State Bank Rubbishes Dr Shahid Masood's Claims About Zainab's Killer

State Bank Rubbishes Dr Shahid Masood’s Claims About Zainab’s Killer

State Bank of Pakistan has said that Imran Ali, who confessed to killing Zainab of Kasur, has no account in any local bank.

State Bank confirmed it in a letter written to Joint Investigation Team which has been set up to investigate Zainab’s case.

The central bank said that it has confirmations from all local banks stating that there are no bank accounts in local or foreign currency against the CNIC of Imran Ali.

Earlier Dr. Shahid Masood had claimed that he had bank details of at least 37 accounts of Imran Ali. The anchorperson claimed that he has shared the details of these bank accounts with Supreme Court judges.

  • ok may be no bank account in name of his CNIC but the bank account information he shared does they exist if yes then what is the status of these bank accounts??

      • sarkar he gave complete account numbers with bank names.. every bank number can be checked who is owner and if there is any foreign transaction on it . takay masood sab ki mukamil tasali ho jaye or once for all yah issue thap ho jaye

  • Is he so simple to hav a bank a/c by his name? Do our politicians keep pprs by their names?

  • Today’s news stated that this person is holding 2 CNIC’s.. See Express News Paper Main Headline

    • Ha ha ha. He has a B-Form with same name and details.. I already checked..nothing linked with it..and express made a news headline…OMG

  • Is there any one who would clear few points…how did dr. Shahid got details of dozens of bank accounts whereas SBP had to wait for days.
    Any IT related person knows that illegal activities are done using crypto-currencies instead or usual bank or wire transfer to avoid from tracking.
    Also where is the recording and transmission instruments or at least his mobile forensic analysis to find any such material.
    And one most important question..if he had soo much money, then why not he escaped using that money by acquiring any house or hide out but he had to live in homr after shave only..
    No life style indicates so much wealth ..
    He does not seems to be IT literate being a Middle fail to join such sophisticated network at Dark web about which majority if common ppl don’t know and that too providing paid content..

  • it’s not a rocket science that he might have accounts to someone’s else accounts. come on , we know how telcos used to activate sims on our CNIC without our knowledge.

  • ڈاکٹر شاہد کے ساتھ ساتھ ، عمران خان اور اس کے انقلابیوں کے ساتھ ساتھ پرو پاکستانی کو بھی ایسی جھوٹی خبر پر معافی مانگنی چاہے

  • I guess Qayamat Masood was talkin’ about JAZZ CASH & UBank accounts. Pliss itna story ko follow na karen warna Doc sahab Harmajdoon ke mountain pe charh kar Cheekhen marenge…..

    • don’t make fun of reality, ager ye story fake he to teak he but harmajdoon ka kya mazaq? are you non believer? ager ap muslim ho to ap ko bta don k Ahadees me iska zikr he or ager ap muslim nhi to apna mu band rakho!

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