Zameen is Leading the Efforts to Reduce Housing Deficit in Pakistan is the largest property website in Pakistan. As per reports, caters to over 4.7 million monthly visitors and offers in excess of 8.5 million property listings. Over 12,500 real estate agencies and 1,000 developers nationwide are associated with them.

With this huge an inventory grossing billions of Rupees in value, it was imperative to offer a home financing solution to millions of customers. After all, a huge property inventory requires financial access to mobilize and sustain trading.

Apparently, caught up to this realization and has since been proactively leading the cause of financial inclusion in the real estate market.

In one of our earlier stories titled ‘10 Things That Make the Best Property Website in Pakistan’, we had highlighted some of the home financing solutions they offer. has collaborated with two banks at the moment for home financing referrals. These include JS Bank and Faysal Bank. More details about these ‘Home Partners’, as the website terms its industrial collaborators, are available on this page.

You can simply start your home financing application process by filling in the contact form on the page linked earlier (as shown in figure 1 below).

Zameen Contact form

These Home Partner banks offer’s visitors access to home financing products.

While the application processing follows respective procedures and qualification requirements of the partner banks, the website handles the entire process from identification of a property to submission of an application to their partner banks.

Home Finance Calculator by

The home finance calculator is available on every property details page on The calculator smartly auto-loads the price of the property and auto-calculates the approximate monthly payment and the bank loan amount, at default settings of 30% down payment over a 20-year duration.

Zameen Finance Calculator

The customers, however, have the option to select the bank of their choice, change the down payment percentage value and the loan period. The calculator makes all the calculations in new settings and furnishes the monthly payment amount and the bank loan amount.

This is complemented with a pie chart that visually displays the breakup between down-payment (grey area) and bank loan amount (green area).

On clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button, a Home Finance Contact Form pops-up for the customers to fill in with contact details and monthly salary amount.

As soon as the customer fills in the contact form and presses the ‘Send Email’ button, the request is sent to a representative for further facilitation and processing.

Zameen Home Financing Contact Form

We feel the following features make’s Home Finance Calculator a winner:

Integrated on Each Property Page

The availability of the home finance calculator on each property page makes it easy to assess home financing options. The customer can simply scroll down to the calculator on the property page and make decisions supporting financing calculations.

Simple and Functional Layout

The straightforward layout with only the most important information fields makes this calculator easy to use. Since property value is auto-loaded, the customer only has to choose the bank, the down payment percentage and the duration of finance.

In these three quick steps, the customer gets the monthly payment amount and the bank loan amount to make a decision.

Quick-start Contact Form

The simple form, primarily requiring contact details and salary range, makes it a quick-start for the customer to commence the application process.

Within minutes, the form is submitted and the customer is contacted by a representative. The customer is then taken through the application process, documentation requirements and facilitated by the staff throughout the process.


The addition of a financial layer in the form of partners from the banking and finance sector will make home-financing solutions easily accessible to the customers.

We can expect to see more banks and financial institutions, offering home finance solutions, join hands with in the coming times.

When asked to comment on the financial void in the realty market, CEO Mr. Zeeshan Ali Khan remarked,

Pakistan currently faces a shortfall in excess of 10 million housing units. This deficit keeps increasing every year by up to 350,000 housing units. Easy access to home financing solutions is required to stop this deficit from growing unbridled. has undertaken to alleviate the deficit in housing units by bringing home financing solutions within reach of millions of local and overseas Pakistanis that visit every month.

In order for to champion the cause for reduction of housing deficit in Pakistan, they will have to keep innovating bespoke solutions with a growing network of home financing partners. And our gut feeling tells us that they will keep surprising us all with newer and bigger initiatives.