Drug Addiction: Plans to Conduct Doping Tests in Educational Institutions Discussed

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior on Monday decided introducing legislation for conducting dope/ medical test in educational institutions to keep a check and control the unabated rise in drugs among students.

The parliamentary panel met with Rehman Malik in the chair where serious concerns were shown over the rising trends of drugs use in educational institutions of the federal capital. The committee directed the Interior Ministry to draft bill in consultations with Capital Administration and Development Division for introducing medical/dope test in education institutions. It should be mandatory for all the educational institutions to conduct medial test of every student every year to ascertain where he/she is addicted to drugs, committee members recommended.

The committee also recommended banning internet/mobile phone inside the educational institutions even for teachers to cut the linkages with drugs suppliers and control the menace.

Rehman Malik directed the Inspector General (IG) Islamabad police that police must show zero tolerance for drug smugglers particularly those who are supplying the drugs to the educational institutions. He said the committee had earlier taken a very serious notice of the drugs in educational institutions resultantly operations were conducted in different institutions of the capital.

He further directed the Police and Ministry of Interior to form a team comprising of school staff, ministry and police for narcotics control in the educational institutions. The committee recommends stringent punishment for criminals supplying drugs in educational institutions.

VIP Movements

The Committee also recommended amendments in the Blue book to avoid traffic jam/rush during the VIP movement. IG informed that security division handled 487 VVIP movements and 2579 VIP movements in 2017 compared to 353 and 2554 respectively in 2016. The committee decided to move a motion in the House while recommending that Blue Book needs to be revisited and modify as per the modern world requirements.

NADRA’s Behavior

The Committee took serious notice of the matter wherein NADRA has instructed its staff in written to “send Pashtoo speaking towards help desk for proper interview before token issuance” terming it derogatory and highly condemnable.

Senator Shahi Syed took up the issue of issuance of instructions by NADRA to its staff wherein they are directed to send Pashtoo speaking towards help desk for proper interview before token issuance.

Terming it highly condemnable and derogatory, Rehman Malik directed Secretary Interior to investigate into it, take back the instructions immediately and also directed Chairman NADRA to appear before the committee and explain as to why such instructions were being passed.

He said that we all are equal and respectable citizens of the state of Pakistan and no such discrimination based on language, color, creed, cast or any would be tolerable. Senator Shahi Syed expressed grave concerns over the issuance of such instructions and said that the move has hurt the feelings of Pashtoon. Rehman Malik said that suspected applicant can be from any province so there is no logic in mentioning ‘Pashtoons” in particular.

Compensation Money

Committee was concerned to know that the ‘Compensation money for the martyrs of Islamabad Police’ is much less than the money for the martyrs of Punjab police. Rehman Malik directed the Ministry of Interior to enhance the package and compensation money for Islamabad Police’s martyrs and directed that compensation for Shuhada families of police should be equal across the country. Committee decided to move a Private Bill in the House seeking ‘same and equal’ package for martyrs of police across the country.

The Committee considered and discussed different Bills in detail however “The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Protection of Rights of Transgender Persons Bill 2017 moved by Senator Rubina Khalid was withdrawn by the mover and was disposed off. The Committee also considered “The Islamabad Capital Territory (Prohibition of Interest on Private Loans) Bill, 2017” moved by Senator Sirajul Haq. With the consent of the mover, the bill was referred to the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII); the Bill was deferred and forwarded for next keeping considering the importance of the Bill.

The FC Balochistan submitted a detailed report on Gharang Check Post of FC in Balochistan due to which long queues of vehicles is a daily routine causing great problem to the people of the areas”. The issue was moved by Senator Maulana Hafiz Hamdullah and the committee was satisfied by the briefing of FC as the road was extended and the trouble of the people was minimized after the issue taken by the Committee. FC briefing says that a Hospital was also established near the check post for facilitation of the passengers.

The matter is disposed off and Chairman Senate Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik appreciated the FC Balochistan for addressing the public’s issue.

Rehman Malik has asked the Islamabad Police to brief the committee on the achievements of the Islamabad Police for the last two years and also capacity building resources including pending request of police in enhancing the capacity building with Finance or Interior. Inspector General Police Islamabad Dr. Sultan Azam Taimori and DIG Security Waqar Chohan briefed the committee about the achievement for which Chairman appreciated Islamabad Police.

Committee chairman said that Islamabad being the capital of the country needs to be made fully protected and free of drugs and riots. He said it gives a bad name to the country when mobs or political parties besieged the capitals therefore every kind of protest and political gatherings should be restricted to a particular place like he as then Interior Minister had limited such activities to F-9 Park. He said in this regard if legislation is required, this committee will move in the House.

Committee recommended and directed the Secretary Interior to acquire land of 50 kanal for Islamabad Jail and a Training College from Capital Development Authority. Rehman Malik recommended special grant for Islamabad police to meet their basic requirements in terms of equipment and others. Islamabad Police seek recommendation of APC vehicles which the ICT Police is lacking.

Chairman Committee also directed to move a resolution in the house seeking requirements of Islamabad Police, Jail requirement and to enhance the capability of Islamabad police.

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