Samsung Unveils the World’s Largest Available SSD

Samsung has unveiled the world’s biggest commercial Solid State Drive with a huge storage capacity of 30 Terabytes.

Seagate previously announced a 60 TB SSD (based on SAS technology), however, it was more of a proof of concept than an actual product.

Dubbed as ‘PM1643’, Samsung’s SSD has a record-breaking capacity, aiming to cover the storage needs of enterprises and data centres.

Who Would Need it?

Samsung’s 30.72 TB SSD is going to be used at macro level such as government, healthcare and education sectors. The PM1643 SSD was announced on Tuesday, setting a world record for being the industry’s largest capacity SSD in production till date.

PM1643 SSD

Interesting Facts

If you happen to have a smartphone with a massive 256 GB storage capacity, you could fit in 120 of those in this SSD and still have space left over.


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Also, the Korea-based manufacturing conglomerate is confident that the storage is enough for 5,700 full HD movies (considering 5 GB per movie). The PM1643 is double the capacity of Samsung’s two-year-old 15.36 TB drive.

How its Made

The structure of the PM1643 is made up of combined layers of flash memory. There are almost 30 layers of memory, each crammed as a “super-dense” 1 TB package. This amazing structure not only packs more TBs but also produces some impressive throughput figures.

The PM1643 SSD has sequential read and write speeds of up to 2,100 MBps and 1,700 MBps respectively, so yeah, it’s way better than the consumer-level 860 Evo and Pro models.

The pricing hasn’t been announced yet.


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