A Guide to Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Career

If you weren’t highly skilled for your job, you probably wouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

That being said, you must always strive for improvement. You must grow. Always, everywhere — in and outside your career.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that you have a fulfilling career and life.

Stay Informed

Expand your outreach. Continue to learn. This will refine the natural talent you prepossess. It will structure your mind into a flexible model of information, solutions and ideas. This is what the world is looking for.

You can accomplish this by attending workshops, events, taking classes, teaching even! You can never educate yourself enough.


Always be on the lookout for workshops related to your field near you. You could even attend a workshop in a faraway city when it suits you, and make a holiday out of it.

Understanding the perspective of other people on your road will broaden your horizons. Many a time you will face a problem at work, only to recall what so-and-so said about it — and it’s solved!

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You can take voluntary tasks. You can discuss ideas. You can even ask questions! Attend workshops.

Events and Lectures

Events and lectures are not as interactive as workshops, nor do you get any training. But they are a good source of firsthand information related to your field.

They are an excellent way to stay updated. These events can provide you quite a lot of information without even having to go to the library — and ideas delivered this way tend to stick.

Take Classes

Speaking of the library, taking a few extra courses in your spare time can enhance your skills and polish your mind.

You don’t have to do this continuously, but you could opt for classes every consecutive couple of months — and keep yourself learning.


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You could even sign up as visiting faculty in an institution near you. Meeting people in the same field as you will help communicate ideas, perspective and a whole lot of other productive words.

At the same time, you will be able to convey your knowledge to bright young minds — and keep it fresh.

We realize that not everyone can teach, but if you have the aptitude for it, you definitely should consider it.

Stay In Form

It is important to keep your career in focus, but remember, you are not your job. The only way you can be an excellent stock broker is not be one outside of your job.

Color up your life. Take up painting. Learn rock climbing. Get a skateboard. The possibilities are endless.

Man with open hands in beautiful background.

Here are some of the ways you can accomplish this:

1. Exercise

You don’t have to bench 300, but exercise is great for your body and mind. Exercise releases endorphin, which improves the mood. It also gives you a confidence boost, which can kick-start your day. Pilates, running, even a thirty minute walk — that’s all you need.

2. Devote An Hour for Yourself

No matter how crammed your routine, put aside strictly one hour for yourself daily. Be strict in maintaining this. Relish this time. You can read, knit, sing — or whatever you enjoy. All successful people do this. It is how they keep their minds from getting overworked.

3. Early to Rise

An early start to the day is the best decision you can make. This gives you a head start. Contrary to the idea of staying up late, early morning hours are fresher and more rested. You can get more done. You can use this time to find tranquility in yourself — and be more productive. To quote Rumi,

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.”

4. Creativity

Art makes even the most mundane of things interesting. And it is plentiful. You can read, sing, draw, learn and instrument — even color in an adult coloring book. This is very important for your mental peace and personal growth.


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The bottom line is, you must have a life outside of work. Constantly engage in self care, and grow into the bountiful mind that you were always meant to be — at work and outside it.

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