Over 600 PIA Employees Have Fake Degrees

The national carrier has made the headlines again. 659 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) employees have fake degrees, National Assembly’s Senate committee was informed.

Out of the total 659, 391 fake-degree holders have been dismissed while there are ongoing cases against 251 employees and further investigation is being conducted against 17 people.

A Sinking Ship

It has not even been a week since the last time PIA made it to the news – only recently, two PIA crew members were arrested in Paris on allegations of drug smuggling. The carrier keeps coming to the limelight every now and then, and usually due to the wrong reasons. In recent times we have seen news regarding smuggling cases, management inconsistency, poor performance, and irregularities at PIA.


PIA Kicks Two Female Passengers Off The Airplane After a Fight

The company slogan, “great people to fly with” is contradictory to recent events showcasing the unending poor performance of the national aviation company. Its privatization has been one of the main concerns for the privatization committee but has proven to be a daunting task.

PIA’s non-core business, including catering and hotels, was expected to be split up from the airline and handed over to a bidder but that deadline is expected to be missed. Privatization may be the only way out in order to prevent the carrier from flooding itself in more debt and losses.

Recovery Plan Working?

PIA’s new CEO, Musharraf Rasool Cyan has provided a glimpse of hope as the airline has been actively trying to improve its public reputation by launching new campaigns and forgoing VVIP culture.

According to him, the PIA will be able to recover in the next 2 years or so and that the organization lacks “economic planning and proper management”. Retrospectively, the management failed to take the right decisions which made the condition even more unfavorable.

He added that a significant portion of the carrier’s market share is lost because it lacks modern “data analytics” which other companies are actively using.

I am fixing these things immediately. The benefit of this (data analytics) is that sales have improved in the last three months and revenue has picked up. Then we have started the process of eliminating losses.

He claims its PIA is an exciting challenge and Cyan hopes to improve things for the airline.