Google and Coursera Launch IT Support Course for Everyone

Google and famous online education platform Coursera, have teamed up to launch a training program for IT support professionals.

The course was made by Google professionals and Coursera has used its platform to make it available for those interested in it.

Called the “Google IT Support Certificate” it will help students get the experience for an entry-level customer support job. The course is specifically designed for those who have no prior experience in Information Technology field.

Google IT Support Certificate Details

The course will cover following areas as part of teaching and training;

  • Automation
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Troubleshooting and customer service
  • System administration and
  • Operating systems

This initiative by Google and Coursera aims to fill the void in America’s IT industry. Both companies understand the shortage of IT talent in the States that’s why they have taken it upon themselves to cover for it. According to statistics, currently in United States, there are around 150,000 IT support jobs that need to be filled.

Course Details and Time

The IT support program will cost $49/month. The course will take 8-12 months to complete and will be initially launched in English only.

The program is available globally and there are a total of 64 hours of coursework involved.

The overall cumulative cost for the program per student will be $392-$588.

Support From Google

Though the price tag of $49-a-month is typical for a Coursera subscription, Google will be subsidizing the cost as well. Google will be providing financial aid to around 10,000 students in need, however only those residing in USA will be able to avail this offer.

Coursera will take the most from the deal as the startup is looking to expand the business to job market as well. After completion of this course, Coursera will help find students jobs by connecting with its partner businesses that include;

  • Bank of America
  • Sprint
  • Walmart
  • PNC Bank
  • GE Digital
  • UPMC
  • Infosys
  • TEKSystems and
  • Google

Coursera is currently working with 150 universities to offer online courses. The not-so-expensive price tag and subsidy from Google will also help Coursera take competitive edge from other startups. Coursera might also become a director competitor of LinkedIn in the job search market if this goes well.

Via Techcrunch

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