PSL 2018 Opening Ceremony Sparks Controversy & Here’s Why

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2018 got underway in an electric environment at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, UAE.

The star-studded opening ceremony left the cricket fans across the globe in awe; the gripping performances from Pakistani singers as well as the international rock star Jason Derulo left Dubai in frenzy.

While the ceremony caught traction all over the world, the local circles had a somewhat contrasting opinion about the glamour that was on display.

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PSL is all about Pakistan, it’s not mine, nor yours but its Pakistan’s, as Sethi remarked in his address at the opening ceremony.

There were reservations as to whether the background dancers, especially in Derulo’s performance, were a suitable viewing.


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Should There Be Any Criticism?

PSL has made a reputation as an international brand, hasn’t it?

Well, as they say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. It does not imply that you quell your values but move on with the world.

Derulo is an international figure and his performance without background dancers would have been a little bit on the dull side.

Those who’ve been listening to his songs and were looking forward to his performance would know the glamorous nature of his songs.

Criticism Isn’t Invalid Either!

PSL has earned the reputation as the pride of Pakistan. People of Pakistan not only hold PSL in a high regard but are also emotionally invested. This, however, comes at a price.

Everyone was over the moon with Abida Parveen’s performance, considering Sufism is our heritage, the Qalandars swirling to the beats of Sufi music is our culture and we value it. The background dancers were unfortunately not.

For those who watched the opening ceremony with their families were especially more vocal about the whole matter; demanding that PCB should take action and make sure nothing of this sort happens again.

You can’t fault anyone for thinking the way they do when it comes to this but what is your opinion? Let us know in comments section.

  • FFS, change your fking mentality and leave your double standards. There was nothing objectionable in Jason’s performance. If you don’t like it then turn off your tv.

    • You don’t find it objectionable and that’s good for you. Other people have different opinions. Learn to respect them as well.

      • PSL Ek International brand banne ja raha hai ahista ahista , Opening ceremony issi types ki hoti hain aur log pehle batate Najam Sethi ko to wo Qawali ki Mehfil saja lete at least kharcha bach jata

  • This is ridiulous. He’s an international star. What do you expect from him ? Qawwali wali log background me hon ? Larkiyan hi hongin na bhaye. Dimagh saaf rakho yeh kuch vi nai hai. Jitne gande hum pakistaniyun ke dimagh hain woh vi dekh lo pehle.

  • It was too much behodgi, visible body parts, shaking bodies in sexual ways.

    BTW already mahol is too much behoda, we see top semi nudes in every other ad on TV, hugs in head & shoulder ads. RIP sharafat and sharam among our people.

  • I strongly agree that it was objectionable and there wasn’t a need of such “performance” of Jason. The show would be okay even without him and the dancers behind.

  • This is all what we as Pakistani can do criticism, bhai pehle apne mulk ke halat tu check karlo kuch kar lo iss mulk ke lia darinday dandanatay phir rahe hain aur hum darr kar moo band kar ke bethay unke upar batain karte hain jin ka ye culture hai, kis ne kaha tha opening ceremony dekhne tko, kia hum aur Naat khuwani ka intezar kar rahe thy. Please stop discussion about which not important try to work on which is very urgent.

  • I agree with above post, we respect the value of majority. less than 1 % knows Derulo in pakistan whereas almost 100% knows what cricket is. So, people sat to watch cricket not such dances. It was not film award or something. Muslim country shouldn’t be setting such examples.

  • Jason’s performance is ow-sum and dancer are so good this type of performance should continuous

  • close