solving the situation by not deviating from the core demand.

Even if they somehow evacuate Faizabad, the move will only block countless other interchanges and roads in the country.

I will say, it’s still not late. Name the man who triggered the amendments and that will be it.

It is unfortunate how this entire thing has gotten to this situation.

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Some more points:

  • Amendments in finality of Prophet-hood were wrong. Even if they are reversed, the nation is asking for a name who recommended the changes.
  • Investigation that high-ups of government promised and conducted was never made public.
  • Protesters should not have blocked the Faizabad interchange, but did they have any other option for getting heard?
  • Zahid Hamid’s resignation won’t do anything, unless he is indeed the key person behind the amendment
  • Protesters won’t need a leader, they will come out of homes without leadership to make a single-point demand
  • Allama Khadim Rizvi is no one. It is pointless to see the man as the center point of dharna.
  • Those who think that non-practicing Muslims of today will also bear the consequences of amendments in finality of Prophet-hood are grossly mistaken.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Sub jis clerical mistake k Clerk ka naam pooch rahay hain tou us kanjar ka naam hai “Nawaz Sharif” wohi hai is saray fasaad ki jar warna Zahid Hamid jaisay bhaaray k tatu itni jurat nahi kar saktay. Aik dafa sub lanaat bhejien Nawaz aur uskay hawariyon pe.

      • I salute Ammir Atta for having double standards here, a writing in the name of Prophet (PBUH) and then letting people like you use such a language just below it.

        This will be completely useless to show you the mirror but for the rest of readers…

        Did Nawaz Sharif wrote the bill?
        Was Nawaz the one who approved the bill in parliament ?

        One can have differences with Nawaz Sharif but don’t use religion just because of politically have affiliation with some parties who are against him personally and on political grounds. Have some shame.

    • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b32c4e466bc04169609dd9a388685c9fafd70621a781e1572116e72401d9e03.jpg

      I invite you all to see point number (i) of actual law and point number (iii) of bill approved in October.

      Let everyone do some research instead of showing their love for Prophet (PBUH) by abusing government and parliament to see if there was any change or not.

      I see that even in the bill approved in October the finality of Prophet-hood clause was intact.

      The only change I see is changing the wording from “solemnly swear” to “declare”.

      For Aamir,
      Should do our best not to use religion for political gains, mind making…need to question ourselves if we are like those leaders out there…

  • All dharnas against Noon govt were orchestrated by our shameless military establishment
    Kabhi 4 halqay kabhi Model town aur ab Khatm e Nabuwat

      • What was the amendment made?
        Please let me know.
        Khatm e Nabuwat k liye constituion ma hona lazmi hai ya dil o zuban per hona?
        Constituion Quran sy pehle aya tha to shayed Quran ma likha nhi gaya k ye chez constitution ma honi chahye.

      • you cannot let a patwari think logical.. they utter what they are told a real brainless bunch of human beings.

      • 1st do you even know from where was it removed?

        When Constitution states that all laws are to conform with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Quran and Sunnah what is left after that ?

    • How do you know that it was the military? Any proof? Or are you just going to say “ye sab yahoodi agent hain”??

      • First read history of Pakistan, know spelling of establishment, their role in making of parties/leaders and breaking of Pakistan. After that you won’t debate on this.

        For a reference read first read about Kargil in 1984, truth hidden from people of Pakistan.

    • Chutiyo! Tum log pehle panga letay hi Q ho k tumhare itne azeem leader k khilaf military or yahoodiyon ko itni bari bari sazishein krne ki zarurat paray?

    • Why can’t govt name those guys who are responsible for amendment? And regarding dharna why govt allowed it in first place? These guys are shameless who killed people in model town. they killed on gt road a poor guys son

      • Lets do some more calculation too? Hang those who sent Pukhtoons for Afghan war on orders of USA, thousands of them got killed there, then Pukhtoons were killed in FATA, Swat, . Count Balochis killed in Balochistan, Bengalis killed in East Pakistan ?

    • But 1% of Pakistanis know or realize this.

      They don’t know they are puppet in the hands of military establishment and still dying in their love. 82% at least :)

    • Yes, Because Noon league is so incompetent that they just can’t get of trouble. They keep finding themselves digging holes for themselves.

      And as for you, Your DP tells ALL about you. Bloody Noon league chichoras!

  • And what exactly do you propose the mob does after the name has been released? The guy will most likely be killed in the name of religion. This is not what the entire nation wants, only a few individuals tho are always lurking in the shadows looking for an excuse to cause unrest. I think the one who has lost it is you unfortunatunely.

      • Nope. There was public outcry when the amendment first came to light, following which the error has already been rectified. Case closed.

          • Did what exactly? It was a clerical error. Which has been taken care of. Don’t use this to push whatever agenda you have.

            • Whenever your act or attempt goes foul or backfires/flops, the easiest escape/exit is to call your action a joke and say “I was kidding” or “clerical error”

            • Wow.. So you mean it’s possible to pass a bill from the National Assembly with such a dire clerical error
              You being born probably was a clinical error

              • Resorting to personal insults. It’s hilarious people like you are out to defend our religion. The only thing our religion needs to be defended from is ignorance like this.

                • We are what we are and can defend our religion and country and do not need pseudo intellectuals like you.

              • It is most certainly possible to do that. In fact, such events have even occurred in US Congress. They have passed bills and later found out someone had inserted some lines in there between time of debate and time of voting.

            • If someone steals your car and return it a month later
              Does that mean he should not be punished for what he did.
              Taking the ammendment back was the 1st step.
              Finding out who did is the 2nd step
              Punishing him. According to the law is the 3rd step
              And making sure shit like this does not happen again is the final step

              • Agree with you on all points. However there is a proper way to achieve all this. Blocking roads and partaking in vandalism is not it. Also, with how blood crazed this group is, not sure we’ll be able to acheive the third point. These hot blooded people have a tendency of thinking of themselves as judge jury and executioners.

                • What other option did they have or what other choice did the government left them
                  I am against our national properties vandalism like the ones we have seen when there were blasphemous cartoons from around the world and our public was burning buses and offices and restaurants here of their Muslim brothers worth billions
                  But if our own government does something wrong and they are not doing everything they possibly can to rectify the situation keeping the public sentiments in sight
                  This is what’s bound to happen
                  And it’s gonna get a lot worse for the government in a matter of days if not hours

              • PUNISH PUNISH PUNISH

                You keep saying that.

                But according to law and based on the wording change you don’t even know what punishment there is.

                Secondly, why are you waiting for name to be revealed? Go file case against Ministry in Supreme Court. What is stopping you?

                • Punish by hanging all those who approved the bill in parliament.

                  Give pieces of their bodies to all those “Ashiq-a-rasools” so they can claim a ticket to jannah based on how much love they show for Prophet (PBUH).

                  They do all in their lives which is totally against sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) and still claim to be “ashiq-a-rasool”.

                  • > Punish by hanging all those who approved the bill in parliament.

                    Wow, do you know it passed in parliament by a majority of votes? So most MNA are to be hanged? WOW SUCH SANITY FROM YOU. Oh wait, you never were sane.

              • Khan,

                Can you compare stealing with the omission in the bill which whole parliament approved? Have some common sense ?

            • Ptwari bhai, aesi clerical mistake ho ni skti… Ye koi spelling key ghlti ni thi na word key…. Pr ptwari ko kahan smjh itni … Shairrrrrr.. I mean, janwarrrrrr

            • mate these things are not clerical mistakes. You are talking about amendment. There is draft created and verified by the law Minsiter. how can you say it was clerical mistake?

            • You are a pure fool or an asshole. Such a grave clerical error due to which any hindu or qadiani or jew can also become the PM of Pakistan. Lanat ho tum pe

          • Once you find out who did it what will you do?

            #1 Go to his house and kill him?

            #2 Go to police and file FIR?

            #3 Go to IHC and petition for hearing?

            What will you do?

            If you want to do #2 or #3, you could have done it three weeks ago. What stopped you?

            • Thats just your trade mark style of jumping to worst conclusions. Everyone knows Zahid Hamid as law minister is an accomplice – if not the architect. What happened to him so far? Thats answer to your #1. No one wants blood of a libturd on their hands – mind you that. Its as disgusting as swine’s blood for a Muslim.
              The protesters have seen govt following the law (hahaha) in Nawaz family case. They are not going to register FIR against ‘unknown’ people (only option right now) and certainly not going to courts directly because they will refer that back to police or area magistrate to inquire and ascertain facts about role of parliament in the complaint.
              Govt dragged its feet in ample and immediate redressal of the potentially chaotic issue – thereby creating a vaccum. Agenda molvees filled the vaccum as always. Why is it crying now through its behind?
              We are a farcical circus in the garb of a country. Govt was looking towards judiciary and army. Military weighed in and said they would follow govt orders. Court thought it was green signal and ordered govt to disperse protestors. Govt became law abiding institution all of a sudden, deceiving itself that it had green signal from army and started iron clad ammunition laden operation. Things obviously snowballed into bloodbath. Military refused to take over Islamabad because that only meant confronting protestors face to face. And we are back to square one. Everyone is busy playing their games. We dont need any international conspiracy to make things funny. They already are.
              btw, instead of fighting it out over the internet, why dont you go out to support policemen? We did, in our area, yesterday, throughout the day. In fact, some policemen joined protestors’ procession and they were pacified to an extent that nobody burned anything or attacked anyone. Thats how it should have been dealt with.

              • Dude don’t waste ur time in replying to random libtards. Nobody gives him any importance or attention, he just talks to himself, that’s the case in his real life as well. Oopes kahin trigger na kar de Shahid Saleem hahaha wat a loser.

        • So this is exactly what government is trying to do. Teeming the case as closed after it was reversed. Protestors are asking who made the amendments, it just can’t be undone like this.

          • Then they are going about it the wrong way. Coming out of the roads crying for blood and inconveniencing everyone is neither Islam nor democracy.

            • This is the part of islam Kal Jab 5 Saal Ki Bachi Ko MA JINNAH Road Pe Kuchal Diya tab Public Ne DONO Gari Q Jalayi Ye ISLAM Tha ???

              Wo Jate Court Main Case Karte :

              Kuch Faisle Hum Ne Khud Karne HOte hai : Aur Wahi Akhri Rasta hai

              Govt Ka BUS Chale to QADYAANI ko Jaiz Qarra De De (Jo Diya Tha) Tab Q Khamosh the Ap Apne Koi FIR Q Nhai Katwai Is Order Par :

              Agar Sath Nahi De Sakte to Kam Az KAM Dua De Do :

              Mar Kar QAYAMAT Main Kiya Muh Dekhaoge Jaan Pyari thi ISLAM Nahi

              Mahfoom hai : Jab tak Apne JAN O MAAL Se Ziada Mujhy (NABI) Ko Aziz Na Samjho ge tab tak eman mukammal nahi hoga…….

              • Tmhara emaan sirf is issue pr depend krta he? Tmhe idea he dunya me musalmano k sath kia kia ho raha he? Nabi SAW se mohabbat he to pehle sunnat to follow kro sari. Pehle apna ghar sanwaro phir mulk sanwarne ka sochna. Kehte hain na jese qom wese hi un k humakran bhi hote hain.

                    • sahi kha .. Pakistan Azad mulk hai. aur hr kisi ko apni bat agy bolny ka pora pora haq hai
                      Aur name kya kro .. Mardalo gay Nabi kay Name phr ???

                  • And what about protesters burning cars, throwing stones at children, stopping ambulances for three weeks? In what way was any of that about being Islamic?

                • O Mr Taha u r either a fool or a super dheet. The issue here is not ke kon kitna Ashiq e Rasool SAW hai. The amendment in constitution by this filthy govt was against the basic ideology of Pakistan so that anyone can become the PM etc in this country may it be a qadiani, or a hindu or a jew. Try some brain if at all u have some

                  • oh u idiot the amendment was not only approved by GOV, whole of National Assembly passed it, including the opposition, if i am wrong why arent they raising any voice against GOV and why dont they participate in the sitting as well

            • Ye sB inki ghltiyan nh ye in k parents ki ghlti h jinhO’ne DUNYA ki TALEEM pe fOcus kiaa bss R QURAN R ISLAM se dOur rkha bs pdha dia ta’a k ESAAL’E’ESAWAB k lie pdh k baksh ske un k mrne k bd, aGR aj thk se QURAN R ISLAM kO smjhe hOty To is trH ki SENSLESS btei’n nh bOlre hOty..

              In lOGO’n k lie bss Dunya he sB kuch hO k reh gya h DUNYA R PAISA R STATUS bQii jae chulhe m..

              BHai Jan @@AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus SahaB ne itni achi sharing ki usKo pdhne k bd B is trH kii fuooliat bakre hO tO bs ALLAH he hidayat de skty h ap jaisn kO R aGR Hidayat ap jasin kii qismat m nh h tO bss bqii aaGe ap B smjhdaar hO..

              ISLAM hmei’n Plate m rkh k nh mila is k lie NABI (PBUH), UNKI FAMILY R SAHABA (RA) ne jtnii qurbaniya’n R taqlifei’n shii h naa uska tm andaza B nh lGa skty mre Bhaii..

              Ye tO kuch B nh hm kYa hmrii purii nasal B QURBAN ISLAM pe R KHATAM’E’NABUWAT pe..

            • Protesters did nothing, they were sitting there and blocked the road to gain some attentions, not to punish the culprit but to get his resignation. They had one demand if zahid hamid did this then he should resign otherwise disclose the name who offered this shameful ammendment. Don’t say “a clerical mistake”, i know how many times we proof read an official order, and this was a “bill”, it can never be a clerical mistake.
              Now the protest is spreading across the country so govt shouldn’t be “blood crazed”

                  • And yet, that is exactly what protestors said they wanted before Saturday. As if resignation is required for difference between “I solemnly swear” and “I solemnly affirm”.

                    As if any of the protestors even know the difference between “swear” and “affirm”. Both words are used in courts TODAY all over the world and have no practical difference.

                    I challege superpatriot Pindi boi Admin to tell me the difference between “I swear” and “I affirm”. He can’t.

                    • Lol. Don’t misguide please. It was not all about “i swear and i affrim” but they had also omitted sections 7B and 7C of general elections act which relates to the status of Ahmedis.
                      Section 7B says that the status of Ahmedis remains as stated in the Constitution of Pakistan whereas according to 7C, Ahmedis will be non muslim, they will have separate voter’s list and they will not join the voter list with Muslims.

                    • You are absolutely 100% spreading FALSE INFORMATION.

                      Read article title “Reign of terror” on thenews web site by author Babar Sattar. He has screenshots of before and after pictures of the form.

                      You are WRONG. Secondly, 7B and 7C were added by Musharraf only 15 years ago.

                    • Lol. Yes, Musharaf added section 7b and 7c to clear the status of Ahmedis in general election and it was a permanent part of the conduct of general elections rules for 15 years until govt did the recent bullshit exclusion.
                      Read babar sattar’s article carefully. If you don’t understand tell us, we’ll try to help. But please don’t share babar sattar’s views and thinkings. We can’t argue about his personal opinions

                    • Where did i mention that these sections (7b and 7c) were not introduced by Musharaf?
                      Does it mean that PML(N) will omit his good things too?

                    • You forget that no law passed by National Assembly can override Constitution. No matter what law is passed or what is added or omitted, nothing can change fact that status of Ahmadis is written in Consitution.

                    • Lol passing a bill is not override. 2/3 majority of the National assembly followed by senate can pass any bill and that bill becomes a part of Constitution. 7b states that the status of Ahmedis remains as stated in the Constitution of Pakistan. So their status is not changed.

            • Asking someone to resign is not crying for blood. Designation is equal to blood for N-league. Peolple resign all over the world when they found guilty.

            • You are right but I don’t think he will get ban bcoz who is gonna ban these liberal fascist, they are roaming freely.

            • tumhara barra emaan strong hai, karachi main bus walay ne bachi ko qatal krdia to bus jalany walon ki himayat main tum kehty ho k ye jaiz hai, ye hai tumhara emaan, sharam kro

          • Aamir, must appreciate your effort and special interest (i know which is very natural being an unbiased human being). Almost all aspects and facts have been brought up very well on how to handle this issue. But thing is.. this CORRUPT govt and censorship aimed at making this MODEL TOWN 2 event will result in cutting its own roots.

            Well done article!

            • +1 I also agree with u on this abt Aamir bhi. Nice work BRAVO!!! Every Pakistani blogger should follow wat Aamir bhi did, irrespective of sect or province. Even those liberal brandsynario gals should do the same thing as Aamir bhi.

            • I agree with u nice post. My comment was deleted so I m posting again, it was deleted bcoz I said that other bloggers should do it as well and I took name of other blog so they del my comment.

          • What was the amendment?
            Could you please let us know the amendment made in the law.
            Can you read out for us?
            As we all know you are PTI supporter.. you forget your cousins from PAT who die whatever that canadian guy say to them.
            All these things are for purpose and you mention that Army cant do anything?
            Yeah they will not do as they love Army and Army loves them atleast from 1980 I guess or may be before.
            You only wrote an article to blame government just because you were told or maybe your love with PTI.
            Come and debate and I will prove your article is totally wrong with no sense.

          • Aamir bhi you are such a nice guy that u made this post but why didn’t u talked abt that zionist hollywood pedophile Harvey Weinstein scandal. American bloggers and sites themselves talked abt it so why other countries bloggers are afraid to talk abt this?

          • Aamir,

            I invite you to see point number (i) of actual bill and point number (iii) of bill approved in October. Then let everyone know if there was any change or no change in the finality of prophethood clause.

            The only change I see is changing the wording from “solemnly swear” to “declare”.

          • I invite you all to see point number (i) of actual law and point number (iii) of bill approved in October.

            Let everyone do some research instead of showing their love for Prophet (PBUH) by abusing government and parliament to see if there was any change or not.

    • Exactly, first thing I thought was if the name is released, then that person is at the mercy of these individuals and sooner or later anything could happen to him.

      There are so many wrongs and rights associated with this so called dharna but it will just trigger people more. I don’t remember my deen being this much bloody and hurtful for a common man.

      • Don’t worry no matter who he is, is of immense power and powerful people don’t get lynch here in sarak kinare. So wat happened with Saddam and Gaddafi that was “HALAL:” bcoz WEST was after them but if something happens to the guy who made amendments in the bill, he roam freely, nothing will happen bcoz western media is not doing propaganda against that guy. If west is against some1, only then go after him, right?

    • Absolutely.. these protesters should be happy that the law has been reversed – why do they need the name? to take a life in the name of religion? amazed at the bholapan of the author.

      • So what? Mera khyal hai aise bnday ko maar hi dena chahye jis ne bila waja “Ungli” kr k puray mulk ko be sakoon ker dia.

        Zara socho us ko kia takleef thi aik aise sensitive issue ko dobara cherne ki jo kayi saal pehle settle ho chuka tha.

        Iss amendment se kia faida hasil krna chahtay thay ye log?

        • They did it intentionally on purpose with an ill intent. TBH personally I think there is no “One Person” behind it, its actually whole lobbies are behind it.

    • Umm you are a certified pessimist. And please stop posting comments like these to get attention, #AbdulWahab No.2

  • Much appreciated for standing out on this issue. Unfortunately, some of our tv channels are portraying it as a mistake of Dharna people.

  • Governtment Maar Chuki hai Ye Wahi Door Start Howa hai
    Jab 1950 Se 1974 tak QADYAANI MAZHAB Azad tha : Tab Kitni Zaida Taklefe Aur Jane Gayi
    Aj Wahi Maqam Hukumat Kar Rahi hai
    SHAAME PML N Governemtn SHAAME..

      • +1 but that will apply to every sect bcoz in ISLAM there are no sects, only MUSLIM. Shia katmal, deobandi, brelvi and any other all will become religion. TBH all these sects are based on political movements which started after Britishers invaded subcontinent. All these sects are couple of centuries old except Shia katmal, which is there since a thousand year as it was created by yemini yahoodi “ibne saba” All the things I said are historical facts and anyone can research them. I’m not telling anything new here.

  • Jazak’ Allah Amir bhai. What a joke it is that govt is doing the operations against the Faizabad dharna in the name of court orders, while the same people ridicule court for kicking our corrupt NS. They are hypocrites and criminals and may they be punished by Aazab of Allah in this world and hereafter

  • Writer is demanding what can bring peace in Pakistan…non leauge should feel shame now and end up..non leage should bring the man behind this shameful act now otherweise non-league has no future

    • PLM N E Mumtaz Qadri Ko Phansi Tab Khamosh they Ab Khatm E Nabuwat Ko Uchala Hai Ab Khamosh Nahi Baithenge
      Ab Bohat Howa : Ek He Govt Ne Do Bohat Bare FASAAD Kiye

      • PML(N) kii barbaadii he MUMTAZ QADRI k bd se strt hwi h bt ye LOTTY smjhne se qaasir h..
        Inka haal tO itna buRa hOGA naa k puRii dunya dekheGi..
        Zaleel’O’Khuwar hO k reh jaenGe ye aese k khn B mun chupane k qaaBil nh rahenGe..

        • Ap ko haq samjh aya hai? Agar samjna hai tou abu yahya ko parhain. Stories tou bohat sari hai.. Asal cheez haq hai. khatm e nabowat har muslman ka iman hai.. Mera bhi hai.. Lakin stories say kaam nahin chalay ga. Practical hona chahiyeh.. government nay wapis lay liya ammendent ab kia karna cha rahay hain dharna waley.. sirf sasti shourat chahiyeh in ko

          • U Mean (RapeKro then SORRY Karo) Hai Na ??
            No Saza No Law No According to Islam Rules No Anythings ?
            Ye Gairat Hai Musaman Ka Q Amendment Howa Khatme Nabuwat
            Srif Kehna Asan Hai : Do Something Zarori hai
            Agar Sath Nahi De Sakte to DUA He De Do Apko Ya Kisi Ko Bhi HAQ Nahi Kisi Bhi Ullama K Against Bolna :
            WO Jane ALLAH Aur Us K Rasool Jane Hum Sath Aur DUA De Sakte hai :

            • Khatm e nabowat law ko molvioun nay apney maqsid kay liyeh istimal kia. Rape karna aik insan ka bohat barha gunah hai. Agar amendment ki thi tou wapis bhi li or maafi bhi mangi. Allah maaf kar deyta hai Insan nahin..

              Agar government ap ko nimaz ka huqm dey rahi hai tou dharna karna jaiz nahin hai.

              Khatm e nabowat aziz hai lakin yeh sab galat tariqa hai.. galioun wala molvi ko sharm aani chahiyeh.. who hi culprit hai.

              • If someone steals your car and return it a month later
                Does that mean he should not be punished for what he did.
                Taking the ammendment back was the 1st step.
                Finding out who did is the 2nd step
                Punishing him. According to the law is the 3rd step
                And making sure shit like this does not happen again is the final step
                Thanks @disqus_otNE35fmge:disqus

                • then go and register a case in supreme court and act according to law. I hate PMLN but at this moment, government is right.

                  Molivism should be banned in Pakistan once and for all. All molvis should be arrested and they should be prosecuted for treason and baiting people for their own agendas.

                  First step is to arrest rizvi and all the hate sprewing molvis right now
                  Register a case of incitment and hatred and prosecute them accordingly
                  Put them in jail and let them rot there.
                  Register a case of murdered policemen against them and hang them by tomorrow!

                  • According to u all molvies r spreading hate and u r spreadi g love and peace? Ur dream will never come true.

                    • yes I am spreading love. In fact the common citizen always want peace unlike hateful molvis. This is not a dream. This will happen eventually. Every single molvi and zaakir should be banned and they should be prosecuted. Every religious figure should be hanged. Enough blood shedding in the name of Islam. People like you incite hatred for other sects. Molvis and their chamchas like you will never want peace to prevail in this country.

                      Rizvi and other rotten apples are a blot on the face of Islam. They should be hanged!

                    • Ur love(venom) is visible from ur words. Its not ur fault, ur hole breed is cursed and thinks that we could reach on moon if the molvies had not caught our trousers. Rubish.

                    • Thank you for proving my point right. Your choice of words and giving gali to me shows that people like you are munafiq only. muslims never use foul language. But you proved that your molvi rizvi and yourself will resort to foul language whenever you don’t have any point or can’t prove your stance.

                      You also proved that your love of molvis has nothing to do with Islam or Khatm e nabowat. You people are the ones who made Qadianis into what they are today. Had you given them tableeq and treated them with respect and love, all qadianis would have become muslims.

                      Woe to your molvis and their cohorts

                    • First of all i do not own khadim rizvi. Ur stupid comments r reason u got awnser. But i am sure u will not understand because u r molvi phobic. Btw when and where i abused u?

                    • Nothing stupid about obeying law and going to courts. After all we went to court and got Nawaz Sharif removed. If we can remove prime minister, who are you to think you cannot find culprit being current problem?

                    • Alhamdulillah, I gave love to a Qadiani and told him about the facts with respect. He understood and said Shahdah and confirmed that he now believes in the finality of Prophet peace be upon him. There are many many converts in the midst of hatred storm that people like you brew.

                      Insensible as you seem, your emotions can only feel hatred and disgust. Try coming out of the molvi induced sleep and see the real Islam. What you and your inglorious molvis are doing are actually harming Islam so much that people like Abu Yahya and others have trouble cleaning up.

                    • None of the Muslim sects hate Bukhari but you do. Are you a Muslim at all? You must have no posterity in your own pedigree. No wonder you ask
                      others to be respectful but shamelessly called bukhari ignorant.
                      Amazingly, his name and work stayed for centuries. A random nobody like you does not get to challenge him.

                      Name the qadiani you converted to Islam. Proof, or it didnt happen. Ahmedi chameleons and their cronies are not new for me. They make tall claims, and run away like typical trolls once confronted. If there are “many many” Ahmedis who converted to Islam, why dont we see them? Who are they hiding from? Unbeknown to you, Qadiyanis are Mirza’s cult (lookup its meaning). Remove the Mirza from their narrative and they lose their identity. They have nothing to do with any religion whatsoever let alone Islam.
                      Ahmedis say shahadah like Muslims do. Then they involve Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and thats where they become non Muslims. Why did you leave your sentence incomplete btw? “Prophet peace be upon him” who? Why couldnt you say prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?
                      Anyway, which arguments did you use to convert an Ahmedi to Islam? Write them down for me, so I may use them in future.
                      As far as contemporary molvees are concerned, I dont follow them. So stop being judgemental. Pakistan is stuck between liberal fascists like you, and religious zealots like contemporary molvees. I cant emphasize that enough.

                  • What an inbred putrid otter you are. Things like you know squaaat about laws. You cant arrest and hang anyone without investigation trial. We are indeed stuck between libturd fascists and religious zealots.

  • Khatm E Nabowat Bhi Uthna Zarori hai Jaise EK ALLAH Ko EK Manna :
    Not Allowed Another :
    Akhir Q Amendment Howa (Ye Musalman Nahi Ho Sakte Aisa Karne Wale)
    Qalam Kaise Chal Sakta hai Us Amendment Letter Pe : (Yahi Sub Se BARA Gustakhi hai HUZOOR Ki Shan Main)

    • @AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus $$$ k aaGe in jase PATWARIO’N k sB kuch chl jaaty h, inka bs chle to ys apnii MAA BEHEN B de den $$$ mile tO……

      Saare POLITICAL PARTY 1 jaisii he h..

      IMRAN KHAN ne itna lmBa DHARNA de k betha hwa tha us wQt nh kiaa ye OPERATION R naa he kOii ORDER aya COURT kaa Q k us m MAA BEHEN jO NEELAM hORii thii is m aGya Q k $$$ mile h tO jsne die h uskii trf se pressure B araa h k $$$ B le liye R km B nh kia R ye Rush B lGa diaa..

      SB paiseO’n kaa game h R kuch nh..

      MULLA DIESEL, MARCH WALI PARTY sB khaamOsh PUJARI bn k bethen h, ksii m itnii sii himmat nh k is DHARNE kO suppOrt kre R inka 7 den.

      Kal NUMAISH CHOWRANGI, KARACHI B bnd tha, aj aGian bnd krDia h R aaGe B bnd krenGe aGR us bndy kO DEATH SENTENCE nh dii PUBLICLY jsne amendment kii h..

      • NOONI MNAs recently got around Rs.1billion each to keep their Mouths and @$$ closed. this is real face of 90% corrupt people of Pakistan who would do anything for sake of money. no morals no ethics no religion (in their dirty filthy hearts) except MONEY which is greatest of their gods (unfortunately). these corrupt people can be found almost everywhere in our society today.. thats why we are moving towards a failed nation.

  • This is the Lal Masjid Scenario in development for the government
    Its a lose lose situation
    There is no scenario in which they come out as winners or righteous

  • Govt did the right thing but should have used army instead of police.
    To people who say army won’t do it are wrong. There are no rightists in army.

  • It does not matter who made the amend, The Pakistani muslims are so insecure in the whole wide world that not only give equal rights (employment, societal, legal) to minorities that’s why the population of Pakistani minorities are all time low and most of Asylum seekers from Pakistan are from minorities. The religious bigots of Pakistan have passed the crazy law to call Ahmadis non muslims, persecute them in public, shame them every moment, call them a threat to society but these religious bigots are the threats to society.. Pakistan is ruined by these religious watchmen. I cry when i see the level of idiocracy and heights of ignorance by these people, they must banned.. There is no other way than put them behind bars for spreading hate and divide Pakistan. For all the haters i may face, i am not Ahmadi but an Ahmadi-rights supporting Sunni Muslim….

    • Tumharay bapu mirza qadkhani nay tou tamam musalmanon k khilaf kya zuban istemal ki hay, us per kabhi tumhain sharam nahee aae.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree with other points you mentioned, but ahmadis are not Muslims.

      Call them a minority or something else, but they are no sect of Islam. I have no problem with them as long as they don’t call themselves Muslims.

    • lol what??How can they be muslims when they don’t believe in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ?????
      The problem is Ahmadis don’t want to be branded as ”non-muslims” according to law and our constitution this has nothing to do with your so called “religious watchmen”.
      Should they accept themselves as ”non-muslims” according to law they will be treated with respect just like our Christion and Hindu brothers.
      As for your other comment on minorities esteem. Remember crime happens in every country irrespective of ones religion.A criminal in Pakistan doesn’t see what religion you don’t belong to…but unfortunately if a crime happens with non-muslims in our country it is branded as religious violence & intolerance? According to your idiotic reasoning a non-muslim in Pakistan can’t have a criminal activity against them but other pakistanis (muslims) can be target of robbers,murderers and extremsists???And there should be a separate police force for non muslims so they alone can’t be target of a day to day criminal activity??
      God forbid if they happen to be targeted. People like you will tag it as religious extremism……lol!!

  • Amar, I congrats you for raising this issue up in a sense that matters.

    All the dharna participants want is the resignation of one ordinary minister, why not sack him immediately to save the nation from this big turmoil?

    Clearly shows the malicious intent of the govt.

  • Hey writer, you look like badly hurt with the operation. But, do you know that its court order not govt order. Okay???? And Holy Prophet Muhaamad PBUH never allowed anyone to tease innocent people, to kill police, to damage public property. Are you a Muslim??? Never forget teachings of prophet, or you will not be called Muslim.
    Btw, for your kind knowledge SC has directed to start terrorism proceedings against these so called Muslim leaders.

  • My suggestion:

    1 – Arrest Rizvi and all the hate sprewing leadership as soon as possible
    2 – Register a case of incitement and prosecute them accordingly
    3 – Put all of them in jail and let them rot there
    4 – Register a case of murdered policeman and send them to gallows
    5 – Hang them at faizabad and let people see the result of their hate sprewing methods
    6 – arrest all molvis and religious leaders – every single one of them and register cases against them
    7 – Finally, hang them all at chowrangis and chowks. Let the molvism die with them.

    • May I dare to do few amendments please!
      1. Arrest Law Minister and all the culprtits behind this planned amendment.
      6. Arrest all politicians, leftists and liberals ….
      7. ……………. Let the liberalism die with them.

      Baci ayk dum perfect suggestions Hain .. ?

    • But b4 that Sharifs, Zardaris and all other looter politicians along with you and such like supporters be hanged and then the moulvis turn is accepted

    • You are so barbaric and you are liberal fascist and you have this mindset that “hang them all at chowrangis and chowks” WOW If I say hang these satanist libtards at chowrangi and chowks, then these libtards will accuse me of being extremist but if the same thing is said by these libtards then everything becomes HALAL! So these libtards are not just fascist but they are hypocrite as well.

  • Shocking that you call them lovers of prophet. Please try to mention a single chracteristic of these people that is according to the teachings of the Prophet. These monsters are stigma on the face of islam. Only jahil people can have any sympathy with these people. At this time we should show solidarity against them no matter which political party you belong. We have to make Pakistan as of Jinnah Pakistan not fundamentalist religious mulls led Pakistan where you can’t even talk or discuss the misuse of a rule that’s purely human made enacted by general zia.

    • ok.. but what about Solidarity against the worst of Corrupt MAFIA in this country first ? lets gather for the cause of CUTTING THEIR HANDS in Public… say what ?

      • Man you should google for the phrase “whataboutism”

        You are demonstrating perfect example of it.

        One is not related to the other AT ALL. You can protest against PMLN Mafia AND you can protest against person who changed wordings. Also, you can do both protests ***IN LEGAL MANNER**

    • Jinnah struggled for an islamic country. And i appreciate the struggle of these fundamentalist. We live here and we were facing difficulties but we knew it was all about to save the islamic laws in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If you want a secular country, India will welcome you

  • An extremely condemnable act by the protestors but the administration is equally responsible for such a hectic situation where you have put news channels off air. This will allow mongers to spread false news putting oil on flames. Ya Allah guide us to the Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. Aameen

  • Yes, name the person so that he or she might be killed. Why don’t you mention the role of the SC in this matter?

  • Ek ek din molvion se shutkara pana hoga. Dhrne walon ka zehen khachar ka zehen hai. Dunia men sab se manhoos log yahi hain jinhon ne pore dunia azab bana di hai.

  • How can they name the perpetrator when this was a well-orchestrated plan by the government in the first place to distract people from their own incompetence.

  • Qadiyani in Army=OK
    Qadiyani in Parliament=Na manzoor
    Qadiyani in Parliament through Army (through martial law)= Ok

  • جو لوگ دھرنے والوں کے خلاف بکواس کر رہے ہیں وہ خود کو دیکھیں کہ وہ کہاں کھڑے ییں. علامہ خادم حسین رضوی یا کوئی بھی اور ہو کوئی فرق نہیں پڑا بات ناموس رسالت ﷺ کے قانون کی حفاظت کی ہے. غدار حکومت اور غدار ان کے سپوٹرز. اللہ کریم دھرنے میں موجود تمام بھائیوں بزرگوں کی حفاظت فرمائے اور جو معصوم یزیدی پولیس کے ہاتھوں شہید ہوئے ان کے درجات بلند فرمائے آمین ثم آمین یا رب العالمین

  • The tactic is to decide via a National Referendum Vote to ban the new passport for Qadianis, to acknowledge the complaining provinces’ political urge. Could be powered by XYZ Telecom provider. Every vote should
    cast around 40 rupees.

  • Chooti chooti ‘clarical’ mistakes nazaradaz krtey rhe tu bachey ka kaan main azan Dena b ‘optional’ qarar pa Jaye ga…..
    Aamir is right…. Baat khadim Hussain rizvi ki nahi hae… Baat ayk belief ki hae hae jisey jaan bhoj k cheara gya hae kuch maqasid hasil krney k liye…
    Reh gye baat establishment ki tu zaalimo Maj. Ishaq ki shahadat ko itni jaldi gaali dae di tum logo ne? … Tum log en shahadaton k qabil hee nahi ho !

  • Brilliant, to-the-point article.
    There was no other option for them so they had to do it. Hopefully next time the Government will think before making such amendments.

  • Do you people love the Pakistani army and ISI? I’m only saying this because if you do, you should know that ISI presented a report in the Islamabad High Court today that these mullahs are sitting in Islamabad to further their own deshatgardi election winning agenda.

    “The Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah is determined to exploit the situation and gain political mileage to gain support for the next general elections,” said a six-page order issued by a two-judge bench consisting of Justice Mushir Alam and Justice Qazi Faez Isa.” – quoted from the article on the news.

    But I suppose ye to in key hamdard logo ko nazar nae ayee ga. I used to follow this page for the tech news. Now its no longer that. This is my final time I’m visiting this website. Goodbye and enjoy justifying the same extremism that has destroyed this country over the last 3 decades.
    Not sure if admin will even approve this post because he’s got an agenda to further. Oh well.

  • Well written article. But i suggest that please re-think about the title and the pic behind it. To me the title “WE LOST IT” with the picture of Masjid e Nabwi in background portray an all together different meaning …. like…. NAOZBILLAH that we have lost Masjid e Nabvi to the enemies of Islam i.e jews, christians, huindus or else in the fierce of the battles and the last hour has begun.
    PLEASE RE_TITLE your well written article.

  • The main person behind all this fuss is the power hungry, Mariam Nawaz”. She is not leaving any effort to become the PM of the country and getting rid of the corruption cases or even burn the whole country in her rage.
    This move was well planned and calculated by her indian supporters.
    First they made a move by removing the declaration of Khatam e Nabowat oath while taking few of the highest offices in the country, so that a qadiani or ahmedi can become the PM of Pakistan. This move was taken very seriously by everyone in the country including public, supreme court and army.
    After failing in their move, they change to plan B. They put the agitation by their supported/funded people in shape of dharna in Rwp Faiz abad chowk which was joined by real lovers of Holy Prophet SAW, in shape of common people (unfortunate for them). Had the govt been sincere, they would have removed the team including law minister in the first instance for doing such a grave offence followed by punishments to the responsibles). Then instead of resolving the issue by talk, they fiercely charged the crowd resulting into dozens dead and hundreds wounded thus creating a chaos in the whole country.
    The govt wants the situation to get out of hands of police and civ administration so that they can call army for support and thus putting army and people of Pakistan against each other and putting the country in civil war type situation.
    With all this they will achieve fol benefits:
    1. Get rid of their trials and saving their looted wealth inside and abroad.
    2. Get support of us and west.
    3. Put country into chaos by weakening the army and country in the civil war type situation thus making it a soft target for enemies of Islam who do not want a strong Pakistan as it would be a greatest hindrance in making of Greater Israel and Akhand Baharat
    NS, MN and their supporters and followers will not get along with their plan as this country was created in the name of ISLAM and all these morons will be defeated not only in this world but will also burn in the deepest of the hell. IA

  • This is sad to see such a response from ProPakistani. Officially supporting the stance of a few hundred extremists.

  • Even after witnessing the brutal death of Mashal Khan at the hands of an angry extremist mob, this guy seriously thinks releasing the name of a person to another angry mob will somehow help the circumstances. Wake up, sir!

  • This darna has nothing to do with Islam or the resignation of a law minister. I support no party rather support individuals and their ideologies. The root cause here is to create chaos in the country by any means necessary through courts, disqualifications, weak government, or incitement through protest. If we are all keeping up with the news from past few months, Musharaf created a 23-party alliance of several religious parties, and now they are trying to bring down the current weak government so he can return and cases against him be closed. Whatever the hatred maybe among Musharaf vs. Nawaz vs. PTI vs. PPP, general public should not suffer for the egoism or power struggle among the few. In the end we all need to report to Allah in the Day of Judgement.

  • May I know which authority is giving the following certificate, i would like to get one:
    “Those who are sitting in Faizabad are lovers of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)”

    So, all others are infidel, lets chop of their heads!!!

  • “Government should have understood that attacking Dharna” … did you know that it was IHC who ordered Govt to take action by whatever means to end the sit-in??? govt was in favor of negotiations.

    Falsifa jharny ky liay aqal hi zaroorat hoti hai mr. writer!!!

  • stupid article, the people sitting in different cities took a huge responsibility of representing the teaching of Muhammad P.B.U.H, and I hope you people better know before calling them ashiq-e-Rasool, they have named a political part Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah, meaning a political party just using the fancy tag to surface itself by exploiting the emotions, these people are not ready to die mind you, they are burning every other thing coming in their way, which means they playing in some cartoon character’s hands, these people and their leaders need some political means to run their election campaign, they are the being cruel and can not be regarded as ashiq-e-Rasool, our Nabi P.B.U.H even sat with non-believers for the sake of peace, and what these illiterates are doing??? go as far as you want in criticizing PMLN and government but this is not religion Islam I learned, two wrongs doesnot make one right,

  • Did you go to this dharna?
    You remove that “leader” to rally his troops, not a single soul will be seen.
    This is political.
    Our emotions were used by Zia for Afghan, for Kashmir and for any other reason, the powers that be can very easily rely on the emotional response of a Pakistani. Even if you tell a person he is being used by someone, the response would be, “so what? I dont care what my actions will help, I will simply follow my initial emotional response”.

    Anyways, the day of judgement is the only place where we can claim to know what is in the hearts of people. May God guide us all Aamir bhai, may God guide us all.

  • The politicians who voted in yes for this change at first place should not be allowed to contest for any legislative assemblies in future.

  • Yar wase wo videos jis mein KH Rizvi galiyan de raha hai or log wah wah ker rahe hain dekh k lagta ni hai k ye jo dharnay ka maqsad bata rahe thay usi maqsad se ae thay.

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