Australia & Fauji Foods to Set Up Milk Collection Centers in Punjab

Fauji Foods and Market Development Facility (MDF), funded by Australian government, have signed an agreement to establish 20 milk collection points.

As per the agreement, the collection points will be established across Southern Punjab in the regions of Layyah and Muzaffargarh.

The Partnership

Fauji Foods director and CEO General Javaid Iqbal and Australia’s high commissioner in Pakistan, Margaret Adamson,  were present at the ceremony. The partnership signing took place in Bhalwal at a Fauji Foods factory.


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Margaret showed her pleasure over the signing of partnership with Fauji Foods. She said;

Australia is pleased to be working with Pakistan’s progressive private sector to drive economic growth and assist Pakistan’s efforts to alleviate poverty. By connecting smallholders with commercial markets, the milk collection centers will attract better quality milk and provide a better rate for farmers for their product.


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Adamson says the move will help decrease the poverty in rural areas of Pakistan. It will also decrease the supply and demand gap of milk which currently stands at 3.5 billion liters. Margaret Adamson says the collection points will also be used to provide education to farmers on milking, animal husbandry and vaccination.

General Javaid also had his say on the new initiated between MDF and Fauji Foods. He said;

Farmers can significantly benefit from an extension service which will educate them about the best husbandry practices and benefits of pro-active vaccination and de-worming.

This is not the first time that Australian government has partnered with Pakistani businesses. Australia has so far collaborated with 46 different Pakistani businesses, in multiple sectors including meat, leather and dairy.

  • Milk collection point wont resolve the milk shortages but promoting dairy farms and leasing subsidy in purchase and construction of dairy farms is a much better lucrative answer.
    Again for such a small effort foreign countries are invading locals and increasing dependence on Unfriendly countries who supply infected sheep to Pakistan and afterwards complain of un hygenic condition of cattle in Karachi. Shame on Australia.

  • Joint venture with a local player will certainly add values to a business needs loads of experience , care & technical inputs. Let us be optimistic and consider human health on top of everything. Hopefully many small vendors will develop their skills to meet competitive situation.

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