ISI Agents Pretending to be Girls Seduced Indian Officer to Divulge Secrets: Indian Media

A high ranking Indian Air Force Group’s captain, Arun Marwaha got arrested this Wednesday by the Delhi Police for allegedly sharing secret info to two girls online.

He has been charged for leaking information to two girls over online channels including Facebook and WhatsApp.

Reports suggest that the captain’s friends actually had fake accounts and were only acting as girls. As usual, Indian media is claiming that these girls were “Pakistani ISI agents.”

The 51-year-old official was in police custody for five days. A noted Indian publisher posted that Marwaha leaked important information and military documents to two women – pretending to be models named Kiran Randhwa and Mahima Patel over Facebook – who were allegedly Pakistani ISI agents.


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These so-called “agents” seduced the army captain to share Indian secrets with them. The unprincipled captain captured photos of confidential documents belonging to the Indian Air Force headquarters and shared them with the women over WhatsApp. An officer said,

The documents which Marwaha shared mostly dealt with training and combat related air exercises. We also found he shared documents of Gagan Shakti, an exercise.


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Arun Marwaha has been detained by the authorities and the Air Force took the matter to the Delhi Police to conduct further investigation.

“He was arrested on Wednesday after a case was registered against him under the Official Secrets Act.” – an Indian Official
The captain had access to several confidential and important documents within the Air Force Delhi headquarters due to his positional influence. Moreover, Indian authorities believe that there might be other moles within the force.

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