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#JusticeforZainab: Social Media Erupts Following Rape & Murder of a 7 Year Old in Kasur

What happened to Zainab will make you lose your faith in humanity. There are no words to express this unthinkable act of brutality where a seven year old girl went to tuition and never came back. Zainab was kidnapped, raped and murdered by sexual predators and she isn’t even the latest victim of this type of crime. Making matters worse, her parents were in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah when they heard about the fate of their daughter.

Zainab’s body was found dumped in a pile of trash on the roadside in Kasur, Punjab. The monsters who committed the act are still roaming free. They can even be seen taking Zainab in the CCTV footage.

The news broke a few hours ago and people on social media expressed their anger, disgust and blasted the government for its failure to protect children.

Everyone from the common man to politicians to entertainers are condemning the act and demanding that the government take immediate action to find and punish the culprits.

Police have released the sketch of suspect which is given below.

  • FuriousNinja

    Words cannot convey the feelings right now.

    The murderer and the rapist deserves a slow death in front of public. Just do it this once.

  • usama

    He must be decapitated in front of public.

    • Taha Najam

      Decapitation will be too quick a death for such a heinous crime. I suggest a gradual dip in concentrated sulfuric acid.

      • Shuja Siddiqui

        i suggest cutting his d**k and let him bleed to death.

    • Sane

      Liberal fascists are against decapitation, they say its anti human. In the end wat liberal want that will happen bcoz this country is run by liberals.

    • furious

      Not that quick. I would gut him, insert maggots in his intestines, and sew him up and leave him on display. Once he is dead, i’d like to hang him using his own intestines.

  • Ali

    If the accusations are true, than govt. should take some serious action or maybe the dumb nation should take stand

  • Adeel
    • Taha Najam

      Okay in all honestly, I was about to comment the same thing, but didn’t out of courtesy for the author because no one should be compared to this animal.

    • Azi

      same came to my mind in first sight

    • FuriousNinja

      This is neither the time nor the place to have some ‘laughs’ right now.

      Atleast have some respect for the family and nobody must be compared to this swine even jokingly.

  • Adeel

    I’m speechless
    Muashra pata nhn kahan se kahan ja raha hai , aise logon k liye to hidayat ki dua bhi nhn kar sakte kyun k us bachi pe jo guzri aur us k parents jis haal mein honge wo dard sirf wohi samajhte honge, Allah unhen Sabr atta farmaye.

  • Sane

    Jawan larkiyon ke toh tasveer bari bari kar ke headline pe lagate ho aur choti bachi ke tasveer blur?

    • FuriousNinja

      As a sign of respect towards the innocent soul and for the parents.

      What can you not understand in this?

      • Askarian

        He’s too sane to understand this

    • Syed Zarar

      It was a sensitive news, which is why the picture is blurred. Kindly don’t make such comments.

  • Sane

    LGBT and pedophiles eik he khet ke mooli hai. Satanists bachon ke bali dete hain. Black Magic mein be chote bachon ke bali de jaati hai.

  • Pro Reader

    Inna Lillaha Wa Ina Alaihe Raajioon

    No more words i have feeling srying :( :( :(

  • Askarian

    What have we become as a society. Such scumbags should be caught and hanged in public.

  • Blaze_it

    This may be the saddest news I’ve ever heard. The law and order situation in this country seems to be getting worse and worse. Government officials are busy fighting their own corruption cases and the police is useless. How do you fix a situation like this? I can only imagine the sense of hopelessness people in that city feel right now. May she rest in peace.

  • Safder Abbas

    So Sad!
    In my opinion, all comes down to the difference between education and illiteracy. All people are responsible for this, especially the politicians who did not give importance to the education, who deliberately kept it own masses uneducated. These kinds of evils comes from the illiterate society, who have poor thinking process. Forget about the good morals, ethics, self consciousness unless we implement emergency on education for all, whether a boy or a girl.

    Irony is that these illiterates or so called educated will give votes again to those who have done nothing or very little for betterment of the society.

  • Justice for Zainab

    Our society needs drastic improvement.

  • Aamir

    ایسے مسائل پر بھی گندی سیاست ہماری بدقسمتی ہے …. اس جانور کا تعلق کسی پارٹی کسی گروہ کسی مذھب سے ہو اسے عبرت کا نشان بنانا چاہے

  • Ghessan

    no politics, just bring justice to society, we always raise voice when something disgusting happens, we are a failure on every level, the only problem is lawlessness, law prevails for weak and violates for the strong.