Ali Zafar Speaks Out Against “Clerics” Who Kill Children in Madressahs

Renowned Pakistani rockstar and actor, Ali Zafar, has urged to install CCTV cameras in seminaries (madressahs) to monitor the teachers.

He tweeted,

He also retweeted a post from the official page of the Punjab Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit, which read:

From a child protection perspective Punjab has made a hotline for receiving complaints regarding schools. This hotline is currently being tested across Punjab, and a full-scale launch is expected soon. These are obviously starting measures and we are always looking for further suggestions from concerned citizens. Your help to the cause is invaluable.

Ali Zafar’s concern came in right after an eight-year-old child was beaten to death by his madressah teacher. The incident took place on Sunday in Karachi.

The police claim that the child was tortured and beaten to death by the teacher. Muhammad Hussain, after the student, tried to escape the seminary multiple times due to harsh treatment. Unfortunately, the kid was forced by his parents to go back every time.

This time when his parents brought him back, Qari Najmuddin, the teacher, made sure that there was no turning back for the child. Qari Najmuddin has a long history of corporal punishment. Although, corporal punishments have been prohibited in Sindh after a law was passed by the provincial assembly in Feb 2017.

He also posted this;

According to the child protection law:

Any punishment that causes pain or discomfort by hitting, slapping, smacking, spanking, shaking or throwing a child, scratching, kicking, pinching, pulling hair or boxing ears or forcing a child to stay in uncomfortable positions, burning, biting, scalding or forced ingestion by any person in the workplace, family, in schools, other educational institutions, etc has been banned.

The parents are to be blamed for this act, despite knowing about how their son was being treated, they still forced him to go. To our surprise, the parents pardoned the murderer by saying “The teacher must have made a mistake. All we wanted was the child to get a religious education”.

Ali Zafar also tweeted;

  • Not only in Madrassas but also in all Govt & Private schools as well…..Need to observe any inhumane/un-ethical/illegal activities everywhere and then come up with a consolidated solution.

  • جو بھی ایسا کرے اس کو سخت سے سخت سزا ملنی چاہئیے
    ویسے اس بندے نے اپنی فلموں میں جو حرکتیں کی ہیں وہ ریپ کلچر کو پروموٹ کرتی ہیں
    کوئی بھی عزت دار بندا وہ سین اپنی فیملی کے ساتھ نہیں دیکھ سکتا

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