Huawei Mate 10 Pro Learned to Drive a Car in 5 Weeks

While this is a scenario you can’t reasonably expect to find yourself in, Huawei is claiming its phone’s AI is powerful enough to drive a car. They went on to “prove” it through a 5-week long RoadReader project.

The phone in question, Mate 10 Pro, was the first “AI enabled phone” to achieve that, according to Huawei.

Huawei’s team taught the Mate 10 Pro’s Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to steer, break and throttle a Porsche Panamera. While companies such as Intel and Nvidia have been working on their own solutions for years, Huawei’s team only needed 5 weeks to accomplish its smaller goal.

Look! No Hands!

What’s impressive, apart from the length of the endeavor, is the lack of equipment other than the Mate 10 Pro required. In this case, the phone’s cameras were enough to detect the objects on the road and navigate around them.


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While Huawei’s system is definitely less-sophisticated than its competitors, it is impressive to see how far Huawei’s phone has come.

First Step?

In the video above, the car is shown to be driven along a stretch of the road, turning at the last moment as it detects a dog in front of it. While real world conditions are slightly more complicated than that, it opens up a new range of possibilities for Huawei and others for self driving and NPU chips.

While the video was likely more than a publicity stunt than anything, Huawei’s system will be brought to the MWC later this month to showcase the capabilities of the Mate 10 Pro’s NPU, and demonstrate it to a larger crowd.