Pakistan Army Ranked as the World’s 13th Most Powerful Military

A globally renowned United States website called “Global Firepower” has ranked Pakistan as the 13th most powerful military power in the world.

Global Firepower ranks the world’s major militaries based on certain criteria by calculating statistics and official numbers. The website ranks countries’ military power based on the following factors;

  • Diversity of weapons along with the total number of weapons.
  • Geographical factors.
  • Logistical flexibility.
  • Natural resources and local industry influence.
  • Nuclear powers receive a slight edge in the rankings.
  • Higher population of the country means higher rank.
  • Land-locked (having no sea) countries are not ranked for their Navy. Countries having a naval force but no diversity of weapons receive a low score in the rankings.
  • Countries having alliances for example NATO receive an edge in the rankings as well due to the sharing of resources.
  • Ranking is independent of the country’s political or military leadership.


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Top 15 Most Powerful Militaries in The World

So, here are how the top 15 militaries in the world rank;

1. United States

United States spends more money on its defense than the rest of the 14 countries combined. US defense budget is $587.8 billion. Here is how the rest of its firepower stands.

Power Index rating: 0.0857
Total population: 323,995,528
Total military personnel: 2,363,675
Total aircraft: 13,762
Fighter aircraft: 2,296
Combat tanks: 5,884
Total naval assets: 415 (19 aircraft carriers)

2. Russia

Russia has a defense budget of $44.6 billion. Here is why it ranks second;

Power Index rating: 0.0929
Total population: 142,355,415
Total military personnel: 3,371,027
Total aircraft strength: 3,794
Fighter aircraft: 806
Combat tanks: 20,216
Total naval assets: 352 (one aircraft carrier)


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3. China

China spends significant amount on its military as well. The country’s defense budget is $161.7 billion.

Power Index rating: 0.0945
Total population: 1,373,541,278
Total military personnel: 3,712,500
Total aircraft strength: 2,955
Fighter aircraft: 1,271
Combat tanks: 6,457
Total naval assets: 714 (one aircraft carrier)

4. India

India stands at number 4 with a spending of $51 billion on its military.

Power Index rating: 0.1593
Total population: 1,266,883,598
Total military personnel: 4,207,250
Total aircraft strength: 2,102
Fighter aircraft: 676
Combat tanks: 4,426
Total naval assets: 295 (three aircraft carriers)

5. France

France spends $35 billion on its military, here is how French military ranks;

Power Index rating: 0.1914
Total population: 66,836,154
Total military personnel: 387,635
Total aircraft strength: 1,305
Fighter aircraft 296
Combat tanks: 406
Total naval assets: 118 (four aircraft carriers)


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6. United Kingdom

UK has allocated $45.7 billion for its military forces, and the rest of the numbers go like this;

Power Index rating: 0.2131
Total population: 64,430,428
Total military personnel: 232,675
Total aircraft strength: 856
Fighter aircraft: 88
Combat tanks 249
Total naval assets: 76 (two aircraft carriers)

7. Japan

Japan spends $43.8 billion on its defense. Its strength is defined by these numbers.

Power Index rating: 0.2137
Total population: 126,702,133
Total military personnel: 311,875
Total aircraft strength: 1,594
Fighter aircraft: 288
Combat tanks: 700
Total naval assets: 131 (four aircraft carriers)

8. Turkey

Turkey has allotted $8.2 billion for its military. Its firepower stands like this;

Power Index rating: 0.2491
Total population: 80,274,604
Total military personnel: 743,415
Total aircraft strength: 1,018
Fighter aircraft: 207
Combat tanks: 2,445
Total naval assets: 194

9. Germany

Germany is 9th on the list with a military spending of $39.2 billion. Its firepower stands as following;

Power Index rating: 0.2609
Total population: 80,722,792
Total military personnel: 210,000
Total aircraft strength: 698
Fighter aircraft: 92
Combat tanks: 543
Total naval assets: 81

10. Egypt

Egypt has a low military spending of $4.4 billion as compared to the top 9 countries, however, they have a strong military. Its stats are shown below;

Power Index rating: 0.2676
Total population: 94,666,993
Total military personnel: 1,329,250
Total aircraft strength: 1,132
Fighter aircraft: 337
Combat tanks: 4,110
Total naval assets: 319 (two aircraft carriers)

11. Italy

Italy has a defense spending of $34 billion.

Power Index rating: 0.2694
Total population: 62,007,540
Total military personnel: 267,500
Total aircraft strength: 822
Fighter aircraft: 79
Combat tanks: 200
Total naval assets: 143 (two aircraft carriers)

12. South Korea

South Korea spends $43.8 billion on its military. Its firepower ranking goes like this;

Power Index rating: 0.2741
Total population: 50,924,172
Total military personnel: 5,829,750
Total aircraft strength: 1,477
Fighter aircraft: 406
Combat tanks: 2,654
Total naval assets: 166 (one aircraft carrier)

13. Pakistan

Pakistan pours $7 billion into its defense and has the 13th strongest military in the world. The numbers go like this;

Power Index rating: 0.3287
Total population: 201,995,540
Total military personnel: 919,000
Total aircraft strength: 951
Fighter aircraft: 301
Combat tanks: 2,924
Total naval assets: 197

14. Indonesia

Indonesia spends $6.9 billion on its defense and is ranked on the following numbers;

Power Index rating: 0.3347
Total population: 258,316,051
Total military personnel: 975,750
Total aircraft strength: 441
Fighter aircraft: 39
Combat tanks: 418
Total naval assets: 221

15. Israel

Israel’s budget for defense is $15.5 billion;

Power Index rating: 0.3476
Total population: 8,174,527
Total military personnel: 718,250
Total aircraft strength: 652
Fighter aircraft: 243
Combat tanks: 2,620
Total naval assets: 65

Via Global Firepower

    • I want to point out one thing for you.
      India has 4.2m troops and Pakistan has only 0.9m (you can also compare it in 1971) so it is true our enemy is 3x powerful, so we lost. But with due respect sir, i want to know one thing, why USA (world’s no1 army) plus EU (having 5th generation technology and hundred thousands of troops in the war zone) lost in Iraq and now losing in Afghanistan against a few thousand militants?
      Why Russia is listed 2nd when they lost in afghanistan and broke USSR into Russia & CACs?
      The reason is, the list is based on quantity not quality

      • Please see coonditions of Iraq Afghanistan and Syria. Is this what you want to be. I agree that it is not possible to occupy but succession like Bangladesh is possible and why we want to become a new ground for war zone.

        • What i wanted to say, you didnt understand. Just love your country and the military. They are real assets.
          “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”

  • The Army which captulated in East Pakistan in 1971 and then Kargil does it deserve to be counted in any list.

    • so if that is so would u rank army that lost in vietnam? that lost war to China in 1962 in that list as well? East Pakistan was lost because India stabbed back. You cannot defend a country when people of that land turn against you by conspiracies hatched by enemy country. in 1965 when they attacked they got the response. Kargil debacle happened because of pulling troops on American pressure otherwise Indian army in Siachen was in a very precarious situation.
      Many armies have lost and won. Russian coudnt win in Afghanistan and so is America.

      • If you want to live in fool’s paradise live in that. USA Army never lost a piece of land in their own country. Read the international books about 1971 war strategy same hubris style which still prevalent now in Army. When Rao Farman Ali sent a request to UNO to intervene and stop the war Pakistan Army disown it. Pakistan lost the war because the Air force was destroyed in first 24 hours in Eastern front.
        If that is the case then it is the case now. Pakistan has no Air force against MiG 29.
        Pakistan is facing water shortage becuse India has stopped the water. The whole food Basket is now under threat.
        Pakistan Army has opened three fronts India Afghanistan and Iran. Since India is using Chabhar port and reaching to Afghnistan the importance of Pakistan transport is done with.
        Besides Army remain on war path with civilian adminstration and literally left us because they come and create problem and then left it other blamed. Just recently dawn leak was crime of the century. Now when they the messenger now get the FATF list. This is the result of supporting Labiak type organization this happens.

        • when you are politically unstable and have nuts running the country, what do you expect on war fronts? we face humiliation even in wars all because of corrupt leadership and their political decisions through out our history.
          we never had a common agenda among political and military leadership, results would have much different.

          • in 1953 Pakistan had More Export than import. But still Skindar Mirza and company meddled in the affairs and later Ayub Khan had his way in 1956. The way he created the narcissist approach towards East Pakistan and later Miss Jinnah was defeated by Rigging the Army selected ways of election has increased the fear in East Pakistan that nothing can be changed electorally. Even at that time Gen Ayub had the audacity to call Miss Fatima Jinnah as Indian agent during an Interview in Times. The narcissist approach has not changed till today. If you like I can write about other follies of Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, General Zia ul Haq , Musharraf. Simple words Ayub & Yahya both are instrumental in East Pakistan defeat. General Zia ul Haq brought American to start the Afghan War on Muslim Concession though it was in other Country. During that era, all the terrorist which is now our main target of Army are the second and third generation. They are paying back what was taught to all the terrorist by the same army. Now then Musharraf came and sold Pakistan on first warning from USA and then tried to reverse the process of Muslim Brother hood and naming them terrorist. We are again intermingled in other wars.
            Now tell who are nuts how each if you are not noticing how each & every ill of this country is brought down by 30 years army rule. Now they are lecturing that elected Governments are Nuts. This is not the first time that Pen and Pistol is working together. Study Mother of Necessity Theorm and find the response there.

            • Mr. moron – couple of points you should note before barking against anyone:

              1. Who was instrumental in 1971’s so called defeat? Bhutto and the “traitors” in political parties. In case you’re not a low-life Indian, do read about Mukhti Bahni connection. Something which Modi and RSS have finally agreed upon as to how to broke they country by using traitors “from within the political parties”. Even the 95,000 number is now surrounded.

              2. Gen Zia didn’t bring anyone, anywhere you idiot. It was need of the hour. With USSR knocking on our doorstep, something radical had to be done. It was the only strategy. Even the strongest tree bends when the wind is too strong. The jihadis he trained now known as the ‘good’ taliban are not the ones responsible for terrorism in Pakistan or Afghanistan. They are still pro-pakistan to a very large extent and fighting against American occupation themselves. It’s the CIA/RAW created/sponsored TTP who have hijacked the name of taliban and are responsible for present day anarchy.

              3. Regarding Musharraf and Kargil, please go on Youtube and read listen to that Indian General’s confession. From a military strategy perspective, it was the one the greatest military operations in Pakistani history. Nawaz Sharif ran to USA under pressure because he couldn’t decide as a PM should have. Something which we suffers from to this day.

              4. Musharraf again was caught in the same situation as Zia was. If he hadn’t complied, all of 911’s fallout was about to fall on Pakistan. It’s something called need of the hour, lesser of two evils. Not the best decision, but better compared to what would have happened otherwise.

              5. IF you are a Pakistani, show some respect to our Army, as Army is the “only” reason why we still exist as a country and not like Syria, Iraq and Libya even though our society is full of morons and traitors like you.

              6. Next time, take your medicines on time and stop whatever, you’re smoking.

              • Mr. Marcus you seems educated person but you have forgotten your etiquette so I will Not respond to You Read My answers and you will clear but then everybody has its opinion. We area democratic country and every one has the right have his own thoughts.

                • You didn’t answer his points but rather used the word ‘etiquette’ to evade everything.

                  Good goin Sir, good goin.

                  • Please go through all the discussion you will find the response.
                    1. I said war was lost primarily on first day when Pakistan Air force was finished. Rao Farman Ali appealed to UNO but Army disowned his statement. In next one week when Decca fall it was too late for Bhutto to change the course of history. Army always want a scape goat to throw all the blame on other events and person. Unfortunately I watched everything in my early life when I was a cadet in Kohat. I was also fooled into this narrative. But then Kargil happened and I was stationed internationally. Army was licking The PM shoes to stop the war. When he left to USA, Army started to blame him for defeat. Then nuclear non plorifation case came and Dr. Qadeer was blamed. Now In dawn leak Govt was blamed. There is full agenda where Army narrative is made and pursued without people of Pakistan knowledge. But using tax payer money. Army should be subservient to Govt. of Pakistan Policy not the vice versa. Otherwise FATF happened why because Army shot the messenger instead of listening to Govt to stay away from people like Labaik. Like murdkey like Haqqni maddrsas.

        • what should Pakistan do then? submit to India, Iran, USA, and afghans then? Pakistan will seek to safeguards its own interests.

          • Till Now army is in self Interest game. Half the country is lost and facing threats from India, Afghanistan and USA. If any thing is Positive, that is the favor of Chinese Government but It is not easy to read China Strategy. So the threat have increased and that is due to Army Policy of interference in Civilian Govt. Just to recall Dawn leaks Army shot the messenger but the real picture has started to emerge now, when we are put on FATF list. World looked at that Army behavoir which supported Labaik Group and distributed money through a uniformed General. What Kind of expression do Army wants to give to others that they have mind of their own and they are only one who know what is national interest and elected Government are all cheats and they are the only Angels left.

        • Lol. They never fought a single war on their own land, so the question is BS. They lost in vietnam iraq and now losing in afghanistan then why are they at the top? Yes it is a fact we lost 71’s war because indians played with our newly born political babies and jumped in the war. The main reasons were the distance between two parts and east pakistan political situation so the defeat was already written. You know nothing about kargil so i wont comment

          • Please read history of America first. American defeated British to won their Independence. Texas and California area came under sustained pressure from Spanish speaking Mexico. So please go back and read history. You can say Pakistan Army has not done a Shred of work to get the Independence of Pakistan. We are constantly losing areas to others after 1947. If you disagree compare the Map of today and 1947. Besides Kargil war was an open book now. We were defeated fairly and squarely.

            • Mr. Imran Malik why are you wasting your time on them? They won’t understand. So let them learn the hard way. And Guys since India is your enemy so he can conspire against Pakistan just like Pakistan are doing in Kashmir and they did in Bangladesh. So your argument that we lost East Pakistan because India conspired against us is bullsh**t. Our leadership(Gen Yahya) should had that in mind before launching an violent operation in bangla. Bye

              • Sir we can’t put our head like ostrich one must understand Pakistan is standing on perilous condition. India and USA had been doing something in the background. Army has generated three corner war which for a country like Pakistan economy is not feasiable.
                All ready we are facing following action:
                1. Pakistan name in grey list in FATF. Even China and Saudi’s voted were against Pakistan. This was a direct effect army refusal to State to clear the area and supporting them with a Uniformed GENERAL to Pay money.
                2. India has built dams on Pakistan rivers and under the gauze of War in Kashmir there are hardly any space left to discus with them.
                3. Pakistan has lost its share in the markets because we are not doing any dam building gas solution and electrical production. 15 years of non action( 10 years of Musharraf and 5 years of PPP.) has made others to take over share.
                4. Still army wants his way and recent events are naked truth.
                People should know where is the solutio.It is only in democracy for a long period not after each 10 years we have pause With military take over.
                Conditions are here again and we have to understand. We should let the politicians run the show and time will come that we will have good governance.

                • Accroding to your point no. 3 (where you don’t mention N league) one can easily observe that you are a Noonie and Noonies have no brains.

                  Ab dum pe paon aya hai to dil ki bharaas Army pe hi niklay gi. Acha hai. Bahut acha hai.

                • Not if these same politicians are running the show. They are corrupt beyond belief. We need Imran Khan to come in and enforce law and order. Accountability across the board. A major culling of the “political class” (I quote this as I believe them to have more akin to Mafia groups than politicians). The same old farts who have ruthlessly held onto power by nefarious means need to be removed. If any politician can do this he will go down in history. However I believe that if Imran Khan fails this time then Pakistan is pretty much doomed. A tipping point has been reached a country cannot be ran on such levels of corruption, population growth, lack of education, religious meddling and eroding morality.

                  • What do you think about Defense Personal. Are they Angels. Keep in mind 36 years of Pakistan history is trolled by our beloved Army.

            • That was american revolutionary war and that time america was a part of Great Britain so it was before the so called USA.
              In 1861, americans had a famous civil war when several states left the united states. so it mean america is a weak state and have a weak army?

              • Dear Read History
                The war of independence was not a small war. The annexation of Taxes and California and kept under their control required a lot of strength. You are talking about a nation who is entered in two great wars WWI & WWII and changed the course of from defeat to victory.

                • My brother i didnt say it was a small war, it was the only pride in their history but it was all before USA was born. They have no military part in WW1 except economical support. They joined WW2 in 1941 but you can read the history of 1941-1945 that what japanese did to them, when they were about to defeat they drop nuclear bomb. If you want to read then search for tetsu no bofu 1945.

            • Imran Malik have you been to school? I think you need to learn how to respect others

              • The schools I have been to teach logic. I talk logic and don’t disrespect any one. Your Conclusion of not respecting any one is based on which logic. Anyway sorry if you felt disrespected or anyone as a matter of principle.

      • Do you even know who had requested PM to go to the USA and save them in Kargil War? Musharraf! (mushi was on airport when Sharif was leaving for USA to show the world that army and civil govt are on same page) Don’t temper history. You want to say that No.1 army accepts defeat on Clinton’s pressure? Why did not they do army cue at that time? They did only when they had fear of accountability on this matter.

        • All international newspaper reported and recently all the collaberating Generals agreed to this point. Point to ponder to all bootlickers.

          • Zionist run international newspapers (plus some cheap Indian blogs), yeah right.

          • Armies lose and win. Great armies have won and lost in history. What has USA achieved in Iraq, Afghan? Red beer was running rampant and had threatened to reach Arabain sea. It was this army of yours that saved you behind the scenes. liberals like you would have welcomed Russians. Pakistan faces threat from all sides and Army is our frontline. Have you ever lost a relative in war? bat karta hae war ki. kbhe apple bhe tora hae life mein darakht se?

            • USA has never lost an inch of the country. Why you start blaming me and make judgement on my remarks. I am tax payer and I have right to ask and have my opinion . Everyone has his duty to serve the nation we respect our Hero and people who give blood in Wars both Army and Civilians.

            • Khurshid bhai kch logon ko har cheez mein sirf keere nikaalna aata hai, waise apple wali baat achi ki aap ne
              Aur rahi baat Army ki to har “Pakistani” army k sath kharha hai hamare jawan shaheed hue bohat sari maaon ne apne bachon ko khoya bohat se ghar ujrhe ham un ki qurbaniyan zaya nhn hone den ge.
              We Love PAK ARMY

        • You dont even know a single point. My friend was in army NLI. He was the part of the team that lead to the Kargil area.. NLI soldiers and officers who occupied the indian area were forced to withdraw when GANJA decided to stop the operation.
          Locals were happy that they are again going to be a part of Pakistan. When withdrawl desicion was finalized and ordered army to call back their troops, a whole bunch of army personal including my friend resisted and refused to obey due to which their supply was cut down as per govt order. Kargil’s local help them for their food but indian army and cammondos sorrounded the area. They faught for three days but due to lack of ammunition, hundreds of soldiers were killed/injured. My friend was injured too.
          You know what it was a perfect plan, but our nut PM ruined it. We were not defeted but was forced to defeat.
          Love you army. Our army is our pride.

          • I Salute to all Shaheeds and Ghazis of Pak Army.

            My question is still there. If the reason of defeat was “GANJA” as you said than why did not army refused to obey his commands. Army did cue to save the generals who were the master mind of this flop idea of kargil war. Musharaf and other generals in command those days are responsible for all the Jawans died in this war.

            After the cue the brave man Musharaf with full support of army was the ruler for next 10 years. NS was properly arrested and Jailed. I did not hear about any case or inquiry against him on kargil defeat. Why our brave army let the traitor go free?

            • I can’t call him “brave man” as he was a dictator and dictators always need to pay something for their rule. but i would definitely say that the kargil war was “a military victory but political defeat”. Dont you know musharaf had an agreement with NS and world leaders were the guarantees?

              • “a military victory but political defeat” (really funny) all i know is that India engaged all its army in war and Pakistan was not able to do same as Pakistani stance was that all these are mujaheeden and when things goes beyond the expectation of our innocent and brave generals(as this kargil plan was not well planned) they literally begged NS to go USA and arrange a respectable ceasefire. When NS did they started blaming NS for all the defeat. Read local newspaper of that time and you will know all the story. If i am wrong please correct me with what exactly happen and what exactly our brave and innocent generals did to punish Nawaz sharif on kargil issue.

                Nawaz sharif was jailed on Plane Hijacking case. No? He was not jailed on Kargil issue. Right?

                • Lol. They tried but failed. I dont know why are you inspired by such propaganda? Pakistan army was never a part of kargil war, only 5000 (NLI jawans and infiltrators (mujahideens) )faught there who occupied major peaks of kargil daras sector. Indians deployed 30k troops to regain the area so you can imagine 5k vs 30k, how bravely our shaheeds and ghazis faught.? Why pakistan will go to USA to stop war when the infiltrators were NLI (NLI was not a part of regular Pak Army before kargil war, Only after the 1999 kargil war and in recognition of their single-handed role in the battles, the regiment amalgamated into the Infantry Corps of the Pakistan Army) and mujahideens?. Pakistan didnt deployed their regular army whereas india mobilized their army, airforce (they also lost two mig fighters and one Mi-8 helicoptor due stinger missile) and even navy (started petroling) so Pakistan did nothing, not even India will say that pakistan regular army was not involved.
                  Who lost? India or Pakistan?
                  Why on 15th june 1999, US president bill clinton, in a telephonic conversation, asks PM NS to pull out from Kargil? Indian govt didnt ask bill clinton to make the request? You know nothing my brother. We have a brave army and we really proud.

      • When people have no education and have no logic left such language is basically shows the Low IQ level.

    • جناب 1971 کی جنگ آرمی سے زیادہ ہمارے سیاستدانوں کی وجہ سے ہارے ہیں ہم، کیا آپ کو یاد نہیں کہ بھٹو نے سلامتی کونسل کی قرارداد کو پھاڑ دیا تھا ، اور بھٹو نے ہی ہم یہاں تم وہاں کا نعرہ لگایا تھا۔میں ذاتی طور پر بھٹو کو سانحہ بنگلادیش کا ذمےدار سمجھتا ہوں۔

    • That may be true, but they do more public welfare than Pak government entities. Pakistan Railways is the biggest landowner in the country. How many schools, parks and hospitals have they made on their land?

      • Armies are not made to do fight wars all the time. We pay 50% of our budget to them and so we expect some service. But there is no Point arguing this, all armies through out the world are recalled to approach the emergency areas. We are thankful to Army when they do it.

        • I didn’t even talk about disaster response. I was talking about general public welfare projects – hospitals (CMH, MH, AFIs, FH), schools/colleges (APSC, Fauji Foundation, APCOMS), universities (EME, AMC, NDU, MCS, NUST), libraries, sports grounds, parks, public works (FWO).

          Give me one governmental organization that has done this much. Yet, you still spew vitriol against the institution. Your inherent bias is evident from the fact that, according to you, 50% of our budget goes to the army. While in reality, the outlay in the most recent budget was 19.36%.

            • Military Inc.? I have read it. But still I am not as biased and full of malice as you are. I like to see both sides of the picture and comment on both of them instead of taking my preconceived agenda and running with it.

              • Son when you reach to my age and you see the events goes in circle and same mistake same blunders happen again and again you lose. Army is not a corporate. It should be watching the border. From day one these are porous. It is their responsibility to stop intruders others things are secondry.

          • They do it for business dear. Further they have jobs availability after retirement in these institutions.

          • Sir there are other cost specially pension which is not included and Intelligence like ISI which for reason of IMF have kept on civilian side. Still to include is war machinery making industries and many etc. Cost.

            • Okay , my last comment was from my kid brother, so no offence , but lemme clear out these common misconceptions , im a chartered accountant in the making , and ive gone through this years and last years budget pakistan , budget estimate of year end 2017 was 5,081,788 million rupees. Out of which 860,169 million rupee were set aside for “Defence Affairs and Services” it includes army(which includes cost of war machinery) , airforce , navy and ISI all combined , apart from that , “public order and safety affairs” were given 103,459 million rupee , which includes police and other security such as for vip( bullet proofing of official cars and etc.
              I can send you the summery all the government expenditure for the year ended 2017 if you can provide me your e-mail.

              So over all Pakistan spent 963,628 million on defence , and law and order , thats roughly 5.27% of the total budget.

              Btw , i have the summery of our budget in my hands right now , thought i should give you more accurate informations .

            • And pension is paid from army’s own designated budget , government only pays to government employees. And private institutes pay pension to their own.

  • Jis ny b likha ha baqwas ha Pakistani army is the number one 1 army .lanat ho tum per aitzaz….

          • lol,crying on a website won’t cool you down, there seems to be serious issues with you. There are much better things to do if you can find them. Don’t worry all the thieves will be hanged now or then.

            • Come on man seems you haven’t seen the point of discussion. I am sorry to hurt your feeling but wake up and have logical discussion. Blaming people is not going to solve the problems

              • Seems like everyone else have low IQ than you. Been reading ‘international books’ much? Most are adulterated anyway. I’ve read them too. Secondly, you do seem a little too PRO government by your comments, touting ‘democracy’. There is no democracy here, Sir. Maybe only for you. Be proud of your soldiers, support them. Shun this typical army-hating civilian mindset you have and if it weren’t for the soldiers our enemies (you know who) would be sitting in your home right now! Have you ever thought about it this way? Surely mistakes have been made and could have been better handled but in no way should your bias show when comparing to no good civilian vs a somewhat decent military rule. Are you not following the news lately? Why don’t I ever hear you people complaining to PMLN to learn from their mistakes? Stop looting? Implant justice and let institutions work? Imran sb wake up, be a good example for your kids at least..

                • Thank you Sir. Your cost is also paid by my taxes. If you earned it, I have earned the right have my opinion.

                  • My cost is not paid by your taxes! Im not an army man or a civil servant. It however may be the opposite.

                  • Your ‘opinion’ is being read by many both friends and foes, be responsible when giving out your ‘opinions’. We’ve seen many nutheads like you around here and it has brought us only harm.

          • Why are you paying “YOUR TAXES” in Pakistan instead of India? Hijrat ker jao bhai Pakistan pe kyun ahsaan kr rhe ho Tax pay kr k??

      • what point are you trying to make? Pakistan would have Kashmir had General Gracy allowed army to intervene when Indian army did intervene.

        • I am not worried about what did General Gracy did. I am worried about all the ranks who were Pakistanis Soldiers and did not act no matter it was the call of the leader of the nation. They haunch their shoulders and thus they built this scenario of Great Pyramid of Top to who they protect no matter there is Pakistan or no Pakistan.

  • Jang hatyar say thori lari jati hai, us kay liyay jazba-e-shahadat chahyee, us mein Pakistan aata hai on Number 1 (PERIOD)

      • You seem tothave serious grudges. .. We don’t claim to be number 1 but thert no country aroubd who defeated terrorism the way our army did it….we might be sleeping in luxury rooms, their offrs in peacd must be so too but every other day soldiers are sacrficing their lives for this country…. There may be few corrupt elements in army but having said that there is not evenea single institution as organized and patriot as our army soldier is especially the govt sector. .we lost the war in 1971 no doubt…. There are things beyond discussion in that too

            • He is talking the Indian narrative in literally everything. Giving examples of Indian democracy (so called) and yet turning a blind eye to the uprisings and problems in India (rape capital of the world, red corridor, tamil, sikh uprisings, etc.). Yet want’s us to learn from India and praise them.

              • He’s just commenting on this thread and nothing else on the website. Like I said could very well be a paid indian shrill, there are literally hundreds around on these websites.

      • do you know America lost in vietnam and how many their soldiers died there? do you exactly know? why then U.S is number 1. they shouldnt be here

  • For years Americans have been badly beaten in Afghanistan, get their statements. You should realise that only one force pushed terrorists back to their base camp Afghanistan. That force is our army and it is admitted at word level.Now They are fencing Pak Afghan border at the price of their blood.You just sleep and daydream my Pakistani Nation.
    1967 or 71 ka rona ronay walay fbk whatsapp sy nikl k zra history book parh lain shayd kuch afaaka ho j (Aamin)

    • Why history books? My father was one of the POWs in 1971 and I support Mr. Imran Malik here.

      • Your father must be ashamed of your statement now that you’re supporting an anti-pakistan, anti-army, troll here.

      • Then why not you asked him about the role of politicians at that time from both side,
        Why you forgot that military was under prime minister for that and for this time too.
        Politicians use power to tackle east pakistan and that Decions ruined the unity of country.
        And at last they simply blamed military and white wash their self from any conspiracy.

        • Boots and civilians both were responsible for that incident. But boots gave up without any fight although they has men and weapons.

          • Thats the conclusion
            Taali donu haathu sy bjti hy
            But u should remember that time has passed.
            As far as concerned today we must admit that these boots paid a remarkable contribution to our homeland .
            Otherwise suicide bombers left no choice for us.
            Boots sacrifices can’t be ignored.
            Baki na shukri to hmari tbiat ka khaasa hy….

    • Due to less resources and firepower. You need money and technology, not just men.

  • Not army but Military ranked as 13th since it contains naval and air force assets as well.

    • Yup….we were ranked lower probably because of our navy which needs extensive upgradation like new submarines and aircraft carriers.

    • Seems true. But this is world of economies and technology now. Make economic process and get higher.

  • Ooh boy! #4thMostintelligentNation is gonna have all sorts of meltdowns, from digital to emotional… :D

  • phir b koi paisay lay bhi pakistan cricket khelnay tak ko tayyar nahi ….7 saaal se

  • Few question are ridiculous. I think enough discussion has gone around. I never want people to stop thinking logically. Pakistan has talent but it seems some imaginations are wishful and emotional. Great don’t forget history it has many lessons. 1971 was the worst I watched and I am wondering again. Allah protect Pakistan this my pray. It is end of discussion

  • Your right to some extend but don’t forget we are nuclear power also. And if your comparing with 71 then why forget the wars which we have won. if not the 13th most powerful but certainly ranked in few top ones. Also we are in continuous state of war after 9/11 and our army has already under gone many successful operations after it. Please make correct comparisons and not with Iraq,afgh. or Syria … they are not equipped with what we have!! Although its sad to see these countries get destroyed and we as muslims cant really help them. Painful indeed !

  • In many books or sunjects i read that the pakistan rank 1st or 2nd or 3rd .
    So that means this not true i love pakistan i want to become SSG commando

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