Shahid Afridi’s Act of Sportsmanship Receives Applause from Social Media

Shahid Afridi is a name known worldwide, not just for his cricket but for his philanthropy. His charity works have gained him a lot of respect all over the world and he is yet again being applauded, especially in the Indian community, for respecting their flag in the St. Moritz Ice Cricket Series.

The world saw cricket being played on a frozen lake in temperatures well below freezing point for the first time ever.

With cricketing legends from all the countries coming together to grace the event – the cricketing environment despite being far from perfect – it was a scene to behold.

Two teams, namely Afridi’s Royals and Sehwag’s Diamonds, led by former players from Pakistan and India – Shahid Afridi and Virender Sehwag – battled for glory in a unique fashion with a twist of Indo-Pak rivalry.

The Royals emerged victorious as Afridi’s men easily galloped to victories in both the T20s.

Coming back to the praise Afridi has been receiving for the past couple of days for asking his Indian fan to hold the flag properly before taking a photograph, Boom Boom has made a lot of new fans in India.

Honouring the sanctity of the Indian flag, as everyone should respect the flags of other nations, Afridi’s gesture holds huge significance as the people of both countries are missing those enthralling clashes between two giants in cricket.


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Here’s how people are appreciating Afridi.

Indian cricketers loved it too.

His gesture won millions of hearts on both sides of the border.

Political tensions aside, these small gestures mean a lot for the people of two countries.

Great gesture, indeed.

The incident also sparked a jibe from Ashok:

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