Social Media in Fits as Asif Zardari Shows Off His Bhangra Dance Moves

Pakistan’s Peoples Party (PPP) celebrated their Golden Jubilee on Tuesday with a vibrant ceremony in Islamabad’s Parade Ground. While there were political talks, there was something very unpolitical – the #ZardariDance, and it was nothing but hilarious.

Everyone knew that Zardari has an adventurous personality, keeping in mind the Ayyan Ali fiasco, but this dance was special and the social media is flooded with all kinds of funny messages.

No one beats Zardari, whether it’s corruption or a dance. (Starts at around the 50 second mark)

Let’s hear it from the Twitterati.

The resemblance is very uncanny, isn’t it?

Zardari definitely has the moves.

He’s more than just an actor.

Dance like a pro.

The observation, though.

Nagin dance.

Zardari made people smile, or laugh.

The talking point of the Golden Jubilee.

Zardari can be the next big thing in showbiz.

Addition to Zardari’s vote-bank.

The truth has been spoken.

It would be hard to beat Zardari.

Halal dance.

Eyes bled last night.

Feature Writer

  • Fozia

    Awaam ka paisa loot kr Naacho Naacho. Chaahe Bhangra daalo ya naagin dance bolo. Sub loota hua paisa h jo itni khushi zaahir horhi h

    • ZAB

      He was drunk that time.

  • Ahsan

    Is post ka propakistani se kia taluq???

    • Her Post Se ProPk Ka Tallauq Hai :)

    • Syed Zarar

      Social media.

  • Bhutto Khappay Khappay Bhutto Khappay :)

  • Zardari Sahab Tayyari Kar Rahe Hai K Agal Election Jeet Gaye to MULK Main Kuch Nahi Chore ge

    • Abdul WAHAB senior

      Mr 10% dancing hahahahahaha lol.

  • Sammie


  • ZAB

    Zardari tou shuru se hi fankar hai, filmo main bhi kaam kar chuka hai aur bambino main bhi. Nothing new.

  • Kashif Nawaz

    پاکستانی عوام ان ہی جیسے ڈانس کرنے والوں کے لائق ہے۔ شریف اور نیک انسان اور حکمران کی پاکستان میں کوئی عزت نہیں۔ ویسے بھی اس پہلے بھی ہم 126 دن یہی ناچ گانا دیکھ چکے ہیں، اور یہی عوام کو پسند ہے۔

  • Mohammad Badr E Muneer

    300ml pani ka asar hai bus