PCB is Going Digital, New ‘Insights’ Tool to be Used in PSL 2018

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken a new initiative through which the management will not only be able to keep track of players’ performances but also enhance their performances, a press release stated.

The initiative has been taken with help from the Information Technology University (ITU).

On Sunday, Najam Sethi and Dr. Umar Saif signed a formal agreement for the use of the software which will be utilized by PCB.

The software, Insights, will help PCB improve: Najam Sethi

Developed by ITU, the software will provide PCB with the option to micro-analyze players and their performances. PCB experts can create a detailed profile of each player.


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Furthermore, with the help of Insights, players’ strong and weak points can also be identified.

At the MoU signing, Najam Sethi emphasized on the importance of modern technology and how it can benefit every industry.

I am hopeful that this platform will help us analyse skills of our players.

Chairman of the PITB, Dr Umar Saif also spoke a few words:

It’s a huge step towards digitization of cricket in the country and I hope that it helps Pakistan cricket, especially since we are set to become the pioneers of providing such a facility at grassroot level.


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Hardly a Step Towards Digitization

In order to form an impartial opinion, it is important to understand how the software works in the first place.

As per the press release, the software’s basic purpose is to contain all the information regarding pitch, weather, field placement, ball pitch spot, swing and height estimations.

However, all the information has to be manually entered in a parallel scoring application with the help of an android tablet.

The PR stated:

A user can also enter in details of each and every delivery of a match. The data collected, both of matches and individuals, will be used to draw concrete as well as soft analytical results.

It was also claimed that for ‘accuracy purpose’, Insights will support multiple users which can add information simultaneously. The fact that majority of the things happening on-field are subject to opinion and not facts or analysis has been neglected completely.

In simpler terms, Insights is a fancy substitute for an empty database, where entries are manually entered without any concrete proof or modern technology.

It remains to be seen whether the software has additional features or not because the ones which have been disclosed to the public are not good enough for it be considered a valuable asset just yet.

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