Bike Sales Increase as Heavy bike Imports Rise by 150%

Pakistan Bureau of Statistic (PBS) has revealed that import of heavy bikes has surged during this fiscal year. According to PBS, heavy bike import increased by 150% as compared to the same time last year.

A major factor behind this surge is the use of heavy bikes by law enforcement agencies of Sindh and Punjab governments. These provincial governments have imported heavy bikes worth $3.86 million during the current fiscal year. During the corresponding period last year, this figure was $1.56 million.

During last three fiscal years, the overall total import cost of heavy bikes, 250cc to 600cc, has been as follows;

  • For 2016-17 import cost was $2.99 million.
  • For 2015-16 import cost was $2.94 million.
  • For 2014-15 import cost was $1.74 million.

Security forces and law enforcement agencies, like traffic police, contributed the most to the heavy bike import cost. Commercial imports, on the other hand, were low due to the high price of these bikes.


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Cost of Heavy Bikes

Imported heavy bikes are being offered at following rates;

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited: Rs 599,000 to Rs 1.95 million (250cc to 600cc).

Atlas Honda Limited: Rs 640,000 to Rs 1.25 million (150cc to 500cc).

According to Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assem­blers Chairman, Mohammad Sabir Shaikh, the current fiscal year saw an increase of imports of Chinese heavy bikes. He told that importers are bringing in replicas of 250cc to 500cc heavy bikes to cater for the increased demand for heavy bikes.

Apart from Completely Built Units (CBUs), importers are bringing in 150cc to 250cc Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kits to assemble these bikes in Pakistan.


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Locally Produced Bikes’ Sales

The local industry also saw a huge increase in bike sales during the current fiscal year. The import numbers behind these sales are;

  • $60.5 million import cost of semi or completely knocked down kits so far during the current fiscal year.
  • During last fiscal year, at this time, the import cost was $48.7 million. Overall import cost during last fiscal year totaled to $92 million.

Looking at the local bike sales,

  • Atlas Honda has sold a total of 645,029 units so far during this fiscal year. The company sold over 100,000 units in January alone shattering all previous records. Last year during this time, Honda sold 544,769 units.
  • United Auto Motorcycle stood at second place in country’s top bike assembler’s list. The company has sold 235,890 units so this fiscal year. United Motorcycle sales during the same time last year were 189,998 units.
  • Pak Suzuki is also having a good year in terms of sales. Suzuki has sold 11,952 units during this fiscal year. Last year at this time, the sales of Pak Suzuki stood at 10,344 units.
  • Yamaha has sold 11,763 units so far as compared to 6,848 units it sold last year during the same time.

  • We strongly need relaxed policy for Used Bike imports from Japan, only from Japan and relaxation for Bike assemblers importing CKD kits from China … Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers APMA

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