Bike Sales in Pakistan Rose by 19% in 2017

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has revealed the sales and production figures of motorbikes for December 2017.

As compared to cars sales, which rose by 20% in December 2017, the motorbikes market did just okay in December 2017.

Atlas Honda

  • Motorbikes sold in November: 93,679
  • Motorbikes sold in December: 90,823

The difference of 2,856 means that the company sold fewer vehicles in December. However, regarding month-over-month (December 2016 vs December 2017) growth rates, there is a boost of 7.3% in the sales of Atlas Honda bikes.

These figures are a combined data of all of Atlas Honda’s bike products. Recently, the company also increased the prices of its bikes by Rs. 1000.

United Auto Motorcycle

  • Motorbikes sold in November: 29,018
  • Motorbikes sold in December: 32,765

The difference of 3,747 means that the company sold more vehicles in December as compared to November. It is an increase of 13% in sales.

The company also performed very well on a month-over-month basis with an increase of 23% in sales.


Suzuki sold 1,914 units in December 2017. Suzuki bikes saw an increase in demand last month. It has several models such as GS 150, GD 110, Raider, Sprinter ECO, and sports bike such as Hayabusa which is recently launched in Pakistan.


Dawood Yamaha Limited — which’s based in Hub, Balochistan, Pakistan since 1976 — managed to sell 500 units in the last month of 2017.

Road Prince

Road Prince sold 18,833 bike units in December 2017 as compared to 14,991 bike units that were sold in November — which is an increase of 21% in sales.

Yamaha, Ravi, and Qingqi

Yamaha sold 1,743 units, Ravi sold 1,593 units, and Qingqi sold 61 units of bikes for December 2017.

Fiscal Year 2017-2018

  • Bikes sold in first half of FY17-18 (July – December 2017): 940,825
  • Bikes sold in first half of FY16-17 (July – December 2016): 789,733

Comparing the figures from the two years, bikes (two and three-wheelers) saw an increase of 19.13% in the first six months of FY17-18.

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