Here’s What Pakistanis Think About the Dharna & Its Conclusion

The 21-day protest led by the founder of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, Khadim Hussain Rizvi, has finally ended today with government accepting to the demands of the religious party. The party leader has officially announced to end the sit-in at Faizabad and other cities of Pakistan.

The mismanaged crackdown against the protest, which heavily affected the lives of the citizens of the twin cities, had shaken the government so much that the government had to request the Army Chief to control the constantly deteriorating situation.

The social media platform, Twitter, is flooded with people’s reactions regarding the matter. Almost all of the trending hashtags are related to the protest. Let’s see what people are saying about the red-hot topic.

But, first the agreement.

A lot of questions are being asked.

The irony?

People are terming the protests and ultimately the agreement as unconstitutional.

Interior Minister is in hot water following his inability to deal with the situation.

Khadim Hussian’s foul language has been the talking point throughout the protest.

Former Interior Minister has bashed Ahsan Iqbal for his incompetence.

Meanwhile, Justice Shoukat Aziz has used some blunt words.

Has anyone researched?

More resignations on their way?


In a nutshell.

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  • ISLAM Zinda Bad
    Pakistan Zinfa Bad

    لبیک یا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

  • Muhammad Faheem

    Justice sahab ur words have disappointed us as if u wanted more bloodshed…. You should be thankful that this turmoil ended securing national interest…. Nation trusts army and loves Its nation. Chief didn’t intervene rather he was asked to play his part and he chose peace unlike insane brutal police officials

    • Muhammad Waseem

      Please read his words again. He has said blunt truth about our country. It’s shame how people liked that bad mouth molvi.

      • Saud Bin Farooq

        I am NOT among the supporters of the Rizvi party and NOT supporting any other faction, but to suggest that the army was wrong in not using force to end this demonstration to which the protestors are entitled to as being Pakistani nationals and were not carrying any ammunition or firearms is ridiculous! They are not terrorists, do not stereotype them just like the West, be more insightful about why did this whole incident happen in the first place..

        • Muhammad Waseem

          You must visit some big size madrissa basement to see what kind of ammunition they carry. Plz see if you have access.

          • SBFarooq

            The context of this conversation is the dharna and not what goes on in the basement of any madrasa, did anyone in the dharna branded themselves with ammunition? They did not.. So why push them into the corner where they do pick up arms? Have we learned nothing of what we made of lal masjid?

            • Muhammad Waseem

              Musharraf did right at Lal Masjid. Pakistan is home to many sects and opinion of any one of them can’t be taken as law.

      • Furqan Silya

        He is just trying to become a hero…. nothing else
        and here he may be not after this world

        • Muhammad Waseem

          We should not discuss who goes to jannat and who doesn’t. This is upto God Almighty.

          • Furqan Silya

            One can force his school of thought while using the supremacy of his office..
            and against the innocent Muslims but we don’t need to discuss him
            we should only appraise him??
            What a Hippocratic? we are

            • Muhammad Waseem

              If you say so….

      • Muhammad Faheem

        But the same power was given to army by the govt herself to mediate

        • Muhammad Waseem

          Not to mediate, but to take action.

          • Muhammad Faheem

            Its says control by any means

        • Muhammad Waseem

          Poor N league. Anyone in Govt here has to face cold war with establishment even it’s Zardari or IK.

    • Ali Salman

      I love army only and only if within its legal and constitutional role. My love isn’t unconditional.

      Chief of Army chose peace? Who is he to decide but to act on orders of sitting government.

      • Muhammad Faheem

        Am not a lawyer but according to the clause 245 which was imposrd by govt during these protests chief has right to do anything…. Gun and peace…. He mediated for peace