Zainab Murder Case: Killer Arrested, Confesses to Allegations

According to reports, the perpetrator in Zainab’s murder case has been arrested. The breakthrough came out after DNA samples, from neighbors within 2 kilometers of Zainab’s house, were tested.

After results came out, the DNA sample for the culprit matched with that of a man named Imran Ali. The said-suspect has been arrested by Police after official confirmation of the test results. The arrested individual is a relative of Zainab, living in the neighborhood adjacent to Zainab’s home.


Police Release New Sketch of Zainub’s Murderer

The alleged suspect lives near Kot Road and has reportedly confessed to the crime as well. Police previously arrested Imran Ali but he was released after brief interrogation.


Man Resembling Zainab’s Murderer Arrested in Lahore

The suspect, however, fled after his early interrogation to somewhere around Phoolnagar and Pakpatan. After the DNA test results police conducted different raids and arrested the suspect today. The authorities will most likely inform the public about this major development in a press conference today.

Punjab government formed a Joint Investigation Team following the country wide protests against Zainab’s gruesome murder. The protests resulted in two killings in clashes between Police and the protesters.

    • is khanzeer ko sar-e-aam latka dia jay aor public ko allow krien k is darindey ko stone mar mar kr halaak krien aor dafnaya na jay dogs ko daal dia jay

  • Pehlay police nay pakra esko, pher chor dea.

    Ab dobara giraftar hua hai ye.

    Police criminals ko bhaagnaay kay khob moqay deti hai, aur aam sehri ko aisa pakarti hai kay chorti he nahi.

    • Bhai us waqt confirm nahi tha. DNA samples lene k lye pakra tha Q k ye dramay kr rha tha k meri tabyat kharab hai.

  • Yes please execute him and the execution should be of unique kind in public on a high stage tie him and bring a professional traditional butcher peal off his skin alive and let him die slowly. if it took long then public may stoned him to death.

  • alhamdullillah!!!!! Now let’s see how fast the snail pace justice system of Pakistan will work.

  • He must be executed publicly, there is never an option or amnesty for such a vicious MONSTER :(

  • The process of justice should be transparent. It should be fair and open and seen to be fair and open. Islamic justice must follow if found guilty without a shadow of doubt. Genetic evidence must be an exact match. Confession should not be by itself the criteria.

  • Consider Reading This.
    Zainab’s case is a highlighted one but This crime is a much frequently occuring than it seems. Every hour A new girl experiences what happened to Zainab. This crime is an extreme end of something that we, as men, ‘rejoice’ on daily basis. We harass women by scanning their bodies in public irrespective of what they are wearing. Hanging him is the solution to our outrage ignited by media by showing Zainab’s story and face. But we were never against the root of it. harassment! and we never will be. Because we are not a nation but bunch of idiots ruled by people amongst us.

  • Wrong information. He was not her relative. Zainab’s Father says we don’t know him. I think you never watch news. Just copy paste.

  • Mujrimon ko phansi dene se kush nai hota. Qoam ko mahir nafsiat ki zaroorat hai. Yahan har koi bacha bazi ka shoqeen hai.

    • lagta hai aap mahir-e-nafsiyat ho :P

      Wese khuda-na-khuasta agar zainab ki jagah aap ki beti hoti to kia
      tab bhi aap ki yahi raye hoti ???

    • i agree its psychological but punishing him and making him an example will overwrite anyone’s psychology who wants to commit something like this. He was mechanic by profession and we all know how “chotaas” are treated there. This mentality should be eradicated from mechanic shops, universities, colleges and unfortunately from madrasas

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