United Motors Confirms Launch of ‘Affordable & Better Car’ Than Mehran

A renowned Chinese company, United Auto Industries, is all set to unleash an 800cc Mehran lookalike car in Pakistan.

The second largest motorbike producer in Pakistan, United Motors, will be launching its car in 2018 against the Suzuki Mehran, which is ending its 30-year long journey in 2019.

While talking to a local media, United Motors General Manager Muhammad Afzal said:

United Auto Industries is venturing into car and pickup manufacturing. The company will use Chinese technology and market its vehicles under the brand name of United.

The local assembly of these vehicles will begin in the first half of 2018.

Talking about the rumors of the Mehran lookalike, he said, “our car will be totally different from Suzuki’s 800cc variant because it will be loaded with various features and safety measures”.

However, the official did not provide any details about the pricing, eco-friendliness of the car, and monthly production targets — but he assured that the company intends to keep the price “very affordable”.

In June, the government had granted permission to United Motors, Hyundai Nishat, and KIA–Lucky Motors to set up their manufacturing and assembling plants in Pakistan under the new auto policy.

Suzuki Stops Mehran’s Production

On the other hand, Pak Suzuki plans to say goodbye to the 30-year old Mehran and will launch the next-generation 660cc Alto in the third month of 2019.

According to sources, Alto will hit the auto markets with a price tag of around Rs. 9 lacs.

Analysts’ Take

The critics are still unsure about the impact of United Car on Pak Suzuki because Mehran has been the first choice since 1989 for local customers who look for an economical solution for their traveling needs.

Mehran’s low-cost spare parts and after-sales network attract the middle-class that cannot afford other local variants or imported vehicles.

  • I think after a day launch of this car, suzuki will bring down mehran price to half of this car, as currently they’re selling crappy mehran very over-priced due to the fact that there’s no other competition in current low price model… Remember comparison of chinese mehran and desi mehran???

    • Pakistan ma competition sirf higher prices ma hota hai… humary pas paisa hi bohat hai … 2 lac ki mehran 7.5 ma laty han ya nai?

    • بھائی انہوں نے پہلے ہی اعلان کر دیا ہے کہ اب وہ مہران کی مزید پروڈکشن بند کر رہے ہیں۔ اب وہ مہران آٹھ سو سی سی کے مقابلے میں 660 سی سی کی آلٹو لا رہے ہیں۔ جسکی قیمت تقریبا نو لاکھ روپے کے قریب ہو گی۔

        • Jaga bohat hay lekin gari/bike chalane ki tameez tou taqrebn kisi ko nhi hay.

          Ghalat gari/bike chalanay walo ko main tou ye kehta hun:
          Agy se u-turn ki bjae reverse kr k murnay ki koshish krte hain. Aray bhai, agr aap itne ghareeb hain k agy se u-turn nhi le skte tou aap public transport py he safar kia karain. Km az km doosron ko tou sakun se sarak py janay dein.

    • it’s a valid concern …

      Pakistan is over populated and the roads of all the big cities are already damn congested :/

      several areas of Karachi (Old City, Saddar and co.) suffer from horrible traffic jams at a steady rate on a daily basis

      and such is the intensity of those jams that one can easily contract a migraine or a petrifying head ache …

      people would do better to make wise choices, instead of coming out like vagabonds on the roads, if and when affordable cars do hit the local market !

      • It should be Govt. Concern, they should create Public Transport System, not just few busses of multiple colors, They have to create a big Metro Train System for whole City, otherwise expect worst condition…

        • yeah, agreed

          that’s how most of the civilized countries get around, an efficient city-wide public transport system (like maglev trains in Japan)

        • fine.

          if you are from Lahore you’ll know your city better than i do, fair enough

          still, the urban planning departments should ensure that traffic is kept to a minimum, because it really does disrupt a city’s atmosphere

      • 1. People should know and follow traffic laws.
        2. Govt. should work better to fix the issues.

        Some areas of Karachi suffer from the wrong practices of the people, parking their car on the road. If their reason is that they don’t find any parking areas then it’s a failure of the govt. as its their duty to make available parking plazas or make appropriate rules for plazas to make their own parking areas.

        If everyone does their job, we won’t have this issue anymore. And it starts with ourselves.

  • While it is true that Mehran’s spare parts are easily available, the car itself was discontinued in Japan and Europe by 1989 and does not meet any international safety or regulatory standards.

    Parts for Mehran are cheap and widely available parts but are of very poor quality and do not last long. Since Japan and other countries have stopped producing parts of this car ages ago only low quality, low cost parts made either in Pakistan or China are available now.

    • this should be a PINNED post at every Pakistani Vehicle discussion, enthusiast and advice forums !

    • میرا خیال ہے کہ اسکی وجہ صرف یہ ہے کہ لانچنگ تک یونائیٹڈ اپنی پراڈکٹ کو خفیہ رکھنا چاہتی ہے

      • the pictures are already on the internet., carspiritpk p puri detail or video k sath article mojood hai, looks and design k hisaab se mehran se thorra or ganda design hai is united ki garri ka

  • yeah, they better live up to their ‘VERY AFFORDABLE’ promise

    ANYTHING pricier and more expensive than mehran WILL fail this bold claim of United Motors !

    and it has to have value for money ! any corner cutting WILL put off the public !

  • یہ ایک اچھی بات ہے کہ مارکیٹ میں مہران کی اجارہداری کو ختم کرنے کے لئے کسی اور کمپنی نے بیڑا اٹھایا ہے، ایک تو اس سے مارکیٹ میں مقابلے کا رحجان پیدا ہو گا اور دوسرا لوگوں کو ایک نئی پراڈکٹ پہلے سے کم قیمت پر مل سکے گی۔

    • even if suzuki launches the alto in 12 lacs, they will not offer any features for us, the shape might be the same but they will cut corners before launching it here,, jesy celerio ko launch karny se pehly usky kapprry utar k launch ki hai isi tarah andar k interior ka to dabba bana k kahengy le lo ab isy apni dash k andar or 12 lac de do

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