Publicly Accessible Election Portal to Be Launched Ahead of General Elections 2018

In a few months, Pakistan goes to polls and elect a new government for the next 5 years. With the General Elections 2018 scheduled for four months from now, citizens and observers alike will be watching the voting process diligently.

In order to make the voting process more transparent and receptive to the needs of all stakeholders, efforts are being made to digitize past, and future election data.

To accomplish this task, TDEA-FAFEN, a not-for-profit organization, has worked rigorously to collect data related to Pakistani elections from 1970 to-date. The organization intends to make this information online and accessible to everyone, by forming the country’s most comprehensive election portal. This election portal will be launched on March 14, 2018.

FAFEN does not support the use of electronic voting machines. However, the organization favors biometric verification of voters in order to make the voting process more transparent. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has pilot-tested the Results Management System as well as the Results Transmission System, which needs to be fully functional before GE-2018.  The introduction of technologies in results management will help in digitization of voting records, and thus make the records  free of any errors.

For now, FAFEN is hoping that its initiative ensures that reliable election data is made available to the public from the next month.

What Does It Mean for Pakistan?

Officials, election observers and IT specialists from Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) have been busy with collecting data from credible, authentic sources in the past one and a half year. Their goal is to get the Election Portal online, with data that’s trustworthy and free of official tampering.

With this ambitious project, the general public in Pakistan can make use of the country’s biggest ever election portal and have up-to-date information regarding the polls.

The information from the Election Portal will help every citizen of Pakistan to get a detailed knowledge of country’s election history. The comparative analysis of elections and historical facts can even be used for reference by media organizations for their reports.

FAFEN has completed the project, just ahead of General Elections 2018 for the larger benefit of the public. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the official body overseeing elections in Pakistan, has still not been able to collect and maintain such a huge database of election records that pertain to almost half a century.

TDEA-FAFEN mentions that it has consolidated the information into a single source, complete with cross-sectional analysis. You can visit FAFEN’s website to remain updated with the upcoming launch of the Election Pakistan Portal.


Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability – Free and Fair Election Network (TDEA-FAFEN) is an organization that works towards fostering a culture of democratic accountability in many countries. It was established in 2006 as a coalition of 30 domestic non-governmental organizations.

Since then, the organization has mobilized and empowered voters in various countries to exercise their voting rights.

FAFEN, a spin-off of TDEA, mainly focuses on improving the quality of governance by presenting its insights on the legislative and electoral processes in the country.

FAFEN has expanded its scope and vision after the February 2008 General Elections in Pakistan.

TDEA-FAFEN has already launched a project named “Open Parliament” in the near past, to publicize all on-floor proceedings of the legislative houses, including the Parliament and the four Provincial Assemblies.

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