Current Govt Has Missed All Major Macroeconomic Targets: Report

Pakistan’s federal government has failed to achieve most of its targets as outlined at the start of the tenure.


According to an internal assessment by the Planning Commission of Pakistan, the ruling party has failed to meet all major macroeconomic and social targets, however, progress can still be seen in some of the sectors.

PML-N came up with the plan of revamping the infrastructure of the country, along with battling with the electricity deficit at the start of this tenure. Planning Commission evaluated the performance of the 11th 5-year-plan for the preparations of the next strategy (2018-2023).

GDP Stagnant At 4.4%

The average GDP growth was estimated to be 5.4%, however, the real growth is stagnant at 4.4%. For industrial growth, a target for 6.3% output was set for the first four years, which hasn’t moved above 5.1 %. Likewise, the average growth for the agriculture sector was targeted to grow by 3.5% which actually stands at 2.1%.

GDP growth in different sectors of pakistan.


KP Becomes the Fastest Growing Economy in Pakistan

Not only this, the services sector grew by 5% against the targeted 5.8%. The large-scale manufacturing sector was estimated to grow at a speed of 6% which is actually moving up at 4.3%. The target set for the private investments is also nowhere to be seen near the targeted 16.7% growth.

Economic, Security and Development Challenges

The federal government blames multiple challenges on the economic, security and development fronts for this slow progress. The key challenges listed by the Planning Commission for this slow growth rate include:

  • Stagnant exports
  • Widening current account deficit
  • Low savings and investments


Number of Branchless Banking Accounts See Record Addition to Reach 33 Million


Bad Governance

A recent assessment of Planning Commission shows that PML-N’s government couldn’t favor the small businesses and failed to improve in areas which required structural improvements. One of the reasons behind it was the bad governance and communication gaps.

The much boasted China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) also couldn’t help much in this regard. Tremendous short-term results were expected in the initial 2 years of the project, which are nowhere to be seen, states the Planning Commission.


  • The estimates are reality have difference. I being engineer never agrees what does print in country like Pakistan for Statistics. My eyes ear and reading capacities are there. I think this Goverment tenure was far far better than PPP and Musharraf.
    It would be have been better if pen, pistol and media could have been more forward looking. But still Pakistan has shown real growth. Mean more input than population.

    • Sir

      Appart from apraising your own government please be realistic and share the actual findings about the loans taken by the current government from the local banks and from the foreign bank.

      and please also the actual statistics of PPP and Mushraf Era Aslo.

      • I said I don’t care about Statistics. Like if Imran Khan said 1.12 billions trees are planted. Being engineer I know in four years you can’t grow enogh sapling talk about planting. You need 1700 trees to be planted per second to achieve this target because this is the number crunching.
        For your response I am counting business opportunity in power and industrial side. The reduction of number of hours of power load and Gas load shedding.
        Your question of money borrowed I have yet to see one project in the World which has not come under scrutiny of people. What do you want in the end roads or no roads. Power or no power. Gas or no gas. Pakistan is not highly indebted financially that we started overlook such important infrastucture projects.
        I am an engineer for me rate of return is more important than cost. If the project return is within 5 to 8 years and rest 20 to 50 years are almost free then someone has done wonders.
        Chinese are agreed that much of investment is used in proper way. The important point their initiative has brought a defense factor in Pakistan. China won’t let anybody take away her investment besides her initiative “one belt one road” has keenly covered all over the World. Pakistan somehow getting some benefits because we took the initiative to start it practically and now many of the projects are reaching to finishing lines. Though I also agree there are negative points in CPEC. But benefits outweighs the negatives.

        • The only thing I got from your comments is that you are an engineer and you don’t care about statistics because your heart feels the govt is doing something.

          Viola, an average Pakistani in whose hands the next election depends on.

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