Traffic Policeman in KP Sacrifices His Life to Save a Family from an Accident

“With our Lives and our Blood, we will save our people.”

You don’t get to hear this news daily. There are very few instances when people give their own life while saving someone else’s. Saving another life at the sacrifice of your own is probably the most selfless and courageous act one can do. A traffic policeman from KP Police did exactly the same when he saw a truck speeding towards a family. Sareer embraced martyrdom while stopping that truck progressing towards the family in Nowshera.

KP Police posted about the incident on social media letting the public know Police is still committed to saving people’s lives.

The Shaheed constable was buried at his hometown with full honor.

The driver of the truck tried to flee the scene but was arrested by the Police.

The constable will be remembered for a long time for his bravery and selflessness and reminding us that humanity is still alive.

  • “The driver of the truck escaped but soon he was arrested by #KPPolice.” Doesn’t happens in Punjab.

      • Yes, this is Pakistan but different is evident. In Punjab, police kills while in KPK, it saves human lives.

  • That’s an ultimate sacrifice one can offer. KP Govt and Police Dept must make sure that his family is looked after well.

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