Fauji Fertilizer Company Modernizes Its Business Management System

To help Pakistan achieve its goals for growth of agricultural contribution to GDP through technology, Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd(FFC), one of Pakistan’s largest fertilizer companies, has moved towards a digital core for real-time analytics. FFC has successfully deployed the SAP S/4HANA next-generation business suite.

Agriculture is a pillar of Pakistan’s economy, representing 45 percent of the workforce and 21 percent of GDP, according to Pakistan Vision 2025. The Vision aims to use technology to make farmers 20 percent more efficient, decrease the crop yield gap by 40 percent, and reduce crop losses by 50 percent. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is also seeing strong investment in agricultural technology.

“By leveraging on the latest and emerging technology innovations provided by SAP S/4HANA, FFC has been able to transform its business processes to attain excellence previously impossible with traditional management practices, thus becoming the example of modern success” said Lieutenant General Shafqaat Ahmed (Retired), CEO and Managing Director, Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd. “I congratulate my team for achieving this milestone.”

Saquib Ahmad, Country Manager, SAP Pakistan, said:

Digital transformation will contribute to Pakistan’s economic growth. Data analytics can enable agile planning for more productive businesses. As a digital vanguard, FFC is spearheading Pakistan Vision 2025’s goals of agricultural innovation, with digital solutions helping to strengthen the agricultural sector’s productivity.

Aggressive use of data is transforming business models, facilitating new products and services, generating greater utility, and ushering in a new culture of management. Now FFC will be able to make use of the same and innovate in the field of agriculture.

“The companies that have had the most success with digital transformation don’t just change what they do – they change how they do it,” said Fakhar ul Hasan, Head of IT, Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd.  “Using improved business processes, mobility and real-time analytics on our supply chain, we can help our sales force and customers to gain the fertilizers that can help them achieve more productive farms and flourishing businesses.”

  • FFC should collaborate research with academic institutions like CBM & Others specially in area of Supply chain & Environment Management

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