Fiberlink Brings 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps Consumer Internet to Pakistan

The Internet is a major point of contention in Pakistan. From limited speeds to frequent disconnections, with pretty much any issue you can think of, almost everyone faces some kind of internet or ISP related problem in the country.

All of that might be changing soon as Fiberlink is launching Pakistan’s first 500 Mbps FTTH connection.

What’s more, the speed doubles at night, getting up to a whopping 1 Gbps.

Of course, we have no way to verify this claim right now, and surely the option is not yet available at the ISP’s website. But still, getting speeds of this caliber is no small achievement in itself.

Currently, Fiberlink’s website only lists a maximum speed of 200 Mbps for consumer grade FTTH connections. The announcement for this new connection options was made at the company’s official Facebook page so it’s as official as it gets.

Watch this space for more developments on the matter.

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  • Bhaiyon Zindagi mae kbhi bhi Fiberlink ka internet lagwanay ki ghalati mat karna. 28 July 2017 say apply kiya howa hai maine with whole year payment in advance but abhi tak internet nhi laga hai. This company is totally fraud.

      • Sirf Price hi reasonable hain. Paisay ly jatay hain or wapis murr k connection laganay nhi atay. Mae whole year ki advance payment 25000 PKR through cheque dy chuka hun last year per abhi tak inka koi ata pta nhi hai.

          • Nope they have a terrible reputation on online forums. Go take a look at their thread on pakgamers. They are taking advance money so that they can use that finance their expansion at zero interest.

          • Stop spreading your bullshit. We know how bad FiberLink is, facebook groups are filled with complaints against it.

      • what about the interest and peace of mind you lose due to their shady tactics? they use your money as an interest free loan to finance their working capital needs.

    • if this is the case, why don’t you sue them in consumer court? you have a strong case since you paid them via cheque.

        • A threatening letter from your lawyer will suffice. I doubt you’ll have to actually file a case. They’ve refunded people who threatened them with legal action.

          I suggest taking a look at the fiberlink thread in the broadband section of pakgamers. You are not the first customer they’ve harrassed like this.

          • No it doesn’t suffice. We’ve gone to consumer court against them, and they fail to appear every single time

      • Kiya procedure hota hai koi idea hai? Aur kiya waqai faida hota hai ya phir case saalo saal chalta hai.

    • haan lganaay main der to ho sakti hai…uss k peechay or wajoohaat hain….lekin bilkul bhi fraud ni hai….or speed to awesome hai….ooper se raat ko double ho jati hai….or koi cap bhi nahi bundles py.

      • Nayatel has probably the best customer service. But they are too constipated on bandwidth. 1 mbps increament every three years. Pathetic on that front.

    • He is right, i will never recommend FIber Link to anyone…sole reason is that there costumer service is way too bad…i applied back in 22, June 2017 and my connection was deployed on 26 Feb 2018…almost after 8 months…Muhammad Danish, i recommend you to report PTA about this delay in deployment…i did so and thats how they came for deployment.

    • They tend to have a 6 month installation period, but for me it was installed in 3 months
      Depending on your area, they may have problem getting permission. You should follow up on what the issue is, their staff tends to be useful.

    • I also paid 15k for 2 connections 1 for home and 1 for the office. 7 months has passed and no connection. They are fraud!.

    • Yes it is fraud. I applied for connection in last Aug, and yet no connection neither cash refund neither a response from them, Instead they abuse you saying you can not have any refund :/

    • Same here. Paid for whole year and no internet. Political party backing no customer service

  • One of our client suffered 6 Months for Installation. They gave FiberLink Legal Notice to take action in Consumer Protection Court, and then connection was installed. They are happy with the speed but totally discouraged us not to opt due to obnoxious installation time.

  • I would also recommend you to never apply for their connection. They will commit you a timeline of 30 working days but would never comply to it. I personally have paid full 1 year payment in advance and its been 4 months I am following up with them and connection is still not installed; for which they committed a timeline of 30 days with me.

    Their customer service is so pathetic, whenever you call for deployment query they would route you to a whatsapp number and reply from there is “sir, your connection is in process” every time, no expected timelines no nothing

  • as a proud ex-consumer of Nayatel Internet, I won’t opt for any other ISP other than Nayatel, as they maintain their quality at their best and will never disappoint you. Unfortunately, I moved from Islamabad last year, and am obliged to use the pathetic ptcl services again.

  • They will take initial installation cost by saying that you will get your connection with in 7 days and then there will be no response to couple of months. I am very much disappointed by this.

  • Fraud Company ! i have paid the full year bill and its been 1.5 month i didn’t get my connection.They even didn’t picking up the phone .

  • Please avoid this company, they are totally fraud. I paid them and 7 months gone, I paid for whole year and still waiting for connection. They are not installing connection and refused to refund the money. All the time when I contact with them they say I have forwarded to concern person and he will contact you. No one has contacted me since 7 months.

    Please stay away from this fraud company.

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